Why I Am Catholic

By | August 30, 2019

I’m Catholic for more reasons than i can describe in a short video so I’ll summarize it with this: I’m Catholic because I believe it’s true. Now I realize that making exclusive claims of truth like that is kind of politically incorrect but considering that correct political thinking was most enthusiastically endorsed by history’s most enthusiastic mass murderer, I’m kind of okay with being on the other side of that field. But let’s be honest with ourselves; if you’re someone who takes the position or assumes an identity that is based on ideas then the only real justification for that is that those ideas are true. For example if you describe yourself as a Muslim then that should be because you think that Islam is true where it differs from other belief systems. Some people like to nurture this idea that says that differing ideas can be simultaneously true so there’s no need for us to say that one is true where the others are not but this position is really hard to support. When ideologies or religions or belief systems differ they do so because they’re making exclusive claims that the others deny. For example popular belief in Islam says that Jesus never died whereas Christianity affirms that he was crucified and died under the Romans. Now those two beliefs can’t both simultaneously be true unless they’re self contradictory. So by affirming one belief system or religious identity you’re saying that the others are wrong where they differ from the one that you’re affirming and we shouldn’t be afraid to do that if we’re being honest with ourselves. I’m not offended by the fact that people believe things that are different from me and neither should you be. Moral outrage should be saved for things that are actually morally outrageous. Diversity in thought shouldn’t be one of those things. So why do I believe it’s true? Well there are several qualities of truth that I would use to judge a claim of truth against but for the sake of brevity I’ll just describe one: truth is uncompromising and unchanging. Truth does not change and don’t misunderstand that for facts. Some facts are circumstantial variables that can change. For example I have reddish brownish hair that should probably be cut. In 30 years from now that won’t be a fact anymore. But truth itself, not bound by the changing winds of circumstance is transcendent and unaffected by circumstance. For example it’s wrong to murder people. That’s true today and that will be true thousands of years from now. Now the Catholic Church is the only messenger who speaks as though the message she carries is actually true because she doesn’t tamper with it or compromise it even when that means enduring great suffering. The Apostles of Jesus for example were all killed except for one for not compromising their message and generations of Christians after that continued to do so under Rome’s genocidal efforts to eradicate Christianity. The second reason I’m Catholic is because it’s countercultural in the sense that when the culture wants to float along with the chaotic streams of fashion it’s Catholicism that stands firm against that current. See progress is about getting closer to some intended goal. If you think of like a boat trying to cross the ocean, if you’re really trying to get somewhere, sometimes that means resisting the currents of the sea. Now history tells us that various cultures have been swept up by fashionable currents. When the culture has tried to give in to those currents because they were new or fashionable, it was the church that resisted them and stayed on course. The historical Jesus hand-picked twelve Apostles and then told them to go out and tell the entire world what they had seen and heard. These were 12 uneducated resource-poor individuals of low standing but in spite of that within their lifetime their message had consumed the entire known world. Now this wasn’t through war or armed takeover, it wasn’t through political power or technology, it wasn’t through any means that we can rationalize. When faced with the need to explain how Christianity spread so fast and effectively in spite of Roman genocidal efforts and religious hostility from its place of origin; you can look at it and say, “I don’t know,” or you can consider the fact that maybe God had something to do with it. I think it was Carl Sagan that popularized the phrase that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and while I don’t really agree with that sentiment I do think that some pretty extraordinary things can be described as a result of Catholicism. For all we know hundreds of thousands of years of human history passed before an astonishing renaissance of human thought and technology took place Industrialization, prolific food production, and advanced medicine have dramatically increased the quality of life for the entire world in ways that were unheard of prior to this renaissance and this can all be traced to something that we all take for granted: the scientific method. The scientific method is a relatively new framework for observing and understanding the world around us and its origins are found in Europe under the egis of the Catholic Church. Where every other civilization hit a ceiling in technological advancement, the church overcame it by investing extraordinary resources in higher education by establishing the first universities in the Middle Ages. This led directly to the development of the scientific method which, in spite of defamatory popular belief, the Church actually embraced and nurtured. She established astronomical observatories, intellectual orders like the Jesuits, and several key scientific discoveries were made by Catholic thinkers who were actually priests. Lastly there are countless documented miracles that were performed by Catholics. For example for someone to be declared a saint in the Catholic Church, multiple miracles have to be confirmed as a result of direct contact with that supposed saint. These miracles are then meticulously scrutinized by investigators which include non-catholic experts in science and medicine. When they conclude that no natural explanation for the miraculous claim can be offered then the person moves closer to sainthood. Many of these same saints, once declared saints, have their bodies exhumed only to discover that they had barely decomposed even though they were buried years before. Some events are so astonishing that you might be tempted to indulge conspiracy theories about why more people haven’t heard of them. Like the Marian apparitions in Cairo in 1968. The short version of it is that a lady clothed in white appeared standing on top of a tower of a Coptic Church in Cairo. The apparition lasted for a few minutes and then she disappeared. Several people saw it and then told everyone that they knew. Soon word spread and the apparitions continued for years, so often that thousands of people, even at a time saw it simultaneously. Journalists and reporters even saw it and took pictures of it. The only rational explanation that has been offered for it is that the crowds were suffering from mass delusion caused by a desire for religious fulfillment. Now what seems more likely to you; that thousands of people in a predominantly Muslim country would suffer from simultaneous psychosis out of some desire to have Christianity affirmed or is it possible that something supernatural actually happened? This list could just keep going on because when you’re talking about the oldest institution in human history, it’s hard to choose which anecdotes to include. So maybe we’ll do a follow up video at some point. Until then: Dominus Vobiscum

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  1. Matthew Logan Post author

    Thank you brian. I tried to subscribe but the subscribe button not working

  2. Zoaz Post author

    Brian, you really don't need to cut your hair. I really like it the way it is now. 🙂

    (In response to what you say in the video)

  3. lehling bangja taidtaid Post author

    Thanks Brian, do continue your great work, Thanks be to God .

  4. Mallory woodkid Post author

    Thank you for your videos. It's easy to find nice christian people on youtube but it's definitely hard to find good content on catholicism like yours!

  5. joe men Post author

    You are correct – a simple and logical reason – the Catholic church has not changed its doctrine for 2000 years – this is the only church today that respects the sacrament of matrimony and does not approve of divorce, abortion, artificial birth control and gay marriage – Humane Vitae of Pope Paul VI seeks to protect the family a unit of society, It affirmed traditional Church moral teaching on the sanctity of life – This is the only church that has not succumbed to the pressure of the secular world unlike all other churches –

  6. Robert Lulek Post author

    what the Catholic Church does compromise they created their own dogmas like purgatory and saying that Mary is immaculate through the immaculate conception which is. They also called their leaders fathers and Pope this was not a biblical principle

  7. Robert Lulek Post author

    the original church with small groups they started with the Jewish people they would meet privately and homes in areas and this was the original church and they were instructed to go out and spread the good news.Peter is not the pope when Jesus said whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in heaven this is true. However,the same way when people say whatever you pray for God will give it to you in other words when Jesus said whatever you ask you will receive. You will receive if it's in will and align with what the father wants. if the church leaders fall away from the original doctrine that has been taught God is no longer there and blessing the Catholic Church. Catholic simple means universal.The universal Church is all one who believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins that we are powerless over our sin and that we are saved by faith alone and not by works.otherwise if works were involved as well we would be earning our way to salvation which is incorrect doctrine. However, when God calls his elect they will do good works because they are commanded to do so by the Holy Spirit not of their own accord but because it is God's will to put the spirit of God in them to perform these good works.that is why Jesus said not all who say Lord Lord or have I not cast out demons in your name will inherit the kingdom of God.it is because that man or that woman has decided themselves to perform the good works rather than the Holy Spirit indoctrinating them to do the good works.Jesus said himself we are all filthy rags before the father and we all have fallen short of the glory of God including Mary. I hope this can clear things up with Catholics. It does not mean that Catholics are going to hell there are many Protestants going to hell as well. Jesus said far and wide is the gateway to hell and narrow is the path to eternal life.simply look for the truth do not find the truth from traditional values or family traditions.I was raised in a Catholic church and family and I found no spirituality that whatsoever and knew that I found the true gospel by going to a non-denominational church the true original universal Church. One without doctrines and dogmas but just based upon the saving Grace of Jesus Christ alone. Jesus Christ is the mediator to God not Mary I pray for Jesus to God.

  8. Robert Lulek Post author

    Another false doctrine is that Catholics think that saints are special anyone who is in Jesus Christ is a saint.this is scripturally based all the saints who have died at says not just certain people who are saints. How could a man be a saint or a woman be a saint we all have the stain of sin. You cannot do enough good you cannot be mother Teresa enough to be a saint. For all have fallen short of the glory of God and are a filthy rags before God including mother Teresa. Is only by the purity of the blood that God the Father sees us pure and white as snow. So why would God allow certain people to b/e saints??it absolutely makes no sense at all for we all are in the same boat center saved only by grace and the mercy of God almighty

  9. Robert Lulek Post author

    Many will also say what about the children Bernadette. The Lady of Fatima. I absolutely believe Satan can deceive many. Mary herself said pray to me in that apparition. Clearly this is not from God marry herself would be the first to say do not fall down and worship me but worship my son.remember Jesus rebuked the woman that said blessed is the fruit that boy you in the womb Jesus right away corrected her and said no rather blessed the father who is in heaven. The apostles came to Jesus and said your mother and brother are here. Jesus again rebuke them who is my mother who are my brothers??

  10. Robert Lulek Post author

    There are supernatural occurrences for example Muslims having dreams of God and Jesus.but if the dream car lights to scripture it all comes down to scripture everything must come from the word of God and not when Jesus said whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven and Earth he meantwhen Jesus said whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven and Earth he meant what came from scripture.it is the same as the prosperity Gospel if you pray and say I want a car and anything you ask in my name you will receive it does not necessarily mean that God will give you a car.God will give you everything you pray for as long as it's in line for what he wants.

  11. IceWolfXx Post author

    The sign when the Jesus is coming his religion CATHOLICSM WILL SPREAD And Mary as the mother of all gives messages and warnings before Jesus comes
    Jesus started it and he will spread it like a new viral that almost half of protestant denomination converts to catholicsm as Out lady of Fatima said "pray for the conversion of people"

  12. Robert Lulek Post author


  13. Christof L Post author

    You are Catholic because you are an idol worshiper. Question: Please show me in the Bible where we are instructed to pray to Mary or any saint. I'll wait.

  14. Jay Gatsby Post author

    6:35 How do you know it was Mary? Are you sure?

  15. Robert Lulek Post author

    Do not add added Revelation to God's word warning.


  16. Robert Lulek Post author

    It is sad to think that mother Teresa could possibly be in hell.

  17. Jose Rafael Duro Post author

    Please Sir stay strong and continue to preach, this is a light to those surrounded by darkness, comfort to those who are alone and challenged in Faith 🔥❤🔥


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