What Catholics get WRONG about Sex and Contraception

By | September 11, 2019

all right we gotta have a conversation
about contraception with the widespread growth of abortion and especially now
with some of this legislation around basically legalizing infanticide in New
York and it’s probably gonna start spreading to other states, as Catholics
we tend to get caught up in the concept of abortion right and how that’s wrong
and we see that we agree with other people who may not even be Catholic or
may not even be Christian at all because they they understand that
abortion is murder right? What I think is incredibly alarming is how few Catholics
that I that I know understand number one the contraception is a moral evil and
two why. And why the Church’s teaching on contraception necessarily supersedes or
comes before this whole conversation we’re having about about murdering
children outside of the womb you have to understand how we got how we can get to
that point right people like what why do you think this? Okay.
I don’t know a Christian I don’t know a Lutheran or a non-denominational
Christian or I don’t know a Christian who doesn’t think the contraception is
okay. I know many Catholics do who do as well but most Catholics even if
they are contracepting know that the church says they shouldn’t be the
Christian world doesn’t think contraception is wrong. Guys like Steven
Crowder lots of christians i see on youtube or so they they tout
contraception as one of the options right don’t abort
instead you should adopt contracept right they throw it right in there just
be contracepting if you don’t want to have a kid don’t abort the contraception
is fine okay contraception is wrong in the Catholic viewpoint because it
undermines the fundamental purpose of our sexuality one of those purposes
being to conceive children and continue the human race whether you understand it
or not whether you think it or not or whether you believe it or not doesn’t
matter. When you remove the life-giving component from a sexual act you
intrinsically make it a selfish one and both power both both parties know this
they understand this on a deep level whether they willing to
or not when you are willing to say I want sex but I don’t want a child you
are removing a massive responsibility that comes with the privilege of sexual
relations when you have sex a child is potentially going to be there. Kind of
makes it hard to ignore the meaning of sex when there’s always some potential
that you could get pregnant right? Okay, so fast-forward we have now
removed that component right we contracept, everyone contracepts, so not
only is it damaging the relationship between the husband and the wife or the
girlfriend and boyfriend whoever it is not only is it is it necessarily meaning
that that is a selfish act whether they admit it or not that’s what’s happening.
It’s also pulling out the responsibility that we have as people to the future of
our race and to understanding the responsibilities of children in our
lives. When you can say I want all of the things in life that are that are
pleasurable that are meaningful that are a human connection related when I want all those things but I don’t want the results—aka children—you are
effectively saying I see no value in children. That’s what you’re saying.
When you do that for long enough across an entire culture you get to a point
where you will literally murder a child outside of the womb because you have
desensitized yourself to the meaning and value of a child enough that you are
willing to say it doesn’t even matter. I tried to kill it already. It’s logical.
It’s logical. Why are we surprised by this? If someone says I tried to kill my child and it didn’t work in the womb why are we surprised that they now think it’s okay
to do it outside the womb? Why are we surprised by this? The reason we got
here is because no one stood up for or at least not in any kind of meaningful
way, no one stood up for the reason behind why contraception is wrong. That’s
the starting point. It’s the foundation of everything that is going on here it’s
the foundation of abortion it’s the foundation of the craze of homosexuality
it’s the found a of the complete lack of respect for
human life it’s the foundation of the fractured family it’s the foundation for
the skyrocketing single motherhood rates it is the foundation for many if not all
of the moral evils facing our society right now and Catholics still do not
equate it with the abortion conversation there’s abortion, which is murdering the
child in the womb and then contraception we shouldn’t do that but
it’s not the same. Contraception is before that. Contraception is the reason
we’re where we are. Catholics have to understand the purpose, the reason, the
Church teaches the contraception is wrong is not because it’s murdering a
child which it’s not always doing that right when it just inhibits the sperm
from reaching the egg or whatever there’s there certain ways or from the
egg from releasing you’re not you’re not killing a conceived fetus you’re not
preventing implantation right there’s all kinds of ways where it works that it
doesn’t necessarily kill a conceived child. But in every scenario it is
impeding the life-giving aspect of the sexual act and when you do that, when you
remove the life-giving equation from the sexual act you open the door to the
complete and total disregard for the value of human life, because you were
saying I want everything that life has to offer me and I don’t want the
responsibility. In the second you do that the sky is the limit, literally, there’s nothing once you’ve done that there is no that’s the
definition of a slippery slope you have opened the door you’ve taken the first
step and at that point that logic will take you anywhere. It will take you
straight to the gates of hell so the thought of the day today is if you’re
Catholic and if you don’t understand Church’s teaching on contraception then
please educate yourself search your own heart. Try to understand why this is a
moral evil. Try. Genuinely, ask God to help you to understand why this is a moral
evil why it is necessary that if two human beings are going to have sex they
have to be open to life it is fundamentally necessary for a healthy human connection. Secondly, stop equating someone who agrees with you on
abortion with someone who agrees with you morally. If people are saying
abortion is wrong contraception is okay they don’t agree with you. They’re not
going far enough and while yes the enemy of my enemy is my friend or you know we
should meet in the middle ground that’s what got us where we are. The Catholic
Church is the fundamental foundation of truth in this world we believe that as
Catholics we believe that Christ literally carries on the work of
bringing objective truth into the world through the Catholic Church so if we as
Catholics are not willing to stand up and say abortion is wrong, contraception
is wrong. It’s great if you think abortion is wrong but if you don’t think
contraception is wrong, you are wrong. you are leading people down a
dark path we have to be open about this. We have to be willing to say there is no case where it’s okay I don’t care if you don’t understand
because it’s “not killing anything” it’s an opportunity to educate the
fundamental problem with everything in our society right now is the fact that
we have devalued human relations specifically sexuality and that starts
with contraception

6 thoughts on “What Catholics get WRONG about Sex and Contraception

  1. Overt TV Post author

    Why do you think Catholics turn a blind eye to contraception? What can we do to counter this in our culture?

  2. Unclenate1000 Post author

    And of course the same argument you made applies to the Natural Family Planning method of contraception.

  3. MartinG200 Post author

    Realities that show the evil of contraception
    1. Genesis 38: Onan was said to have committed an abomination by the act of withdrawal.
    2. Contraception makes sex an act of masturbation since the goal is sexual pleasure disconnected from God's full design
    3. Pills of contraception taken by women introduce hormones that thin the uterine wall and expose bloodstream to STDs
    4. A) All the first Protestant leaders for 100 years condemned contraception as heinous acts against God
    4. B) The USA had laws against contraception until the US Supreme Court struck down on laws in 1965 in Griswold v Connecticut
    5. The increase in contraception in 1965 coincidentally preceded rocketing divorce rates in the following decades
    6. It violates the principle: "The end does not justice the means" – Planning a family is a good END but not all means are equal in value
    6. B) Natural Family Planning (NFP) automatically incorporates "the cross" in the practice of self-control. "Take up your cross & follow"
    7. It makes love conditional since one person or both communicate by bodily action that they only love the other if they use it.
    8. Pills of contraception have a secondary effect of "micro abortion". Minds may be unaware the embryo but the body could sense the embryo's presence. A micro abortion causes confusion in the body's actions which increases chances of breast cancer.

  4. Moira Leisy Post author

    Sexual gratification without the conception..so nobody over there is touching themselves? Having sex with a spouse is part of the intimacy in marriage and not everybody can afford to have children. do you think if someone's poor they should not be allowed to have an adult relationship with someone?

  5. Moira Leisy Post author

    And with the same sex scandals that alot of church leaders are having… Those sexual acts do not leave to conceiving life. Perhaps we should put the church leaders into question instead of the congregation.

  6. Sentinel of Fortune Post author

    Sir, MAD RESPECT!! You have my loyalty! I took a half red half black pill (metaphorically speaking) last year when I was under the demonic delusion that nearly all Catholics were 110% solid on the objective truths about the EVILS of Contraception and sexual morality, but then started actually researching these issues in "Catholic" nations like Poland or Brazil and broke down completely. I've fallen into dreadful despair and have not been able to trust a single Catholic since on even the smallest life details. It became infinitely more devastating, as I discovered through a 9 month research of every source peice I could get my hands on (which only reaffirmed over and over again) that 97% of devout Catholics committed the evil crime of premarital sex and most of them had done this (family included) by the ages of 18-20. I've been able to quell my inner rage for the time being, but I will remain distrustful and jaded for the rest of my life. I'm a 24 male virgin living the single life of chastity. You're one of the FEW who I've seen confronting this. It gives me hope that I'm not alone in my logic and empathetic loyalty to God and the laws of Creation. Thank you


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