Virgin Mary converts Harvard Professor Part 4 (Jewish Convert to Catholic)

By | September 6, 2019

60 thoughts on “Virgin Mary converts Harvard Professor Part 4 (Jewish Convert to Catholic)

  1. Rui Duarte Andrade Adao Post author

    Once I got the notification, I was here in a split-second! Thank you. Such a tremendous testimony!

  2. Joanne Mccartan Post author

    I loved that… I did not want it to end… My heart… Merci… I will keep praying for the Jews… Ave Maria… xXx

  3. Thomase Synek Post author

    I remember the testimony of a medical assistant in the SS who said of a religious sister undergoing vivisection and died on the table, her last words was "It was my gift to be a prisoner" and as she died her tiny rosary of bread crumbs fell from her hand. Was her gift from God or the gift to God? Or in our Catholic theology always both?

  4. Teresak Post author

    Thank you Roy,. I feel it’s my duty to share your powerful testimony . We need to pray for the conversion of Jews and fallen away Catholics.
    God bless you.

  5. Jurek K Post author

    Jewish leaders in USA condemned Nazis 1933 and called for worldwide isolation and boycott of Germany and their products and the action against them in Germany was short after to see. The pope did the right thing not making the same failura and enough catholic priest were already dead in short time. even despite of this….correct statement dude….

  6. Canada2016 Post author

    All glory and honor to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Pray for the conversion of the Jews.

  7. Teodoro Sicat Post author

    Sorry to say this it was given to me, this is the cycle of life. It's like a parable, there is a beautiful tree in the garden with a lots of fruits in it one day a bad weather comes, a typhoon or any kind of disaster and strike the tree violently, some of the fruits will fall down and the fruits still hanging on the tree, one day those fruits will fall down also. That is the cycle of life, that is why you must be prepare be clean ( mean no sin) love God and obey is commandments. Thanks

  8. Julie S Post author

    Sorry but there is no anti semitism in the sspx im sure the speaker is mistaken and misunderstanding what he read.

  9. Maria Rodrigues Post author

    As a catholic: You do not have to convert the jews, they just have to add "Mary" into their religion, for "Mary" is like our mother, when we need a hug, when things go wrong. The converts were looking for love; and "Mary" is love.

  10. Mrsandmom5 Post author

    Your statement of how we help someone come to God is so profound. I make a point to talk about Christ. But my heart is so heavy for those priests and religious that have turned a faithful from the faith. God have mercy on them.

  11. Mary S. Post author

    It’s God commands to pray for one another, whatever the confession, love your neighbor as yourself, but we need to pray for our brothers and sisters in the pews with us lots of us needs lots of prayers , no I’m not talking expecting saints in the pews , although that won’t hurt , before we look @ others , we need to look inward. Prejudice, greed, racism, gossips, hatred,narcissism, pride,condescension, racism…all those are seating in the pews, how can one love God one doesn’t see & hate Lazarus seating @ the door begging for his daily bread.

  12. paul yaw nsiede Post author

    I am always happy and inspired in faith when I see people preached fervently about Jesus and how Jesus can be found in the Catholic church. God bless Roy and pray God raises many of such persons for the salvation of mankind .

  13. Mary E Valent Post author

    Thank you again for your youtubes. We are all blessed to have you with us. I am a cradle Catholic.
    FYI: The saints are presently walking the Earth, in accordance to Revelations. Everything is going according to plan. Some of Revelations has been held up by God the Father through his son Jesus, while waiting for the Saints (and others) to wake up. You are right. Many people are intolerant because they don't understand. Others working with Lucifer are intolerant because he and his followers are jealous and vindictive. Satan is anti anything and everything, that Jesus is. Jesus was a Jew, conceived through the Holy Spirit through Mary through the line of King David.
    Thank you for explaining the Jewish view to us. God the Father puts us through trials, and people in America are taught through the media and the past presidential administrations, that they are entitled to reap in this life, with all material desires fulfilled. But, they are the misinformed. On Earth we are at war. The war is between Lucifer and God Our Heavenly Father and all must now take sides. It is time to wake up.
    Throughout all time, Lucifer has tried to destroy what God the Father has made, and the Church that Jesus started; The Catholic Church. Lucifer has tried to destroy the Jews and Jewish Theology. He almost succeeded in both. But, he has also infiltrated ALL Christian and Jewish groups. No one should think that they are immune to his doings.

  14. Crucem Sanctam Subiit Alleluia Post author

    holocaustianity is diabolical propaganda. You cannot explain it without explaining the communist jews killing 100 million people wordwide and ready to invade Europe with the holodomor.
    The jews are not the chosen ones. those that deny the christ are the anti-christ. It's in your bible.
    He converted now he thinks he can contaminate the church with holocaustianity propaganda.
    Oremus pro perfidis Judaeis:
    Ut Deus Dominus nister auferat velamen de cordibus eorum
    ut et ipsi agnoscant
    Jesum Christum, Dominum nostrum.

    Omnipotens sempiterne Deus,
    qui etiam judaicam perfidiam a tua
    misericordia non repellis:

    Exaudi preces qua pro
    illius populi obcaecatione deferimus
    ut, agnita veritatis tuae lucis
    quae Christus est,
    a suis tenebris eruantus

    Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen

  15. Paula Greco Post author

    Thank you for reassuring my beliefs in the Catholic Church Amen 🙏

  16. Greg Wichlenski Post author

    I'm a cradle Catholic and you helped me realize how much I take my faith for granted. Thank you for reopening my mind, my heart, and my eyes. God bless you.

  17. Laura eLLe Post author

    As a Sicilian Catholic, American, my Grandmother, back in 1972, taught me that Pope Pius XII didn’t say anything because he didn’t want more evil to come to the Catholics and Jews; he could help more Jews if he didn’t go against Hitler, publicly.

  18. Jeanie Post author

    Beautiful talk! Thank you so much. God bless you. Praying for the conversion of the Jewish people and the restoration of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  19. illlumon otee Post author

    When God took my daughter, i couldnt be angry because she is in the best place she can be. If i didn't believe, then she would just be gone.i knew she wasnt because my heart i felt her. The shepherd will take a baby lamb to lead the herd through rough conditions.

  20. Maria Lee Post author

    I thank God, and the Blessed Virgin Mary for using you, Roy, to share God's truth, love and mercy to our world, thirsting for God's presence. God bless you and all those who listen to you!!!

  21. Andrea Wanting Post author

    Joseph King, thank you for the blessing and my you and yours be blessed. Yes humans have changed scripture. I want nothing more than to be a faithful and honour our Father; yet; I get in my own way, I appreciate your prayer of being guided through scripture.

  22. lynninpain Post author

    I know it is "a delicate issue" according to several popes, but I find it none the less perplexing when they say the Church has dialogue with the Jews but no mission for conversion. Why is this?

    Benedict wrote: “A mission to the Jews is not foreseen and not necessary.”

  23. David Gutierrez Post author

    I just can’t stop listening to him.
    His testimony and the testimony of the other Jewish converts brings me to tears of love for them and my heart rejoices for their sacrifices

  24. mimoocho dom Post author

    Why do the Jews have to convert before Jesus returns? Surely His Second Coming will cause that to happen.

  25. Haim Sakal Post author

    My spouse Sam is a Jewish man who converted to Catholicism I myself was a christian Greek orthodox who converted to Catholicism my two sons' Paul and Michael were baptized catholic at the age of eighteen and twenty four, my Jesus protect and save my family give us good health long life and a grandson from Paul and Blanca our Emmanuel to praise and glorify you

  26. monique uballe Post author

    Thank you for being apart of the best business, the business of saving souls!!! 💒😇💗🙏🏼

  27. Sunny Castro Post author

    Thank you Proff Roy. Yes, we will pray for the Jews conversion. You do have a mission and thank you for your testimony. Mother Mary must be very pleased with you. God bless you.

  28. Maya Bingo Post author

    Serdeczne BÓG ZAPŁAĆ i SZCZĘŚĆ BOŻE na dalszą pracę apostolską 🌷

  29. Accessory Wholesale Inc Post author

    I watched all the videos of this mission and was thoroughly impressed. This final session moved me the most, especially the part about St. Edith Stein. Thank you Roy.

  30. mimipiscia Post author

    I'm so deeply moved and inspired by these conversion stories Roy shares (including his own!) as well as by the passion and conviction with which he speaks the truth. Thank you for your work. And praise and thanks be to our good, kind God who loves His people across the world and across history…

  31. Bunnies and Roses Post author

    It might have been Lucia- but Mother Mary appeared and said We are supposed to pray for the conversion of sinners and she also appeared and said Do not take my Son's name in vain – Do not use swear words- ( which calls up the devil).  There is so much to do and pray, I think it is a big sin to sit around and say Oh I'm so bored, what will happen to those people.!!

  32. Carlos Pacheco Post author

    Roy, if possible, can you make a video explaining why is that protestants always keep attacking and insulting Catholics as if it were their purpose on life. Thanks!

  33. Lisa McLaren Post author

    Mr.S., I'm so happy for you that you had the privilege to see and speak to Mary! I want to say "Congratulations " and it's a pleasure to watch your vidoes! Thank you so much for sharing and stepping up to the occasion! I am a Catholic, too. May God continue to bless you and all Jews.
    Lisa Ann McLaren

  34. Maria Malhotra Post author

    Pray and make penance for the conversion of sinners, lapsed Catholics and Jews and Gentiles.

  35. Jack Gordon Post author

    Now I've had the chance to listen to 4 of Roy's presentations and I'm happy that I watched to the very end of this fourth installment, especially his answer to a question about Catholic anti-Semitism. Honestly, in my 73 years as a Catholic born into the faith, I've encountered very little of this lamentable sentiment among my coreligionists here in the US. I know, though, that Roy is right and that the notion was (perhaps still is) widespread among Catholics in Europe; unfortunately, few Catholics were made of the stuff of a Blessed Franz Jägerstätter. I also think he is spot on concerning the role in history played by Pius XII, that it is nowhere near as bad as his bitterest critics would have it, but neither is it as glorious as some of his promoters assert. That said, I'd like to know what Roy thinks of the thesis presented in Mark Riebling's 2015 book A Church Of Spies, viz. that Pius secretly approved of and even promoted tyrannicide in the case of Adolf Hitler. I believe Riebling's work was published about 2 years after the series of talks delivered by Roy here on YouTube.

  36. John Sheedy Post author

    He is absolutelly wrong about condemning the Nazis. In the archives of many western newspapers today, there are copies of letters, from Pope Pius X1 read, in EVERY Catholic church in Germany
    condemning the Nazis and forbidding Catholics from joining them ! He is very accurate otherwise.

  37. Paul Bany Post author

    Hello Roy, I enjoyed watching all of your four conversion history videos and they are profound and amazing and I have learned that God’s love and mercy are more powerful than our human understanding. I also found your conversion videos to be more powerful tools for evangelizing both Jewish and Protestant Christians who always opposed the Catholicism. Hence I have shared your videos with my friends and relatives who are Protestants so that God may give graces to come Catholic Church

  38. Gwen Fish Post author

    Amazing four part series! I learned so very much! How very blessed we are in our beautiful faith!

  39. Evelyn Milne Post author

    These subtitles were obviously written by a computer which has no understanding of what it is writing, either that or an atheist who has no knowledge of Catholicism or the English language. Someone who is deaf and depends on these subtitles must be very confused.

  40. DJ ROSI Post author

    I want to hear more from him, what a holy and wise man he is. I will add his prayer for the conversion of all our brothers the Jews to the One religion that Jesus established, the Catholic Church!

  41. Talitha Kroon Post author

    I feel so sorry for you. Rome has the sungod Ra and he has nothing in common with the Jewish Messiah called YESHUA

  42. Christine Zemanchik Post author

    Brilliant, very intelligent, and so well spoken. thank you.

  43. james hershberger Post author

    I think God's intention is to save our immortal souls rather than our mortal lives. What does a million years look like in the realm of eternity?

  44. Godsgrace Post author

    You are certainly God sent. Thank you mother Mary from his amazing conversion!

  45. grace 73 Post author

    I was convinced in the first video of the 4 series. But he sells his products every time he gives his speech. Did he loose all the money he earned during his Harvard-professor career? why does he need to make profit from the evidece which God gave him?
    And all his speech is well prepared with defensive attitude. Maybe it is just his character loving money as Jewish or as a catholic.

  46. Mummy Michaud Post author

    This man is amazing he truly is a gift to re ignite our fire of faith he is just so intelligent to bring these truths together and remind us where we are going and how much God does for us daily.

  47. Jo Nando Post author

    Someone please tranlate this in indonesia. Thank you..


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