Why is Our Lady of Guadalupe So Important to Mexico?

By | September 3, 2019

[Music] guys I’m here at the basilica de nuestra senora de guadalupe and it would be hard for me to overstate just how important this place is to Mexico [Music] now guys before I start this video I have to point out something that should be very obvious I am NOT a religious scholar I’m not an expert at these things but I am going to share a bit of information today because you really do need a bit of perspective to truly appreciate what makes this place so special for Mexico New Mexico is a very very Catholic country by some estimates between 80 or 90 percent of the country is Catholic and this site the basilica de guadalupe is the most important religious site in all of Mexico it could probably be argued that it’s the most important site in all of the Americas and even if you don’t know the history if you’ve been to Mexico you’ve surely seen the image of Guadalupe I mean I see it hanging from the cars and taxis I see it painted in a street art it is everywhere but what does that image actually mean and how did it become so important for Mexicans to properly explain this story we’re gonna have to take a little climb come on we’re going up there [Music] hundreds of years ago before the best silica to Guadalupe was built this wasn’t part of Mexico City what you’re seeing here would have been the countryside it would have been all natural of course since then Mexico has grown a lot so it is now a neighborhood in Mexico City which is a good thing because a lot of people come here and back when this was all countryside long before we had selfie sticks or cell phones there was a guy named Juan Diego who climbed up this very same hill and I should point out that Juan Diego wasn’t a rich nobleman from the Spanish he was an indigenous Mexican and when the mother of God appeared to him on this hill she asked him to build a church to build a temple in this very location sohe Juan Diego went to a member of the church told them about the vision told them what happened but no one would believe him and again Juan Diego came back to this hill and he saw the Virgin Mary and he said they’re not believing me I need a sign I need something and the Virgin Mary told him to go to the very top of the hill and pick flowers and there he found all these colorful flowers blooming even though it was December it was a time of year when you should never see flowers like that and he brought them in his cloak he carried them to the priest who said no to him and as the story goes when he opened his cloak and showed those flowers not only did the flowers come out but the image of Senora de Guadalupe was on his cloak and it’s that very same image on that very same cloak and then I’m gonna show you in a few minutes time inside of that church but first I’m a bit tired from that climb so I’m gonna take in the view and appreciate where I am for a moment it was December 12th when that image appeared on the cloak of juan diego and now every December 12th between 2 and 3 million Mexicans come to this very site so you can imagine just how busy it gets now I don’t actually know if that little church up on the hill is the original one but what I do know is that churches here have been rebuilt a few times over the years and currently there are two main churches there’s the one behind me the old basilica de guadalupe and this unique looking one behind me now which is the new basilica and why did they build a new one well part of the reason I imagine was just because so many people were coming here but there’s another reason as well take a close look at that church behind me do you see how uneven it is it’s like the Leaning Tower of Pisa it started to tilt to one side and that is no doubt part of the reason why they decided to build a new one but let’s take a quick tour of the old one because it’s quite an impressive building [Music] [Music] you don’t often see churches in the shape of a circle like this one behind me but the reason they made it that way is so than from any angle people would be able to see the image of the Lady of Guadalupe I’m about to take you in there and since it’s a Sunday I think there’s gonna be a lot of people but let’s see what kind of view we can get [Music] so as you can see it’s pretty busy in there and we’re not able to get that close to the image of Guadalupe but actually there is one more place we can go there’s actually a moving walkway right at the front of the church where you can go to have a couple of seconds immediately in front of the image that’s what I’m going to show you now [Music] [Music] he says and that’s it the basilica de guadalupe well once again I want to make it clear I am NOT an expert but I want to share an idea and I want to hear from Mexicans if they think there might be some truth in this I think the fact that hewan Diego was indigenous is a very important detail in this story because of course from the Spanish coming from Europe they have a long history of Catholicism but in a new world in Mexico in the Americas Catholicism hadn’t been around for so long and the image of Guadalupe that moment when it came to an indigenous Mexican was a way of Catholicism accepting Mexico accepting the Americas so whether you are religious or not I think in some ways the best silica the Guadalupe the story the history of this place is more than just religion it’s about Mexico’s identity it’s about what it means to be a Mexican and that’s something everyone can understand as always guys I’m down for the new travel and yeah I’ll see you next time

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  1. Mike Ballesteros Post author

    Mr. Dan, expect a lot of views on this video. Your human approach in your videos is unique. Your are not only showing the most holy of the Mexican people but are exciting and exposing our very souls. Con mucho respeto, buenos videos Señor Dan.


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