Villa Maria Catholic Homes – New Beginnings

By | September 19, 2019

Both Villa Maria and Catholic Homes have a wonderful history, both organisations come to this merger with very similar
ethos and principles and practices. Both organisations are not for profit
organization, that over the years have looked after people as they aged Villa Maria has been in existence for over
a hundred years and it now is one of the largest providers of disability services in the state. they both share a common mission their there for the residents and client. I think bringing the two of them together were making an organisation that is much stronger then the individual organisation. I don’t think we can
understate the importance of this particular merger because it provides to
Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and to the people of Melbourne a set of high-quality facilities and a high quality organisation can meet the needs of
all of those clients of Villa Maria Catholic Homes. We’re a proudly Catholic organisation but not exclusively Catholic organization. We employ staff whatever their religion
and we look after residents and clients whatever their religion. The world is
becoming much more complex, people are demanding higher quality services this
merger means that Villa Maria Catholic Homes will have resource to be able to
care for them in a way which they deserve and their dignity requires. As the needs of the population grows so will our services expand to meet those needs I think the biggest beneficiaries out of the
merger will be the people we support. We’re not like any other aged care provider or even some other disability Providers. We come at with a very particular view of the world, we come at it out with a view of the world that says, not only will we provide outstanding service but we will provide it in a way enhances the dignity of all of our
clients both those that are with us now and those who will be with us in the future

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