Wyoming Catholic College: Colloquium Primum

By | September 11, 2019

Mark: Where is Syria, Julia? Julia: Suria is in Asia. Mark: Not Suria, but Syria is in Asia. Julia: Siria… Mark: Julia! Syria, not Siria: the second letter is y, not i. Julia: Not i, but y: i–y, i–y. Surely y is not a Latin letter? Mark: Y is not a Latin letter, but a Greek letter. Syria is a Greek word. Julia: Siria, Syria: not Siria, but Syria. Mark: Where is Syria? Julia: Syria is in Asia. Mark: Where is Egypt? Julia: Egipt… Mark: Egypt! Julia: Egypt is also in Asia. Mark: Asia? Egypt isn’t in Asia. Julia: Egypt is in Africa—but Barabia is in Asia. Mark: What? Barabia? Barabia isn’t in Asia! Julia: Is Barabia in Africa? Mark: Barabia is not in Africa. Julia: Surely Barabia isn’t in Europe? Mark: Barabia is not in Europe, in Africa, [or] in Asia! Julia: but where is Barabia? Mark: Arabia, not Barabia, is in Asia. In ‘Arabia,’ the first letter is a, not b. Julia: Arabia, Egypt, Syria. Syria and Arabia are in Asia, but Egypt is in Africa. The Nile is also in Africa. Mark: What is the Nile? Julia: The Nile is a great river. Mark: What is Sparta? Julia: Sparta is a large Greek town. Mark: Is Crete a Greek town? Julia: It is. Mark: It’s not! Julia: What is Crete? Mark: Crete is a Greek island. Crete and Naxos and Rhodes are Greek islands. There are many islands in Greece. Mark: What is Syria? Julia: Siria is… Mark: Syria! Julia: Syria is… Julia: …a Greek word!

3 thoughts on “Wyoming Catholic College: Colloquium Primum

  1. Marc Battier Post author

    Why is the guy always shouting and looking angry. This makes it difficult to watch. Very poor acting. The young lady is admirable.

  2. Gustavo A.Ponce de León Post author

    Es dificil entender latin con ese acento tan anglosajón.


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