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By | September 4, 2019

so I went through a divorce about five
years ago and that was it was kind of unexpected and all my ideas about what
the future would look like kind of went out the window and I had to start over
when I was moving out here I was afraid I was gonna have like I wasn’t gonna
meet people I just kind of didn’t know how things were gonna pan out I was
struggling with money and I just didn’t know like how my parents are gonna react
to how I was doing in life I did really poorly in a class my junior year and
that was a lot of pressure because everyone says junior year is the most
important year and I was during their worse and all those sort of voices in
the back of your head pop up like I can’t do this or I’m gonna fail people
are gonna be disappointed my cousin died like two years ago he’s a former Marine
and he had passed away I hated that flag coming to my door all
the like my first days at work first days at school first days in new
communities where I was just like I hope this works
people are creatures of habit and it’s always scary going into new things it’s
hard like it’s difficult I never lived by myself before I just kind of went out
on a limb it was hard to get over for a while but then like I stood up and I
was like you know well I’m be a man who he would want me to be or like this and I decided to do running start and I was so scared as if I was messing up and now I’m so happy I think I realized that I would be okay I think I discovered that things work out I’m from Detroit and so when I was I was
there for a long time I was raised and I was born and raised there when I was
there it was just like it’s a hard situation to live in because you hear
guns every day you hear I mean you see violence every day I’m just around that
stuff and like I went to school in there so I used to get I say get beat up every
day but like multiple people so I was like to get out that situation and I
used to have straight Fs like no I never had a C never had a D or just like I was
falling to like they gang stuff and everything so like my mom decided to
move out here like I just completely like switched around now like I got a
GPA of more than like 3.7 and like I’m going to college I never thought I was gonna go to high school for not even college I never even thought about college so like
now to actually be like here still alive and like having goals and having dreams
is I mean what an amazing more than I can ask for to walk down the street and not
actually get hurt or not hear any cries or anything like it’s safe I know that I
don’t have to look around and like look behind my back and just wonder oh If
would get shot this day or am i protected or anything like that because
I’ve never been like when I was a kid I never went outside of Detroit so I
thought that was just the normal like the world like there was no it was no
good it was just bad like as I grow up it just like no one should go through
the things I had to go through no nobody should go through like cope with
things like that everybody should have a childhood and I never got to have one so
I was like yeah it’s just I think that that’s what just pushes me to do better I’m 74 years old and I never thought I’d see a day like today it’s a mess I mean let’s be honest the world’s a mess and its you know it’s been
a mess but it just it kind of seems like it kind of gets worse as time goes on I
was on the Bernie Sanders campaign doing my best to bring the world to a better
place and we all know what happened after that
it needs a leader it’s like it’s very chaotic right now and it just like
someone needs to speak up and actually fight for change honestly it’s kind of
depressing I think a lot of high powers put pressure on young young adults
especially for high rent is I can’t live on myself live by myself on my own for
the wage I’m making and it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg to do it
I think the opioid crisis is a pretty big thing not to make it all political
but drug abuse and drug addiction ravages many people over here on the
east side of King County it’s not necessarily as prevalent but you know
part of my training program is I spent ten months in downtown Seattle and you
would not go a single shift without running multiple calls that were 100%
related to drug abuse no matter where you are across all socio-economic
classes across everything that just overall health and wellness I think has
kind of taken a decline in society over the you know several decades that its
been going on I’ve always just wanted to help people
I found that social worker was a good blend of nature versus nurture as far as
how to help people achieve their goals started working with Catholic community
services about 10 years ago and working with people coming out of jail people adults experiencing mental health issues and licensing people for foster care day to
day in Kirkland is getting here setting up for our families that use the space
at 1:30 and then I’m here two to eight with families so just helping them be in
the space and also connect to resources because the families that use the space
are experiencing homelessness so we try and to meet their their needs get them
connected to programs I’ve I’ve been working with people who are homeless for
like years and only now like I feel like I have a stronger have a stronger
understanding of how difficult it is to be homeless I’m understanding how
blessed I am to have shelter and how difficult it is to get out of
homelessness what you’re there helps them furtive is to be homeless
this is ridiculous that these people are without homes to basic need and we need
to do something about it from Korea and served in Korea and Italy
and all around the United States it’s about 12 years in the Army I was just a
young man at the time age 18 years old when I went in and so I was kind of
stupid but I made I got through it I guess that when I when I was in Korea I was
having a lot of trouble I was uh I was addicted I had some addictions and that and here
this guy shows up out of nowhere with this big giant Bible
what’s chances of a Bible salesman showing up in a little army camp five
miles from the DMZ from North Korea and I bought that Bible of course I didn’t
understand what it said at first and so I took that Bible home and I I carried it
all around I was 27 years old before I even heard the gospel I didn’t mess
around I received it and I never looked back to seek the Lord while he may be
found and the truth will set you free you should be happy but you’ll never be
content with where you are there should be another opportunity of growth or
learning and things like that it’s important to not compare yourself to one
another just because we’re on earth for a different reason and just because you
know my path is different than someone else’s it doesn’t mean it’s wrong if
something’s hard just keep going like dad he kept going in medical school even
though it was really hard try to do everything with purpose and finding
meaning and the things you do and if you’re doing something that you think is
meaningless then kind of reassess do some soul-searching
and don’t rush into anything too quick but to make sure you follow your heart
as well as your desires be nice and just go ahead and take that risk something
you want to do in life like change careers or move States just do it like
there’s so many things that people say they wish they would do or you don’t
want to you don’t want to get to point in your life where you regret not having
done something I think the only thing we can do today is to love each other and
hope that it spreads there seems to be some separation especially after our
recent election here in the u.s. the same time there are a lot of things that
bring people together focusing on those things and really celebrating them is
important time with people that we love and appreciating the good things in life
and you know building a sense of community and celebrating people’s
individual out individuality in a peaceful way I think there are
definitely things about the world that are good one thing that will make the
world better which probably sounds Pollyanna is just that we acknowledge
that everybody even if we don’t agree with them is a person and that person
has value it’s really easy to find people that agree with everything that
you’re saying and won’t push back I’m afraid for the world because we tend to
be so siloed when people talk we we need to listen it gets really hard
particularly when we’re up against something that we like they’re like no
that’s stupid and then blah blah blah we want to talk over them but it’s sort of like why like
asking more questions like why would you believe that way what is there a
certain instance that happened in your life that makes you feel that way would
you be willing to hear me out and hear from my side of the story or my side of
the belief or something like that if we just talked with each other rather than
talking at each other

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