Volunteer Abroad 2019: Top Programs

By | September 5, 2019

There’s something for everyone in Madrid. So we offer teaching and after-school support,
then we’ve also got the agriculture project which is working to upskill the migrant community. If you are a tech guru, you can do our creative
technologies project which we don’t offer anywhere else. We also offer the special needs support project
if you’re interested in working with individuals with special needs. They are really great programs and if volunteers
have initiative, get stuck in and overcome the language barriers that they can face,
then they have an awesome time. The Spain program is really well suited to
someone that enjoys a city feel, it is quite urban. Also, those that don’t mind sharing their
living space, as it is a volunteer house situation with shared dormitory style accommodation. Great for those that want to meet loads of
other volunteers and have friends to do free-time activities with. I love the city feel of Madrid, the nightlife
there is incredible, the tapas culture. There’s so much you can do in your free-time,
so you have an awesome time on the projects building those relationships, but then there’s
so much to explore and do when you have some time off. Our Cartagena program is based on the Caribbean
coast and we have 4 placements there. Teaching, Childcare, Sports Development, and
Community. Volunteers will work longer hours on the Cartagena
program and they are also able to combine a few of the different placements during the
volunteer week. We have amazing chefs in both of the volunteer
houses there and there 3 meals provided for the weekdays. Recently I volunteered on both the Bogota
and the Cartagena program in Colombia, and it was really awesome to see the two different
destinations side by side. I liked checking out the beaches in Cartagena,
the food was incredible in Bogota, and a very unique cultures, cuisine, volunteering placements. So if you get the chance I would recommend
you do both. We’ve got plenty of projects in Vietnam, we’ve
got the Medical project, we have the Food Outreach project, Kindergarten, the Special
Needs Care project and also Teaching English. My favorite experience was the Food Outreach
project. I enjoyed helping out at the local food shop,
where they serve over 300 meals within 2 hours to locals that can’t necessarily afford those
type of meals. The local team is really great helping volunteers,
from as soon as they get picked up at the airport to when they depart the program. Obviously, have some travels would help, as
it is quite a busy city. But the local team are great and they do anything
to help you. The accommodation is awesome, it’s at a local
hospitality school where you can share with up to 7 other volunteers in your room. The food, well it’s Vietnam. It’s amazing. It’s plenty of Pho, plenty of rice, noodles,
delicious eateries around the city. It’s amazing. The typical volunteer tends to be someone
who loves traveling, just wants to help out, they’ve got a caring nature. And they’re are just really keen to see Ho
Chi Minh and experience the city vibe. There’s plenty to do in Ho Chi Minh obviously,
it’s a pretty big city. The local team are more than happy to help
organizing tours you’d like to do. Whether that’s in Ho Chi Minh itself or further
afar, either in Cambodia or other cities in Vietnam up in Hanoi or Hoi An. There’s plenty to do. Volunteers can expect to be working in local
primary schools, they can be teaching a variety of subjects including physical education and
computer training as well as helping tutoring children who have been identified as falling
behind. One of my highlights is always getting involved
in the Surf Outreach project, it’s a nice opportunity to interact with the children
outside of the classroom or the school time. And you get to learn to surf yourself! Volunteers usually love the fact that you
have the opportunity to be in Africa and experience everything that Africa has to offer, while
you’re still based in a big metropolitan city. So you’ve all the local amenities that you
need and you’re used to back home. The options really are unlimited in Cape Town,
there’s Boulder Beach where there’s a colony of penguins. There’s Robbin Island, most famously where
Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. You can also go on Safari’s and learn how
to surf yourself during your free time, and then Cape Town itself has a lot of vineyards
and wine tours you can take part on, as well as some awesome markets and of course restaurants. Volunteering in Peru, there’s literally something
for everyone if you’re a budget conscious traveler, the Lima program actually offers
our most affordable fees starting from $180 per week. There’s just so much variety in the actual
projects itself, there’s like Teaching, there’s Childcare, there are Construction and Renovation,
there are even Medical projects available. Plus, you can get some really good cultural
immersion experiences with Jungle Conservation plus we’ve got Andean Immersion, which is
available in Cusco. They are just amazing projects if you really
want to connect with the culture and connect with the environment. The Cusco program is really perfect for most
types of travelers, it is such a popular program there are so many volunteers, you’re never
going to feel like you’re actually volunteering alone because you’ll always have heaps of
new friends to be there and support you. The local team is really good at supporting,
there’s a great orientation, so you really get a good feel for the local culture and
everything like that. Obviously, in Peru, there is so much to do
on the weekends. We’ve got the big ones, we’ve got Machu Picchu,
there’s Rainbow Mountain, you can hike the Inca Trail. You can go for bus tours, even jump on a bus
and drive the countryside between Lima and Cusco, the two IVHQ programs and you’re just
going to see the real Peruvian countryside as you travel between the two. The Bali program is really great for first
time volunteers because a lot of volunteers there are first time travelers, they’re solo. It’s one of our most popular programs at IVHQ
and everyone is always really friendly there. There are quite a few projects on the Bali
Ubud program, there is Health Education, Environmental Education, Construction and Renovation, Turtle
Conservation and Kindergarten. My favorite thing is the Turtle Conservation
because I love animals and I love how they rescue the turtles and they help them grow
and protect them before they release them out to the ocean. There’s lots to do in Ubud, there’s lots of
markets with lots of cool crafts, great coffee shops, cafes. There’s some awesome rice terraces, beautiful
bike tours, mountains to climb, also snorkeling and diving and lots of places to go and visit
with lots of other beaches you can go visit as well. I have hundreds of volunteers that go to Bali
and I get lots and lots of feedback and one of the main things I get is that they wish
they stayed longer.

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