Why I Became A Muslim? MOHAMMED Daniel 02

By | October 23, 2019

how you become a Muslim how did you meet
the Muslim what was the things wish in Florence you to become a Muslim I become
a Muslim we went to our argument because I as I said in my previous answer I was
an assistant pastor I helped in the church and we went for the bid with a
brother called Musa bangarra I am my pastor was defeated and then it was
something that was sung it we went to you we went into agreement that if I
defeat you or if you defeat my village on I will become Muslim
but if I defeat you you will accept my village on this is the way I become
Muslim and I’m a man called Mohammed Kumar he was a one who was working
harder to see that I become Muslim advising me and also what’s worrying
given the motivation to become Muslim was the behavior of the Muslim after I
left my my community hours and I went to another community or involvement there
is where I was motivated more and more to become Muslim because I was around
the box and then whenever people coming from prayer they speak to each other hug
each other try to help each other and then what what motivated me was like
something like this oh man all men who was not very
to work and then why working our brother he was not Muslim and he was not a
Christian but why working because of his age why working and he tried to fell
down but unfortunately our brother was there and a brother I like to know that
he was a Muslim why the old man was about to father this brother came across
Adam help this woman and then when when I asked him who are you
why do you save me do you know me he said no what in life on the Koran that
it’s a heavier parents or help those who are old help them so I think because of
that you try to explain something ready but I don’t get it I don’t get it all
and because of that that is one of the reason I also become Muslim because of
that brother helpfulness how he helped that woman from this piece and we come
to what was the thing which influenced you just as I said an omen was about to
fell down but this brother he was a Muslim he came across him and then saved
this Ummah frontispiece that was one of the thing that motivated me more and
more after you become a Muslim what was the reaction of your community good
question after I become Muslim I was sacked from my work and my parents no
longer support me people around me no longer come across me my friends go
fight for me and they do got negative attitude from your friends yes I got a
lot of negative things from my friends a lot of negative
things from my friends like they try to steal away from me because they said
that Islam is not a rifle religion and then I said that Islam is a rifle
religion and they refused then he said we have a pouf up I said if you are
around or by pressing you’re going to be a by pressing and if you are a good
person you’re gonna become a good person so what I did was send Z brother was
insisting that I should become a Christian back
I wish of course I have never dream about that that I’m going to become
Christian back again insha’Allah Allah Allah so this better than the child end
with me and then every to my working please I was I was stuck from work I was
no longer working after I become Muslim I lost my work after I become Muslim I
friends Envy me a lot I was fired for my parents they no longer help me also now
I am a mom we are no longer in good relationship but anyway alhamdulillah
once I’ll see it’s not a civilian and then we come to number 7 did you got
negative attitude from your from your surrounding yes I got a lot of negative
things from my friends after I become Muslim they Envy me a lot and then they
went far from me they went very far for me and many please I was I was asked to
be out of the house and also from my working place I was suck from my walk
but alhamdulillah I am a Muslim and I continue to work harder 7 B did you got
negative attitude from your surrounding environment
a positive question 7b did you got positive attitude from your environment
not really because the environment I was in a lot of Christian so I was not able
to get any good reward after I become Muslim
it was just however every and hatred hatred s that’s all it was any positive
or negative change in your business and family life after you become Muslim yes
after I become Muslim there was a positive changes in my life and also
negative things but let us talk about the positive in France after I became
Muslim I was given an opportunity to come to a key to learn about Islam which
of course I have never traveled anywhere else this is my first concert ever us
and I were born to travel from one place to another
this is the first time after I become Muslim and after I become Muslim I was
given a lot of opportunity to walk and also study and my life became different
from the others al hamdulillah for that and the negative thing about it after I
become Muslim I have no longer able to communicate
with my parents there is no support from there no longer but alhamdulillah
I saw caution it after I became Muslim did you change your mind about Muslims
and Islam after I become Muslim I changed all by concept about Islam in a
Muslim like Oh before I die before I become Muslim I
thought that the motioning of people who are very bad very very bad at the added
time I was at another location which is another environment like after but after
some years I went another location and then that’s where I become Muslim
because of the behavior of the people so this behavior of people is I try to make
people don’t know about it is that they have a very great role to play in Islam
they have a very great role to play Islam because true your behavior your
kindness can make people to make can make someone to become Muslim and true
the behavior of yours can make people to hit Islam
so that I’m giving this message to all my brothers and sisters in Islam please
let us be kind well if a person if the person is a Muslim or not let us be kind
to everyone because you don’t know today because of the kindness will make the
person to become Muslim if the person is a Christian and because of your kindness
who could make the present to become if they if they are Muslim but very lazy
but because of your kindness and your hard-working can make the person more
stronger and motivating Islam so my brother and sister please let us be kind
to who we know and we who we don’t know every person is a Muslim or not let us
be kind to them

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