WFW 18 – The Man of God

By | October 20, 2019

– Hey, I’m Amanda Vernon. Welcome to Word for the Week. My word for the week is the man of God. In this episode I’d like to
share how I heard the Lord speaking to me in Mass last weekend. I’d like to explore what
the Lord is asking me to do about this word that He’s given me. And then also ask how my word might apply to your life as well. So this past weekend I
was at home with David and our four kids at our
home parish here in Arizona. I had been on tour the last two weekends, so it was great to be back with them. And we did not have to go
out during Mass, not once. Serra just recently
turned three years old, and maybe we’re turning a corner. Okay, granted, she spoke out loud pretty much the entirety of the Mass. I mean, we just had to try
to like keep her voice, encourage her to keep her
voice at minimal levels. So she sat right between David and me, and then we each had
children to our sides. Like Chiara sat on this end
on the other side of David. And then Mercedes and Jamal
were on this side of me. And then Serra, (exhaling
rapidly) in the middle. And it was just, it
was awesome to be there and like make it through the whole Mass. That might not seem like
a big deal to anyone else, but if you have like young
children, whoo, you know. There was one point in Mass when we were singing this
song “Beautiful Things.” ♪ You make beautiful things ♪ ♪ You make beautiful things ♪ And David sort of put his arm
toward, around me, you know, Serra’s in the middle, and he was singing “You make beautiful things,”
and he was like looking at me. And it was just, it was
just awesome to be able to, to have this family moment
in the midst of our faith. And one that’s like not always easy to achieve as a young family. So anyway, when I heard
these words, the man of God, from the first reading,
they were about a prophet in the Old Testament, but
they really stood out to me for the men of God in my own life. And in particular my husband, David. So later, I think it was that same night, I was in prayer about this word, and I really felt the Lord inspiring me to some specific actions
on behalf of my husband. So one was like to write. I love writing. And just to write a list
about a conversation that David and I had been having, like write a top 10
list about the question that we were talking about
and then send it to him. So that’s something simple, you know? But it’s those simple gestures that sometimes only come
to me in quiet prayer. And maybe I wouldn’t take the
time to write a follow-up note about a conversation that
my husband and I had had. But if I spend that time and
just really listen to the Lord and take that word that He gave me in Mass and allow it to inspire
my heart and my ideas, then I’m able to love better,
to love my husband better. So pretty simple word this week. But how it might apply to your life, as I was praying about this, I just felt that maybe there’s somebody watching who has some challenges
with the men in your life. Hopefully many of you have
beautiful relationships with the men in your life. Likely it’s a mixture of both challenges, maybe really hard relationships, and some that are beautiful. But I would just encourage you, and encourage myself as well, to look to Christ as the
ultimate Man, the Man of God. That Jesus shows us what
it means to be a man. And that He’s the ultimate Man to turn to, the one who will never let us down. The one who has given his life for us. And the one who’s there to
answer all of our questions and to sit with us in the moments when we’re not even ready
to receive the answers yet. So just encouraging you to turn
to the Man of God this week. This episode is made
possible by my patrons. Their support empowers me to
share my experience of God and the Church while feeding
my children at the same time. If you’d like to know what
it means to become a patron or to support even maybe
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in their own life as well. (gentle music)

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  1. Carla Foster Post author

    What a wonderful experience and example for David to show your children his beautiful gesture of love. I can see this in my mind's eye! And I can Jesus wrapping his arms around your entire family at worship! Beautiful!!


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