What is Intensive Care Coordination?

By | September 3, 2019

music Intensive Care Coordination services
works with kids and youth that have very complex serious emotional behavioral
issues and it works with the families as well now these services work with families
that have a lot of needs that need to be met and that really could benefit from a
team approach to help them meet their needs My son is going through a lot of
challenges, both at school and in the community at home I was going to various appointments all
over the place, like doctors different agencies but I was like no success you
know and so I i was listening hope. They mean the world to me they are just my life both of them are
very talented in their own ways. One of the things that I learned
through this program was that there is a balance we all have many strengths and that got brought out more through this
program. Intensive Care Coordination works with families using a wraparound
approach so if people might have heard that
expression it takes a village to raise a child it’s similar to that. It takes a team
it’s a team-based approach the family’s team is made up of formal supports and
natural supports. So formal supports could be a teacher a psychiatrist, a pediatrician an outpatient
counselor and natural supports could be somebody like a neighbor, could an aunt, or
uncle, a cousin it could even be a grandmother and
grandfather, a family member or someone who knows a child really well that’s
going to be in their life for a long period of time. The family and the youth
decide who is on their team so they have the decision-making process of who’s
going to be on the wraparound team and the composition of the team really
depends on what the family and youth what they decided who they want on
their team. The different things that had happened
before like you know my son had a lot of challenges and when people express their
concerns it was like almost like blame you know it’s a shame, you know like it’s
not supposed to be like this is you need to do this different, you need to do that
different and that’s how I felt. This program was more
inclusive it wasn’t shameful and it was accepting.
The care coordinator is kind of like the quarterback for the
families team. And then the family partner is like the coach for the family
team. So the family partners the family
partner’s priority the family partner’s role is to partner
with the family on making sure that they’re feeling comfortable in this
process that their voice is being heard that they’re really that the primary
decision maker of how things are progressing on this team and then making sure that the
needs of the youth and the family are the the main focus. Working with my family partner was
an amazing experience because I finally felt like I had somebody by my side that
understood me that I understood my journey, that understood what I was going
through so you know, she shared her experiences
with her experience that what i was able to make changes in my own life she almost like she held my hand for a
little while you know and gave me different tools for me to do a lot of
these things on my own. Many services came out of that plan like
even the first one you know it’s like I had said,
you know, like an in-home therapist, someone to come in the home, right? A mentor for my son, like sitting down, you know, with
my providers to go over the IEP for instance. Like a social worker, outside
therapist, you know, and I’m not sure you know like one of the things that it was
just making me aware of other things that will help my family like is in my
own care you know? As a parent, as a caregiver is
something that I had neglected all along you know so that was something important
that I felt him out of that because I’m now more aware that if I’m
good my family will be good also. It has helped my son a great deal, he’s now doing much
better at school It also helped me because the relations
between the school and myself has changed, you know? I am more open to
feedback from them it doesn’t feel like it’s as threatening,
they understood me so it’s a good relationship that I now have. My son at
school has the supports he needs, at home he has to support he needs so it
makes it for a more , calmer environment both at school, at home, in the community.
Intensive Care Coordination is available throughout the state of Massachusetts
and is available in every city in town. There are 32 programs across the state
that provide Intensive Care Coordination and its broken up by areas. Families can enroll in Intensive Care
Coordination by self-referring. First what they should do is they should talk
to anybody that they’re currently working with like their pediatrician is there someone at the school that
they’re currently working with? The school social worker, a guidance
counselor. If they happen to be working with an outpatient therapist they should ask about Intensive Care
Coordination and ask for help in how to access the Intensive Care Coordination
services. They can call and self-refer or referrals can be made on their behalf
from a pediatrician, the school, any state agency or any professional that’s
currently working with the family already. What I was said to other parents
that from a parent to another parent is try it. It will make a difference. Intensive Care Coordination is provided
by community service agencies throughout Massachusetts. To find a provider go to
this website www . mass.gov / MassHealth /cbhi click on the cbhi brochure there you will find contact information
for Intensive Care Coordination providers in each area of the state. You can choose to work with any provider
on the list, not just those in your area. You can also keep watching this video to
see a complete listing of Intensive Care Coordination providers near you. Some agencies provide support based on a
family’s language and cultural needs. Children’s Services of Roxbury specializes
in serving the african-american community in Greater Boston. The Gandara
Center specializes in serving the Latino population in the Springfield and
Holyoke areas. And the Learning Center for the Death at the Walden school
specializes in serving the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities in
Metro-Boston, Metrowest and in the Greater Worcester and Springfield areas. The following is a list of Intensive
Care Coordination providers by region. Intensive Care Coordination providers
and agencies are subject to change for the most current list visit this website. There you can search for providers by
zip code and see if they are accepting new clients though this does not
guarantee an appointment or placement.

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