Welcome to MMOC! A Message from Fr. Brian Konopa

By | September 3, 2019

Welcome to the parish
that is Mary, Mother of the Church. These pews are filled
with good souls. We certainly have our struggles and sometimes our
struggles are to make it to a pew in time for
the opening hymn. But somehow this church
is like an oasis for us. We come and we lay
down our burdens, we seek the Lord’s mercy, we hear the word
of God proclaimed, we sing praise
and thanks to God, we receive Holy Communion, and we experience fellowship, all in the name of Jesus Christ. We also have our
outreach projects, like to the homeless
at the Warming Center, helping to stock the food
pantries and other projects. And right now one
of our main project is building our future together. Right outside these walls, we’re going to be
building a parish hall and religious education center. A lot of good
things happen here. So like I said, these pews
are filled with good people. And there’s always room
for more, all are welcome.

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