Wrong baptism and wrong spirit inside the church.

By | August 30, 2019

You love it? How is it? – (both) New life! I love it! Hey guys, one of them who got baptized
today, it was this guy And you really experienced a fight, and
you had that since last week, since you came here In the beginning of the week we had some
teaching. And it’s actually a wrong spirit, that is (in)
many place get creeping into the church. – Can you say what had happened this week?
– Yes Hum, after last Saturday,
when I got my eyes opened, but I thought it was real, it was
with the Holy Spirit I realised that it was a false spirit, which I catched up in church, there.
Fire tunnels. And at the beginning of the week,
the truth started to work in me. And I had a battle in me. And I felt that I’ve had many, many
more wrong spirits in me. And that’s why I’m, today, here.
To get (it) casted out. You taught, -teached- today,
that if you… …but I didn’t really
repent, everything. And today I was my goal also to repent,
for first time I thought I was baptized already
for 12 years You teached no If you’re not repented Then it’s a pool party, but not a
baptism and it was the truth today that I
realised: “Ok, I’m the baptized.” Before, the baptism was a very strong
fight in me that two brothers prayed for me and already left many wrong
spirits and demons in me and the baptism was the little one, the
roots I had and and It was that I, when I felt that I
didn’t want to go and it was telling me it didn’t want to
go into the water but I wanted to get free,
and to live for the Lord For some of you out there,
it’s really like “What is he saying?” “Is he saying that he got baptized
whitout really understanding repentance?” This is happening today in many churches “Did he really say that he got a wrong
spirit from, in churches?” You have seen that, and if you don’t know
so much about it we have done a video about it, we
have on our Youtube channel to get on this video I’ll put a link in and there you can see our video where we talk
about thoses wrong spirits that (in) some place(s) are
creeping into the church – But now it’s the Holy Spirit
– (both) And a new life And we need to live a holy life Jesus came to save us from our sins It’s not just to have an experience, but
to get a changed heart to get a new conscious, to get set free
from sin and live with it – Do you love it?
– Amen! – This is powerful, isn’t it?
– It is real It is really a new life when you
come into the truth God bless you! So see this video, with the baptism, I
know this is going to provoke many people But this is the truth Now we will take a few more And sometimes you see there is some
manifestations, (???) He had been fighting the whole week (shouting) This is because this is powerful,
this is strong – What’s your name?
– Jens – (Dutch) Jens, are you ready to
be baptized in the name of Jesus? – (Dutch) Yes – (Dutch) Then we baptize you to
Jesus-Christ Down with Christ, up with Christ (Speaking in tongues) – Go! Go! Go! Go!
– (Speak in tongues) – I command you out
– Leave him – Come on, leave! – Go! Go! Go!
– Go right now in the name of Jesus – Go right now! Go right now! – Come on! Come on! Go! Come on! (Speaking in tongues) – Oh Haleluja!
– Oh, Holy Spirit, fill him up. – Fill him up
– Just speak in tongues (Speaking in tongues) Haleluja! You love it? How is it? – (both) New life! Love it! Do you like it? Why don’t you see that in Lutherian or
Catholic church? Because it is not baptism they do And why don’t we often see that
in other churches? Because we don’t preach what baptism is And we don’t take the
time to pray for people This is powerful Love it! And again what you see in every
baptism is different Because not two persons are the same So never compare the
baptism with each other No matter what (you’re) having, it’s the
new life that gonna change (you) Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on “Wrong baptism and wrong spirit inside the church.

  1. Contending for The Faith Post author

    What a disgusting demonic charade and reproach to the name of Christ

  2. Epic Kate Bjärgvide Post author

    Ich komme aus den USA und ich kann auch deutch! Gottes segen!

  3. ethan spain Post author

    this is nothing but a show for the blind ,the blind are leading the blind and fooling every one of you. if your ignorance allows you to fall into these lies people give you then you deserve what you will get.

  4. Trina Elliott Post author

    The bible says lay no hands on no man suddenly

  5. Simple Christian 305 Post author

    Where in scripture was someone, baptized to cast out demons??? Baptism was done after someone had accepted JESUS CHRIST as Lord and savior to be born again.

  6. Simple Christian 305 Post author

    Please Suscribe ✌

  7. xxAlexFogxx Post author

    Considering that baptism is a choice and the apostles baptized those who wanted to get batized, i highly disagree with the authenticity of this

  8. Natalie Hearn Post author

    That will be the icubise demonic spirit inside him

  9. Marco casu Post author

    They asked :"are you ready to get baptized in the name of Jesus?" And he answered :"yes". 3.41. The deed that he went to the baptism and in the pool ,testimonies that he wont to get baptized. You can't know 100% but if you think,he repented and he wont to have a new life. The demon manifested is because there's a fight, and he had a demon inside him. So it's not a wrong baptism. So now you know that he repented and he wont to have a new life. (If not,why did he go to the baptism?)

  10. Vitaliy Golubenko Post author

    Wow.. So many blind people. The blind leading the blind.. What are the consequences??… “And He spoke a parable to them: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch?”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:39‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  11. Why So Serious? Post author

    Obviously they are gay…. gay sex for Jesus…… a man

  12. mama27f Post author

    Sorry this seems so fake. You believe and repent for your sins. Plus tongues have ceased.

  13. Infinite Wisdom Post author

    Gag me. There is no reason for speaking in tongues.

  14. Jonathan H. Post author

    4:37 I have witnessed people getting baptized,Im not yet unfortunately but I pray everyday to seek Lords grace and forgiveness for my sins, but I have never ever heard someone laughs that creepy after they get baptized…

  15. xWinterTitanx14 Post author

    4:14 He realized how much piss was in the water from previous people xD

  16. glencoe6305 Post author

    The WORD of GOD,is the Most Important. And"Ye Must Be Born,Again". Water Baptism is not going to get you into Heaven. You have to get Saved(get the dirt off)before Baptism. It's an outward act.

  17. glencoe6305 Post author

    Go Forth,Baptize in JESUS Name.ACTS 2:38

  18. A Bug's Life Post author

    O for gawds sake 🙄 Stop doing that.

  19. Natalie Bartram Post author

    " Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language." Acts 2:6

    They spoke REAL UNDERSTANDABLE languages! NOT this jibberish nonsense!

    These people think they have the Holy Spirit and are just like the book of Acts….but I discern a spirit of error.

    No one who is getting baptized in water should be all crinkled up like that guy.

    This is absolute TRASH. THIS here is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit!!!

  20. Justin Luc Post author

    as soon as he stepped in the water I was reaffirmed that christians are stupid

  21. Milla My Man Post author

    is that a portable pool? Where can i get one?

  22. Loverslimergirl yang Post author

    Demons don't like water and that why he's like that

  23. Ellen Erosa Post author

    1 Corinthians 14:33 says “ For God is not the author of CONFUSION, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.”

  24. Christopher c Post author

    Amen to repentance then baptism. Luke 24:45-47 and Acts 2:38.

  25. Steve Elzinga Post author

    Some people have their wrestle, like Jacob wrestled the Angel, even as their going into the water.

  26. Daquaz Oficial Post author

    If someone has a bad spirit inside them just ask
    yo bro you stupid spirit you better get out or else I will steal all your cookies

  27. nexoblitzer Post author

    Maybe just maybe he was acting I mean if I got a paycheck I might say saitan is inside me

  28. Jobro The player Post author

    Wait what I don’t get what happened

  29. jasonc0065 Post author

    The New Apostolic Reformation
    The New Apostate Racists
    Private Jet Pastors
    Rhema teachings are from the Wolves
    Toking the Spirit of the African Forest
    Adeboye, Suleman, and Bushiri peddled the nonsense
    Adeola, Sowore, and Freeze exposed it
    The Bible has become the Gun: we are fleeing for freedom

  30. Travis Maldonado Post author

    Read your Bible people. This is not Biblical, it certainly isn't Christianity.

  31. Caleb 1338 Post author

    Christianity will fall bec of all the church’s splitting apart. The UPCI hates baptist idk why. But as It’s said a house divided can not stand

  32. Harley Davidson Post author

    How do i reach out to you, I'm in Australia

  33. Robert McGranahan Jr Post author

    😂😂😂what a crock of shit. Surprised to see this in Germany

  34. strictly low down Post author

    I want baptize for the 2nd one, my 1st baptize i think 14 year ago i didnt know nothing about Jesus, untill know im living with flesh. i keep searching Holy Spirit but i feel my flesh is still inside me. I want a new life.

  35. Slime Cats Post author

    this is dumb no hope for this guy in the future

  36. John 3:16 Post author

    What’s the proper way to baptize him baptizing him forward or backwards I feel you baptized him backwards then pulled him up is that right?

  37. Leeked Productions Post author

    Yeah those are most definitely the wrong spirits
    Demons manifesting

  38. Mary’s Fun World! Post author

    can someone please explain why this guy was screaming?

  39. CalledUntoHoliness Post author

    In what name did they baptized him?I could barely hear… Was it done in the name of Jesus Christ or in the titles father,son and holy ghost? One is correct the other is wrong.

  40. Gary Boulton Post author

    Why is their so much paranoia in the Church? Their is not no wrong spirit in the Church, their is wrong spirit in people who go to church. But if the Holy spirit lives inside you, no other spirit can enter. Plus God's not a legalist, you don't have to say a certain line before being baptised incase a wrong spirit gets in you. If you're being baptised and coming to Christ, no other spirit can come into you. Period. If you're a believer, you have the Holy Spirit. If you have the spirit, no other spirit can enter. Please brothers and sisters stop being scared of demons and dark spirits. They don't dare come near us, now we have the Holy Spirit of God inside us. Darkness flees in the presence of light. Love you all. Know the authority and power you walk in. God bless.

  41. Lisa Gamble Post author

    Don’t y’all know the devil can mock tongues and pretend to be saved? Smh!

  42. I like Dank Memes Post author

    I’m watching this and I’ve never gone to church or read the Bible…

  43. Talon Tranter Post author

    3:27 when you get in a pool and the water is too cold

  44. Jeff Snoddy Post author

    For all who say Jesus is not the Christ or the son of God he said I and the Father are one… And when you die in your unbelief your going to regret that. you will probably recall every chance you had to except the truth. I have had a supernatural experience from God that helped me with my Faith Please don't listen to The devil and his demons they are deceiving you into believing that Jesus is not God or the Son of God don't let them do that to you. Because when you go to Hell they will laugh at you and tell you how stupid you were to Believe there lies then rip you to shreds forever and you will be screaming for JESUS then
    Please turn away from your wicked deception, I am not perfect don't claim to be but I trust in the one that is Jesus Christ… May God Bless you and fill your heart with the truth…

  45. This Channel is void/DELETED Post author

    I dont understand please help

  46. Fake User Post author

    Give him an oscar🤝👏👏 super acting bro

  47. Jnn F Post author

    Can you talk about churches that wont baptize without membership?

  48. warchild101h Post author

    In order to be a baptized you have to want to be And you have to be baptized in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost

  49. PropheticEclipses Post author

    All this is a show and false. Those who have true discernment can see how all this is false.

  50. Daubeny Shaubeny Post author

    Moneh I tell you, it can buy you nearly anything in the world

  51. Minerva Emma xXdeweyxX You nub mc me Go xD Post author

    This is soo scary soo went I grow up I do that?

  52. Nab Win Post author

    This guy should have an Oscar cunt believe people are so stupid to believe this

  53. Awaken Church Jonesboro Post author

    Salvation is what sets you free…not getting water baptized. Water baptism is simply an outward showing of what happened through salvation. If it's water baptism that gets you free, Jesus wasted His time on the cross.

  54. Jasmine Rodriguez Post author

    Why are there soo many unbelievers in these comments? Not to mention the language and attitude you brothers and sisters use against the Lord our God. The anger in your hearts… Soften them now and surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ!💕

  55. Irene Akbar Post author

    Most people who don't believe God always says it's false but never actually picked up a bible or went to church.

  56. kitty kat Post author

    People wanna get Baptist, but continue to live in sin..

  57. 2bless8 Arrh Post author

    What they are doing in this church in the video is WRONG. This is demonic. The people need to trust in Jesus Christ, God's ONLY begotten Son as their redeemer and King. What they have is a Kundalini spirit.

  58. GAMING GIRL Post author

    Jesus Christ this is crazy, I believe in god but I don’t go all crazy like this

  59. Richard Crouse Post author

    I was raised in church fed church fed the Bible and nothing else. To my mother, nothing at all mattered except jesus christ but she nor any other person including preachers could answer any of my many questions. Later in life I searched diligently for god, reading the Bible praying multiple times every day for years crying out for god but I never felt anything nor heard anything so I decided that I was called but not chosen. And if I’m not good enough for god, he isn’t good enough for me so reply if you want I don’t care about your thoughts, feelings, ideas or prayers. Religion and the idea of god was created by rich smart people and used to control poor dumb ones with fear. Pure bullshit.

  60. Xfurrywolfx Post author

    Strange i never been Baptized i do love God and Jesus so much to my heart why Satan hates me i it ingore Satan makes him Angry 😠


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