Volunteering at PAWS Malaysia

By | December 3, 2019

Good morning! My name is Pauline and I’m currently a student in OUM My learning centre is in PJ So I’m currently studying… I’m taking up the degree course in Education with TESL So as a part of my degree program, one of the subject is Community Service where, well… This really gives me a chance to actually give back to the community and this is also the extra push to actually bring me out there so i just thought that this is a great chance and it’s a great day to go to this animal shelter called PAWS So without wasting anymore time, let’s go! -So this is my brother
– Hi He’ll be helping me out today by being my driver and camera man! – Are we ready to go?
– Yes! *cackles* Alright, let’s go! Hi, so we’ve reached PAWS. Take a look So let’s have a look inside, come on Hi, so we’re cleaning some dog bowls right now as you can see, we have finished up this much We have a lot more to go but it’s all buried inside here so this is what we do, first… we take out a bowl… Okay, we’re gonna scrub it here… Make sure you get it nice and clean Then this is.. uhh… according to the guy that’s in charge. This is sterilized water, medicated… where we dip it… and then we rinse it once more Make sure it’s shiny and…. the dogs (are) ready to have their next meal! yeah So right now we’re in the cat section There’s a cat section inside here in case you’re not a dog person, so, let’s take a look.. Okay, we have some really cute cats over here One that is meowing to me right now Black cats… White cats… Black and white if you like both… Grey cats… *meowing adorably* They’re all very loving… So if you’re looking for a cat companion Please come by to PAWS and bring a friend home… They’re really friendly Yeah so, while I’m here, uh.. I met another student… Uh, yeah, also from OUM but from a different learning centre, so… – Hi!
– Hi -Yeah so, this is Belle… from which (learning centre)? -Uh, I’m from uh… Learning centre, Sri Rampai
– Oh, from Sri Rampai – Alright, so I think we’ll ask Belle some questions
– Okay, sure -Let’s move to a quieter place… -So Belle, I just wanna ask, why of all the places do you choose (to volunteer at) PAWS? -Well… It seems like um… First of all, I’m an animal lover, yeah… but unfortunately, because I’m staying in a place whereby I’m not allowed to keep any animals… – Oh ya… – This is like one of the things like um… where I can actually interact with, you know, animals and uh.. kind of like, in a way… trying to show more love towards them… -Alright… Yeah, there’s one really lovely one down here… -Yeah… – So what do you think about the puppies here? Do you feel like bringing any one home? -Yes… There’s so many actually… but… Well you know, maybe I can… Wait till I get my own place, then I can you know, think about bringing some of them back home… – Alright, okay. Thank you so much!
– Thank you! -Alright, so let’s take a look around some more… -So while I’m here, I’ve met a few other volunteers here… so… Can you please introduce yourselves? – Hi, I am Abby, we’re from UM
-Abby… – I’m Nadyne
– Nadyne… – I’m Haris
-Haris… Okay so… You guys are from… – UM!
– Universiti Malaya! I see that you guys have brooms with you, you guys are sweating, so, what have you guys been doing? – Um.. well.. We…WE have been cleaning up the dog’s place… We were just cleaning up with the Clorox and everything Just cleaning up their…
– poop…
– yup… that’s all… – Alright, so how do you feel coming here? Is this your first time? -Yes this is our first time… and I feel that it’s cool. I love dogs but I haven’t seen the cats… But I feel happy to be with the dogs… What about you guys? -This is actually my second time here. I did the cats, last time I just fed them and then wash their noses and all that… uh.. pretty good experience – Yeah, alright thanks! How about you? How do you feel today? – It’s nice to see the animals here, yeah… yeah…? – Alright.. alright… I hope you guys have fun at the same time. Thank you so much for the interview – No problem!
– You’re welcome, thank you! So we’re walking the dogs right now… giving the dogs some exercise that they need A little bit more freedom for them compared to their small compound Yeah so, I’m walking this guy over here… Not sure what’s his name… but I’ll call you… I’ll call you Snowball… *Bath time!!* *Fresh and clean!!* – So right now we’re here with Ken Chua, he’s in charge of PAWS So, uh, Ken, Mr Ken, may I call you Mr Ken?
– Yes.. – Yeah, I just want to get to know PAWS, how long have you been running this place – This place has been here for many many years… 30 over years… so… There’s no specifically anyone who owns this place. There’s a group of committee who… who actually manage and run the place The committee… they change from term to term… Anyone can be (part of) the committee… because it’s all by voting by the members of the board – I see, okay so.. Seeing that there’s actually alot of visitors coming in… do you get alot of animals adopted everyday? – No unfortunately… I wish… you know… there will be animals being adopted everyday… but unfortunately no.. we have more people surrendering animals to PAWS instead of adopting… -Oh, okay… Let’s say that if we want to come and adopt your animals what are the things that we’re suppose to do and…
-It’s quite easy… If you want to an animal from PAWS… All you have to do is pay an adoption fee For example, if it’s an adult dog, the adoption fee is 80 Ringgit, if it’s a puppy Puppy meaning less than 1 year old It is RM110 Say, the cats, if you want to adopt a kitten… It’ll be 80 Ringgit and if you want to adopt an adult cat, it’ll be 60 Ringgit.. The very reason we put an adoption fee is because all of our animals, they are neutered vaccinated… and micro-chipped before they can go out This is the procedure and all this cost alot of money and we’re a charity home… every little thing, from electricity bill, water bill to dog food to everything It’s all (depended) on charity, so… that’s the reason why we have adoption fees, we have surrender fees as well… -Okay, so in terms of getting help what would you wish people can do more other than adopting the animals here…. – I wish… people, especially the younger generation, they’re more aware of… being an animal lover… I think that, to begin with, that is very important… This time and age, you know, we have internet, social media, you know… People should know that animals (are) actually part of us… okay, so… to love an animal is the beginning to become an animal-loving nation – That’s lovely…. Thank you so much, Mr Ken
– You’re welcome – Thank you so much for sharing Alright, so we’re all done for today We fed the dogs, we cleaned the dogs, we cleaned all their bowls and… I just hope that there are more people that will come and also volunteer and if you can, do consider adopting from PAWS. Yup, peace out!

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