YouTube Music – Tina’s Theme

By | August 30, 2019

[engine revving] [engine rumbling] – Thank you. [Machet’s “Naturally”] – [singing]
Girl naturally That’s how your love
did come so easily Oh come run naturally – Mommy! – [laughing]
Hi. – [singing]
That’s how your love… – Oh, my, God, I got ya. – [singing]
So easily – Muah.
– Thanks, baby girl. [gasps] Oh, we’re gonna hug you, Daddy. [music continues]

100 thoughts on “YouTube Music – Tina’s Theme

  1. D Post author

    Are ads not meant to be relatable anymore? Can someone in marketing explain this?

  2. Mr Meeseeks Post author

    MY GOD!!! I only came here to see this ad so I can have clarity and forget it but, you tube keeps shoving this song in my ear.

  3. Brisker Post author

    Is this video supposed to remind us that everyone should go to college?

  4. Jason Mora Post author

    Shea's doing communities Service for a crime who else noticed that

  5. April K. Pritchett Post author

    I don't know why she's so upset very pretty, nice family! Doesn't matter what she's doing! We all have our demons!

  6. numbjin Post author

    i find this a tad bit racist because its a Hispanic woman doing community service then going to her A.A. partner,,,,

  7. PGxFuzion Post author

    So stupid, congrats on getting community service. So diverse such wow

  8. Jwitzzz Post author

    minority women with edgy haircut doing community service for a crime she probably committed…Hey download YouTube music…


  9. Maldus Alver Post author

    We want you to feel sorry for those poor teens that got caught shoplifting/smoking/drunking/fighting/ect… and realize that they should not have to deal with the consequences of being total shitheads.

  10. BAUTi Post author

    I like to read the comments that say "man this song is annoying" yet it still brought them here to watch the official video lol

  11. Joshua Ronan Post author

    Damn I thought she was going to get hit by a bus crossing the street and the little girl would walk up to her body and pick up her phone and put the ear buds in and finish listening to the song and then like the song on the app and a tear would build in the corner of her eye BUT a smile would also come across her face and the words,"YouTube, share the happiness" would come across the screen and it would fade to black

  12. RaginRabidRabbit Post author

    Was she sentenced for being in an annoying, over used ad?

  13. sammaysamsam Post author

    The only thing I have a problem with is that I'm sure if you're doing court order community service that you can't have your phone on listening to music. You're there to work your time, in reality I'm sure that would have dismissed or they would have taken her phone away.

  14. StArFX91 Post author

    he like yo bae thanks for takin the charges bae u know i already got two strikes lmaoooo

  15. spectral sense Post author

    since when are things promoting degenerates a thing? we have community service girl here, parentless Asian kid on the subway, and cross dresser boy. why all this trash?

  16. vindurza Post author

    no offense but this comes off as unintentionally racist, mixed racial family and one was in jail way to promote a stereotype YouTube

  17. Kano Yamata Post author

    Why do I hear "oh my god I was a victim" at 0:54 That's driving me insane

  18. Knowledge Post author

    Oh joy, the ex-convict got off community service and gets to see her kid. I'M SO HAPPY AND NOT AT ALL IRRITATED THAT THIS AD KEEPS PLAYING WHEN I WATCH ANY VIDEO.
    Seriously, I get it!

  19. Josh Shuman Post author

    YouTube Music: now available in prison cells! You can even listen when picking up trash! Woohoo!

  20. Ron Wood Post author

    I think I'd rather do community service than use the youtube music app.

  21. LoKIE Post author

    What is she saying at 0:54 ? I can't help but hear "Oh my gosh i was a victim" XP

  22. HEY Johnny Post author

    Had to be stolen phone? "Orange is the new black" no way YouTube music was already downloaded when she got in prison or out.

    Phone while community service? Don't think that is possible

  23. CloudNineGirl Post author

    What a joke. YouTube is trying to make a criminal serving a sentence on a road crew a great mother.

  24. Bob Knaus Post author

    Damn, she can afford to pay for YouTube red, while she's doing her community service. She must have some serious connections.

  25. monilove24 Post author

    I must getting old…cultural diversity seems to have taken on a new meaning.

  26. Revenge Of Waldo Post author

    I have some serious questions for Tina. The main one is why is she deleting text? It makes me think that she is hiding something. She is working in a place with officers so she may want to hide something. As you can see 0:24 she has absolutely no text history from this guy who has her child. So she is either calling him for everything else and this is the first time he has text (doubtful) or she is actively deleting text.

  27. Gee It shur is boring a rownd he e ar Post author

    This was a cute ad. Until it kept repeatedly showing. We get it, you have a family..

  28. Jam Plang Post author

    I don't get why you guys are acting like this advertising is brand new.
    McDonald's, Apple, Google, a bunch of sports brands more or less.
    You get the idea.

  29. Not Venomize Post author

    Well maybe they should have a Regular person listening to music

  30. MrFreeGman Post author

    Wait, so the WHITE WOMAN is doing time, and left the BLACK MAN to care for the child? Is this opposite day or something? Protip google: You don't counter stereotypes with fiction. Everyone can see through it.

  31. Ulysses S. Grant Post author

    "This is why we shouldn't allow books in prison…..or water". – Carlton Lassiter

  32. Ally GP Post author

    can yall chill it's just an ad. just enjoy the warm feeling it brings of seeing a family hug together and the chill music in the background

  33. Ben Schleider Post author

    This is the worst marketing. Start it off with a woman who broke the law!? Download YouTube Music by the way.

  34. Straw BerryJam Post author

    it's like the YouTube marketing team was like "how can we reach the younger generations. (watches buzzfeed)ok got it"

  35. slowmosnail Post author

    hey in my country, woman who work for their family are underestimated and man shouldn't babysit. I think this ad is tackling those issues in some more country.

  36. Blackyoin Post author

    Target audience: mixed race families doing community service

    How's that workin out for ya

  37. Have you seen will? Post author

    youtube-music william's theme (kahoot)

  38. f n Post author

    they need to do one with a hick listening to bluegrass, cooking meth..Billys theme

  39. David Dacko Post author

    You know it's acting when the dad is still around

  40. BRISKER Post author

    Love how there are tattooed Mexicans in the background.

  41. 88pie88 Post author

    1. Islam
    2. Tranny
    3. Race mixing

    this has to be trolling

  42. อั๋นอั๋น /0825688251 Post author


  43. Michael Zeppenfeld de Carvalho Post author

    Até que enfim vão resolver essas questões de música!!! Não queremos vídeos, queremos músicaaaaa!!!! Obrigado.

  44. Dude I'm a candle Post author

    Tina was sent to jail for selling drugs which resulted in a young teen overdosing due to her bad instructions. She’s now playing a song telling her “it’s who you are.”

  45. automan224 Post author

    It’s been a year since I’ve been bombarded with these ads and I’m only now noticing that a Monte Carlo was used in this ad. That just made me angrier at this ad that already pissed me off

  46. Paull Bern Post author

    Youtube powerful influences on how we think and act a reality witin a reality..

  47. reagsful Post author

    I think people don’t realize that if you can’t pay your ticket, you do community service. She’s not in jail, and she’s just bout as criminal as someone who speeds. Which is a crime by the way, and if you do it enough, your technically a criminal.

  48. Homme Lette Post author

    You are right just to show her at the end with the girl because tens of Black women crossing the parking lot would have thought it was their baby girl. No big loss, a child who does not look like her at all, she has no real beauty to relay.

  49. Homme Lette Post author

    He had that little girl with his ex. And she calls her mother because she is too young, end of the story.


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