Who Is Boris Johnson? He May Be the Next Prime Minister of Britain | NYT News

By | September 5, 2019

A brash former
mayor of London. “The chances of me being
prime minister are about as good as finding
Elvis on Mars.” Known to many for his
political opportunism and for his staunch
support of Brexit. “Let’s take back control
of huge sums of money, take back control
of immigration, take back control of
our democracy. Let’s vote for freedom.” Boris Johnson could be Britain’s next
prime minister. So, who is he? Johnson
worked for many years as a journalist in Britain. He was fired by The London
Times for inventing a quote. It was in Brussels,
where Johnson made a name for himself writing for
The Daily Telegraph. He wrote a string of articles
ridiculing European Union bureaucracy that were
often exaggerated or wrong. In 2008, he was elected
mayor of London. “I declare Boris Johnson
the next mayor of London.” He was re-elected
4 years later. It was London’s
2012 Summer Olympics that put him on the
radar for many people in the rest of the world. But in Britain, he’s been associated with one
thing in recent years: Brexit. “Now this is a once
in a lifetime chance for us to take back
control of this country.” When he was mayor of London,
Johnson sometimes spoke favorably about
the common market with the European Union. But perhaps recognizing
a political opportunity, Johnson became
one of Brexit’s most vocal supporters. “When you look at the E.U.
now, It makes me think of some badly designed undergarment that has now become
too tight in some places and dangerously loose in other places.” Johnson’s critics say
his strong backing for leaving the European
Union was purely tactical. And after a successful
campaign, Theresa May named him foreign
secretary in 2016. But Johnson said he thought
May’s Brexit proposal was too conciliatory to Europe. Rather than
supporting her plan, Johnson resigned in protest. “I will shortly leave the job.” Last month, May announce
she was stepping aside as prime minister,
and the stars aligned for Johnson to
try and take over the job he always wanted. “I am standing to be leader
of the Conservative Party.” Johnson has
supported a so-called no-deal Brexit,
which means leaving the European Union with
no agreement in place. About the only thing
Parliament can agree on is that it doesn’t support
a no-deal Brexit. So for all of Johnson’s
bluster about leaving the E.U. without a deal, it may be just that. So what’s next
for Johnson? If he does win the
prime minister job, his first task is going
to be taking on, you guessed it, Brexit. But he’s in for a fight. His own Conservative Party
is split on the issue and he may also face
opposition from protesters. Thousands have been taking
to the streets hoping for a long shot chance
to reverse course on splitting with the E.U. So Johnson could find himself
at the center of a turbulent time for Britain, and he
may be just fine with that.

100 thoughts on “Who Is Boris Johnson? He May Be the Next Prime Minister of Britain | NYT News

  1. Tim Hunt Post author

    Johnson , complains about is grandfather treatment under the Turkish government but the fool has the blood on is hands of Yemen children.

  2. Kira Y. Post author

    Didn’t mention he was born in New York City and very recently renounced his dual citizenship

  3. James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May Post author

    He would be the first PM outside of the UK since Bonar Law. By the way.

  4. P L Post author

    It defies belief that its come to this…..there are good men and women who could lead the UK politically but won't come forward.
    The problem is the 'system' doesn't produce a caliber of person competent enough to lead the country.

  5. Dr 2 Post author

    The rise of the right is becoming very scary. Especially as the morons who voted and support them will be the losers.

  6. Neil Hedley Post author

    An establishment clown that has had every door opened for him by his rich anonymous backers.
    His ego is not matched by ability

  7. Friedrich Schmidt Post author

    He could be good! Britain should give him a chance. If he shows leadership and delivers a good Brexit, maybe the Tories won´t be reduced to a fringe party after all.

  8. Andrew Oliver Post author

    Establishment bloke who's been bred with confidence courtesy of public school.
    Serial liar and cheat helped along by newspapers who can get away with untruths.

  9. Julian potatoe Post author

    Trumps got nothing on him, he had a mistress abort his child and admitted to taking cochin all in the same week.

  10. Primus 777 Post author

    If this travesty of a politician is the best Britain can summon, then we're comprehensively screwed.
    Give him a Clown suit, a pigs bladder on a stick and send this slippery treacherous, disgusting Oaf on his way.

  11. schlusnus Post author

    Boris…your cabinet…Rees- Mogg a must….Rabb…Nigel Farage…………exit EU soonest.

  12. Robin GSNR Post author

    Hunt and Stewart are the new May MK ll ,do they never learn or listen ,appeasing remainers cost May her job and the near destruction of the Tory party ,they were warned again by the European elections yet still they ignore the result by the people ,MP'S are as stupid as sheep, 75 % of mps are remain against 52% of the public that voted leave so MP'S are in direct opposition to their constituents and you wonder why brexit is in limbo ,read the mood of those that democratically told the government to leave ,so get on with it

  13. Kay Camille Post author

    Jacob Rees mogg The only politition I trust fully and admire is backing this man and that is good enough for me at this point in this nightmare scenario we are faced with. Boris is no fool , far from it and has a backbone to at least get us out of the European Union, and when the time is right I believe Jacob will eventually take the reins and we shall finally get the prime minister this country needs.

  14. Michael Nixon Post author

    grandiose, glib. Superficial charm, callous, no empathy, no conscience, no shame or guilt, pathological liar – sexually promiscuous , massively egocentric, extremely manipulative etc, etc, etc.

  15. Sean Daly Post author

    Boris the American as UK PM? The matrix is alive and well

  16. The Shacks Post author

    lord have mercy on us. gunna beg for cameron or blair back soon at this rate

  17. Byron Hawk Post author

    Boris Johnson the leader born in New York, sounds like someone else we know

  18. Dave DaGoldNoob Post author

    What does this have to do with you? Our bbc are already spinning it as hard as they can they don’t need any help

    You should have tried to sneak in a collision conspiracy and maybe also some things about him being racist because otherwise we might not think your trying hard enough

  19. geobell59 Post author

    He,s so scared to come out and take part in debates in case he puts his foot in that big mouth of his.

  20. Krixooks Post author

    I'm confused by this video, it makes Boris out to be a bumbling buffoon, but also notes his rise and rise to power. How can these two narratives be compatible?

  21. Neil Mccarthy Post author

    Amazing how Some Americans can be pro Europe, would any American be happy to join a ‘American Union’ where the head office is in Mexico. Where any undemocratically elected Mexican can ‘in effect’ veto a US law made in Washington. So it’s not fair to use propaganda to encourage others to continue doing something you would never dream of doing yourself.

  22. Negan Saviours Post author

    Lmao ppl though trump was bad we get this muppet as next prime minister 😂

  23. MrAnders0n91 Post author

    The left hate him? He must be doing something right then.

    Bojo for PM

  24. no 1 Post author

    if he becomes PM, he will use the USA agreements for business to hedge his deal he gets with EU- but a no deal brexit would not be possible unless he is a masterclass in redesigning the political and economical landscape of the UK which is infact the best opportunity the UK will ever get to do this. A simple business analyst should actually be PM

  25. Brendan Ferec Post author

    I see Brexit as a so called "democratic" coup by corrupt politician liars who unofficially defend the interests of beneficiaries who enjoy British tax heaven islands like Isle of Man or Guernsey. The only repetitive automatic shallow arguments they keep using over and over again like a brainless machine is Freedom, Immigration, Sovereignty like if Britain was an enslaved African colony… very shallow reason to leave the EU, that's hilarious…because these are not tangible reasons

  26. Brendan Ferec Post author

    Like for the NHS and the so called "350£ M per week", I wonder how the government would react if the British People did not want to pay their own national taxes any more in order to "Take back control"…

  27. MyCoolMac Post author

    This is a great report – good in history and current situation and potential problems. From a Briton, I think this is a good overview.

  28. Madyetmellow Post author

    American’s have Trump we have minime Bojo 😳

  29. simon e Post author

    If bojo is the answer then we are clearly asking the wrong question.

  30. Peter Green Post author

    He will drive into Downing Street on a Chariot of Fire,take an early poll lead thanks to a collapse in support for the Brexit party. However,the numbers have not changed and October 31st will come and go with the UK still in the EU. May's deal is dead,there's no more negotiations with Brussels and Parliament has already decided not to have a No deal Brexit either. I'm going for a General Election on the 28th of November or the 5th of December and a change of government.

  31. wesley rodgers Post author

    A politician who lies. Nothing new. Sad.

  32. Robert Collier Post author

    Let’s get behind boris Johnson let’s clear the dead wood from the trees say no to Rory Stewart and Dominic raab if you please Jeremy hunt and Michael gove along with sajid javid well I don’t know what to say except they belong on another planet. But seriously guys let’s use this vote for the one man that can save this Conservative party

  33. tizintishka Post author

    Do we really want this clown this lying wanker to be our prime minister ? Definitely not

  34. Pumpkin Mapping Post author

    Johnson does NOT support no-deal brexit. He says deal or no deal he would rather a deal (But a good one)

  35. Central Scrutinizer Post author

    ……I hope they incarcerate every NYT employee…..in general population.

  36. Oliver Prestwich Post author

    The information in this video was unfortunately often exaggerated or wrong.

  37. Corri ander Post author

    He is a man that can't keep it in his trousers. Having children all over the place. If that was anyone else, they would be called all the names under the sun! Just because this guy represents the far right/right wing of the world he becomes great. Well…. Just to let you know he is not great, he was not a great Mayor, he wasted a lot of tax payers money on bridges that were just for him, to put his name to it! Now, every person is paying for this project of self centeredness of 1 MAN! He let down the lady imprisoned in Iran. If he makes mistakes as he has done in other roles then we are really up the creek without a paddle!

  38. Daniel Niefergold Post author

    Boris is the British Donald Trump. A Buffoon and embarrassment for Britain. Probably Happily going to War with Iran together with the American, and waiting for the scraps at the End…

  39. rick Woods Post author

    Check Have I got news for you and getting stuck on a zip wire 👍🏻

  40. Blackjax137 Post author

    And yet, Boris Johnson is the best candidate of them all.

    Rory Stewart seeks to undermine the referendum, Dominic Raab seeks to undermine democracy by suspending Parliament in October (exit date), Jeremy C-… Hunt is May's protégé and reeked havoc on the NHS for his entire tenure as health secretary. Sajid Javid fancies himself a Thatcher. Michael Gove is Boris Johnson without the popularity.

    But nice to see the NYT publishing such a balanced and unbiased smear piece on a head of state for a country it neither operates in or understands their politics. Why don't you weigh in on Spygate instead?

  41. Separate the two seas Post author

    Boris Johnson is about to expose himself really soon just like Theresa may, lied to the public and he must feel the full force of what he was preaching.

  42. Gavriel Solomons Post author

    So many things got wrong here. Discussing foreign politics shouldn't give you an excuse to make large factual errors. Boris has strongly supported Brexit for a long time and didn't just jump on the bandwagon to he opportunistic (although there's many other things for which you can accuse him of that). He isn't losing for a no-deal Brexit — no-one is! He (like most of the conservative leadership candidates) wants to renegotiate a deal but will leave without a deal on the 31st of October if one isn't reached, as the deadline has already been extended twice and people are getting increasingly anger about the issue not yet being resolved. Furthermore, parliament voted a couple days ago AGAINST a bill which would have stopped a no-deal; meaning that one could potentially pass.

  43. Magma Productions Post author

    If we don't elect Boris then Brexit won't be delivered and the Tories will finally collapse.
    Sorry Boris, but you've given the people of Britain the ultimate reason NOT to vote for you.

  44. bob jones Post author

    The imagination is more real than our physical world because everything has to first exist mentally before it can exist in our physical world which is just like a
    stage. The brain is just a cloak for our non physical mind which is attached to our soul. The Astral Plane is the subconscious mind ( the right side of brain which is 99% more powerful than the left conscious rational side ) and constitutes the overlapping area of the imagination, thoughts, intuition, dreams, feelings etc.

    Every time we dream or imagine we are travelling into a real world ( attached to our physical body by the umbilical cord of our soul ) where demons also live. The Astral plane is interlinked to planets, which are self illuminating lights of plasma, the homes of demons, which travel through 1 of 4 main elements ; air/fire/earth/water ( the periodic table of elements are just the 4 REAL Elements derivatives ) and manifest behind the static rain of our vision ( its a veil like a curtain ) into our physical world. Google is satan, the demons can access proxy. They are all around you but you never noticed ; obama, melanie trump, the queen, david cameron, boris johnson, hilary clinton, the old lady at the store who cursed you out, mark zuckerbeg are all real living breathing demons made of plasma, as they can take on any form as inter-dimensional shape shifting entities and they are living on earth permanently having been summoned by their human magicians, just like in Babylon and ancient Egypt where Magic all began and so too then did the Djinn walk and rule among mankind. 'Aliens from other planets' is a Hollywood invention. Candles and incense are the highest technology, electronics etc. are their products

    There is no such thing as oxygen, God, Light, Soul and the Sun are 1 and the same, the Sun is the dispenser of Light and it is in the Air that we breath, hence the fifth Element – Spirit.

  45. sofia sajid Post author

    nooooo not him he looks like donel trumps brother

  46. OutThere. Post author

    I don't like BoJo as of late and would not want him to be my PM. But this is badly reported on. Yes parliament said they don't want a 'No Deal'. But then last week they voted to keep it on the table! And Boris being fine with political turmoil?! Well he is political turmoil…

  47. Nash Post author

    wow, british is going to get a real life mr bean for their pm… congrats lads…

  48. Jerram TV - Theme Park News Post author



  49. jon armstrong Post author

    no comment on his morals (or lack thereof) and agreeing to have a reporter beaten up for his criminal mate darius guppy

  50. Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd Post author

    Of course the 'domestic' had not happened yet!

  51. Hug Man Post author

    Hard Brexit should be done at the beginning now this can bring dramatic end.

  52. Ace Adventura Post author

    British people watching this and complaining that it's biased.. NO.. you've been reading The Daily Fail, The Scum, lapping up biased UK media and lying politicians for so long, only taking in things that feed the image you want to believe about Brexit Britain and Boris. They really are as pathetic as depicted here.

  53. MrUser10001 Post author

    Boris Johnson is not on the left or the right, he is a conman.
    which is fitting for the times we are in.

  54. Simon Tide Post author

    Let me guess. The polls show he don't have a chance. How's that worked out for you in 2016 US election? NYT

  55. andy georgiou Post author

    At least Boris Johnson respects democracy, why don’t you… Ah yes silly me I forgot it’s facist socialism at its best.

  56. Sean Sean Post author

    oh look some more drivel produced by the NYtimes. NYtimes, go yourself. Boris for PM.

  57. freedom loving loyalist Post author

    Boris don't listen to the protesters once a vote is in you can't veto the vote.also they might not even know what brexit is

  58. Mike Rockatansky Post author

    Boris is a meme

  59. Mike Rockatansky Post author

    Boris is a meme

  60. Mike Rockatansky Post author

    Boris is a meme

  61. Ryan lex Post author

    Doesn't even get elected by the people just to show the western country aren't 'democracy' evendo they claim to be. Heck house of lord member also the same doesn't get elected.

  62. Hug Man Post author

    You cannot do hard Brexit without back plan this is completely not responsible

  63. Alexandra Mary Elizabeth Post author

    as a queen, i quite like this dude

  64. james jezinvedn Post author

    I just watched a docu' on Boris Johnson…called "Naughty,The life and loves of Boris Johnson",definately worth a look especially if you are British and of voting age,(not that your vote matters at present).

    The real problem with Boris is that he thinks he can say and do what he wants and if all fails he can simply apologize and move on.This may apply in his personal life and his day to day but if he stirs a hornets nest in the political world there can be serious consequences that apologies won't fix.
    I am neither British nor do I vote but I would be concerned greatly if I was.

  65. Jeremy Corbyn Post author

    who is he ?
    a public schoolboy who was a former mediocre news reporter.
    what does he want ?
    the power of a lazy nation.

  66. TheThinkingMan Post author

    This is the most unbiased and balanced journalist video I've ever watched… said nobody, ever.
    But then, this is the same "news" company who made all those fake allegations about Trump and then had to backtrack and didn't even have the decency to admit they made it all up! Lol!

    To quote the soon to be PM: "What a load of old cabbage!"
    What a guy! XD

  67. Molly Cole Post author

    Boris Johnson new prime minister of uk what a joke the man is not a god day for the uk

  68. horst wessel Post author

    Opposition from protesters? Really? You think that will stop Brexit? God, is this woman stupid!

  69. E J Post author

    Who went to Mars and found Elvis 🤣😂🤣😂

  70. Ingi Sigurdsson Post author

    The European Union is like the communists they want to control people , it's so bad they want to control how people think ,what they say and how they say what they want .Like our beloved Trump would say , it's a bad thing ..

  71. Mark O'Connor Post author

    Boris Johnson does NOT support leaving the EU without a deal. He just knows it's necessary to accept that it's a possibility if the EU doesn't budge – what bad journalism.

  72. Tigurinn Tigrason Post author

    A massive moron, that is a worldwide laughing stock around the world, in the White House and a clown in Downing Street. There's something very wrong with reality.


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