WGWYR Subtitle Explanation

By | September 5, 2019

– [Amanda] We’d like to
tell you about the subtitle for our new book. – [Matt] Orthodoxy denotes our commitment to the Catholic faith. We are faithful to the
traditions and teachings of the church and to the
pope and the magisterium. We hope also that the
way we live our lives shows forth the full joy of our faith, and we hope that the beauty
of the Catholic Church is also reflected in these pages. – In our Catholic community,
our story is not rare. Ask any priest or any woman who has fallen for a guy who joins the seminary. We’ve heard many priests talk about their path to the priesthood, also laypeople who have talked about their vocation of marriage, we’ve never heard a priest
and a married person disclosing their shared
story in such detail as this. So the fact that we’re telling
you this story together is certainly unorthodox. – [Matt] When God Wrecks Your Romance. – [Amanda] Orthodox Faith. – [Matt] Unorthodox Story. (inspirational music) (beep)
– We’ll layer some music in there. (scratchy beats) (rhythmic clicks)

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