We’re So Down For Their Candid Talk About Asexuality | Tell My Story, Blind Date

By | November 16, 2019

100 thoughts on “We’re So Down For Their Candid Talk About Asexuality | Tell My Story, Blind Date

  1. Kyara Post author

    Okay but how can I befriend them both 🤔😂 they both seem like such kind and fun people 💕

  2. Running Julz Post author

    They are so cute together!💖 I love Bethany's viewpoint on the church as well. My Aunt and her wife feel the same way. God loves all!😊❤

  3. brittany smith Post author

    That was very awkward to watch lol. But they were cute none the less. The blonde chic- Bethany, had such a cute and infectious smile. I love it. I didn’t think they would say yes mostly cause the whole thing was just awkward as hell. And I got more of a friend vibe with them. But I think chemistry is probably hard to tell with Asexuals.

  4. Julia Kocher Post author

    drinking game:
    every time heather say “ayyeee”, “cool”, or when she clearly doesn’t know something but tries to understand and continue the conversation anyways. love them both, so sweet and awkward and geeky, but such great conversations. i think they had some of the best “tell my story” conversations.

  5. theweighforward Post author

    I am officially so old that these kids don’t even associate the “ghostwriter” reference with the PBS show…

  6. Laura Mendler Post author

    Tbh I would date both of them. Or just be friends with them and name the group chat "ayyy cool"…

  7. Khushi Dodhia Post author

    no one:

  8. Gwenyth Ice Post author

    smiled through the whole video, would love a follow up for these two 🙂

  9. Anita Sam Post author

    Their chemistry!! This was one of the most wholesome videos I've ever seen; I hope this plays out well for the two of them.

  10. Kaylie Asato Post author

    They’re super cute but I cringe when they say “aye”….

  11. Erica Raths Post author

    These two girls are cool af I wanna be friends with them both

  12. Hana Ahmed Hatem Post author

    I love how self reflective heather is.. She really understands the root of whatever her ideals are.. And I respect that so much. Shows she thinks About stuff a lot.
    They're both adorable though I'm getting friendship vibes

  13. N Oh Post author

    “I’m from San Jose”
    Rest of the video- “Ayyyy cool”. Yup, definitely from the Bay lol.

  14. Ile Wiesse Post author

    I'm the only one in this comment section who dislikes the blonde girl lol

  15. kacey justine Post author

    I love how Heather kept saying "ayyy" omg I thought I was the only one who does that

  16. Faylen Post author

    Wow I didn't expect to love them so so much but I do and I'm ready for the catch up interview

  17. Erica Greene Post author

    They both have such a good sense of aesetics and style, they seem so fun and interesting! I would love to be friends with these two.

  18. NK Post author

    Bethany…. I love Avatar the last airbender with my entire heart and I would love to have a conversation with you.. hmu 🥺

  19. atoceansmercy Post author

    asexual… on a date? I thought they were solo creatures.

  20. Whole Food Plant-Based Man Post author

    First heterosexuals, then homosexuals, and now the minority: asexuals.

  21. Staci Schuhmann Post author

    Can we please get an update video on their relationship? Too sweet!

  22. Josette Leyva Post author

    What’s a non-binary woman? Isn’t a woman and a man part of the binaries? How can you be a woman AND a non-binary? Wtf I don’t get it

  23. Sharothi Gitagama Post author

    They look like the Asian and White version of the same person

  24. izabelli rodrigues Post author

    im in love with bethany thats it thank you for coming to my ted talk

  25. Michelle Solano Post author

    I’ve never seen so many facial expressions in one video

  26. Shelah Stanford Post author

    reminded me of "The Fonz" on Happy Dayz….I know before your time, but that was his catch phrase.

  27. Christopher Garcia Post author

    They are so weird… I cringed the whole video.. what a messed up world we live in. Really? Asexual? Non binary ? Come on. Why can’t you just say you are bi sexual?

  28. Emmie B Post author

    That got really deep! Kudos to them for being vulnerable with an audience.

  29. Roxanne Moe Post author

    No hate genuine question- how can somebody be a non binary woman? I thought the whole point of being NB was that you don’t identify with either gender.. feel free to explain tho I’d love to understand!

  30. b Post author

    Does anyone know if SoulPancake is a Christian or faith based organization? They seem to attract a lot more religious people and focus on faith based questions more than the general internets

  31. Marley Mederos Post author

    If Phoebe from friends was an actual human and not a tv character and actually had a braid she’d be Bethany 😭❤️ im hoping for an update video 😢🥰

  32. holypicklesmofo Post author

    I say aye so much and now I never will again 😂😂

  33. Marta Holgersson Post author

    Doesn't "The art of the possible" usually refer to politics?

  34. Kayla Felker Post author

    They’re both such beautiful young ladies ☺️ the one on the left reminds me of my daughter. Please do a follow-up soon!

  35. m0nkeycrazy Post author

    I am so here for the asexual representation and Jemma Simmons love! ❤❤❤ I would love to be friends with these two.

  36. Cheruby Rose Sy Post author

    I really don't know if I could identify myself as asexual, but when I saw this vid I connected. Yeah, I really think I am leaning towards it but idk yet how to exactly identify myself.
    Just in the end, we're all human beings and we gotta spread love. 😊

  37. deathvalleyfob Post author

    Not trying to be rude but how can one be non binary and a woman??

  38. fflawsomee Post author

    They're so cute but omg too many "cool" and "aye" 😂💕

  39. Ash HB Post author

    They were so nervous and the ayyyye and cools were so annoying but so cute. Their vibe is so sweet.

  40. Mohamed Algouhary Post author

    A non-binary woman and an asexual who thinks sex is enjoyable!

    Wow! Are they just throwing out terms or something? This makes absolutely no sense.

  41. Νίκη Post author

    Hopefully somebody can explain this to me: Bethany said they identify as a non-binary woman, but aren't they two separate genders? If that's what they resonates with, I'm super cool with that, I'm just willing to learn and to be a better supporter for the trans community. 💛

  42. A.J. C.F. Post author

    These two are just the cutest ever. Hope they end up in a relationship together 🙂

  43. Dee prince Post author

    She would be left silent if we took out “cool” from her vocabulary.

  44. Pine Trees Post author

    How do asexual people know if they're gay or straight?
    EDIT: oh she explained it as being like the people who like the smell of coffee but don't like to drink it and I'm one of those people lol. I get it now 🙂

  45. Pine Trees Post author

    The blonde girl looks like Elaine Hendrix from The Parent Trap (the dad's new girlfriend) haha

  46. PackuMira Post author

    I really liked their discussion about the difference between sex and romance
    for me personally, those two things are very separate,
    as I see myself as bisexual but romantically I am only drawn towards other girls

  47. holisticmaya Post author

    I love how excited they were when they said « when we first met, I said I would date you » even though it could’ve ended with « but then, I decided I wouldn’t date you ». That would’ve been so awkward 😆

  48. Rebelwheels NYC Post author

    omg <3 alright commenting half way through the video but I sincerely hope that if they don't start dating, they become best friends and start a podcast or something <3 I feel like they're kindred spirits and that's lovely to watch

  49. Rozi Nagy Post author

    How can you be a nonbinary woman?
    (I'm not attacing..just confused)

  50. TheStreetGourmetz Post author

    I mean, Hayley Kiyoko could awake anyone's sexual awakening…..damnnn

  51. AirFire18 Post author

    Bethany “ yeah, i had a good feeling, a really good feeling… yeah…. i get like….. FEELINGS” – YUP she is a cancer <3Bless her heart ♥️ xD

  52. Sally Abozaid Post author

    Dude! So much labels
    What happened to the simple guy , girl thing
    I feel my head spinning from all those labels

  53. LaVie Post author

    I know, nobody will belive me. BUT I GOT BETHANYS NAME RIGHT😭
    She reminds me of bethany young from pll so, thats why i thought her name could be bethany 😳😭

  54. Eszter Kovacs Post author

    Isn't non binary mean, not a man, not a woman? Then how can someone be a non binary woman? If woman is binary…
    No offense, I just want to understand it.

  55. Alde Soderstrom Post author

    The blond is psycho. Her laugh is fake, I have been friends with so many fakes and she is just like them. Also she is a cancer, which proofs my thought.

  56. Anisah Post author

    They give off such a positive vibe! I would love to be friends with both of them 🙂


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