Why I No Longer Listen to Conservative Catholic Radio

By | September 8, 2019

– I’d always been very strong
in the pro-life movement. Since I came back to the Catholic Church I would listen to Catholic
radio all the time and everything, apologetics
and all that stuff. And so I just assumed that we’re all one big
Catholic happy family. (laughs) I just assumed that. Until a few years ago
when they were beating all these black boys and
killing them and all that, and when those people
got shot in that church. And the minute they called for the Confederates
flags to be taken down, it seems as if the
people on Catholic radio just did an about switch because the people who did not want the Confederate flags taken down were the people on Catholic radio. And I was really shocked
because I thought, I thought they agreed
with us and all that. Rather, it’s the people who
are the pro-choice people who are the people
supporting the black people and marching with them. But you didn’t see that in Catholic radio. And so I was very disappointed in that. And I haven’t done a Walk
for Life San Francisco since probably about 2015 or 2016. Just because I’m
disillusioned with the whole, because these people claim to be pro-life and when a black man is shot they say, “Oh, he must have done something wrong. “What did he do to provoke? “He didn’t listen to the cops.” When you hear somebody
who claims to be pro-life saying that, it’s very disappointing. And so, I’m still pro-life but I feel very disappointed
in the pro-life movement, the Catholic pro-life movement. Once you start talking about
the black men getting shot, the first thing the pro-life people say, “Well, all the black babies
that are being aborted,” that’s all the say. (laughs) “Why are we talking about
the black men getting shot, “how about all the black babies “that are being aborted today?” And I say, “If you don’t
care about the black men, “how can you care about the black babies? “You don’t even know the black men, “how on earth can you care
about the black babies?” And nobody has a response to that. But the conversation always
comes back to abortion. When you’re talking
about the civil rights, it always comes back to (laughs) abortion–
– Why do you think that is? You’re right. Why do you think that is? – Maybe it’s a safe… I think people maybe they
just don’t wanna know, it’s a safe topic–
– Comfortable. – In the Catholic world, yes. – Comfortable for them?
– Yes, yes. Now, why can’t the Catholic
Church be on the forefront of protesting these
black men getting shot? Why can’t the pro-life
movement be on the forefront of protesting all these
black men getting shot? It just doesn’t make sense. Instead of blaming the
black men for getting shot, why can’t we be on the forefront of that? I think there’s that split
with the social justice crowd, quote unquote, and the pro-life crowd. And I don’t know why there is that split. Because the Catholic Church
stands for all of them, the social justice and the pro-life. I think Dorothy Day was all of the above. Mother Teresa was all of the, she talked about abortion but
she was also social justice. But I think a lot of Catholics like to put themselves in little boxes. Oh, I’m a pro-life Catholic. Oh, I’m a social justice Catholic. Never the two shall meet. When that’s absolutely wrong.

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