USC VILLAGE APARTMENT TOUR 2017 | College Dorm Room Tour

By | December 3, 2019

Hey, everyone its Ashlee and today. I’m going to giving you guys basically a college dorm tour but I’m living as the dorm tour before I move n for all of my fellow Trojans or prospective all Trojans that kind of want to see what the village looks like I’d almost have to be in the way and all of That one my roommate has moved in so there’s already stuff in here But I will still be kind of show you guys the rest of my room without like going into her station stuff I’m so excited, so let’s get started with this case Okay, so basically you come in and there’s a little key about like you your card with you in then can also lock the door It has like old-people Apartment door then there’s all of these lights Okay, and this is kind of helpful floors look and so then you have just this fridge But at the Cabinet kind of like this bay much before and that it has like the stove top and then it has like an oven so all my cookers Bakers and There’s like a lot of cabinet space Here, and then there’s like a little vent here if you haven’t synced and then this little light with my cabinetry and then there’s like A lot of Outlets which is awesome not at this white cup, and this is basically in my view a little so excited This is so good even cheerios and target or like over there, but you guys can see it um then it also came with like this little baby like bookshelf a thing as a TV holder and then and it also came with these tables like these little stool which are very short because I’m tall and Then a little table here and like a bulletin board and I’m going to try to do another overview from like the corner This place is like really like nice for being a school apartment So I’m so stoked and over here policy about doors okay, and this is my roommates room So I’m not going to go in there but then here is just like a sink with like on tablets and then this mirror and then here is going to be my room and There came with two trash cans, and then two lights, okay? So here is what it looks like it came with a bed, and I love it Tim was stored underneath it So I have so much stuff, and I can just fold it and put it underneath my bed So this is like the first bed, and then this is the second little desk area which more of the More of the Village just outside And then next is the other side of the bed Once again it comes with V beneath it and here’s the closet space which I really like I kind of rope it drapes I hate when you can like hear clothes like Openly but still I don’t know a space for all the quotes I just brought, but yeah, and I can go from this corner as well You guys can kind of see how it looks like okay, so when you walk in it Just looks like this and like I said cabinet guide another non cabinet a desk chair Desks Chairs spinny then the yellow wall and then a closet and the Mol lights Then outside. I missed the window, and then here’s the shower which I’m super stoked about this it has like another mirror. Hey guys It has another thing than a has a little medicine cabinet Which is sick then it has like another little cabinet and here’s the room with like the window open and how you do it is it just is like spectator chain and you either pull it up or You pull it down Something so I just learned in like 4 10 seconds of being it as you can like open this one and like Push it out not or crazy amount I Hope you guys enjoy this little tour of everything pretty like moving for me I think it’s really helpful to kind of see where you can potentially like be living so good luck to all my future Trojans or to reply and these people who want to live in the village in the near future is really nice There’s trader Joe’s targeted core power yoga and a bunch a bunch of food places So I highly suggest you know applying or trying to live in the village It’s really nice, and I can’t wait to decorate it And I hope you guys enjoy this like I already said I will see you guys next time bye

11 thoughts on “USC VILLAGE APARTMENT TOUR 2017 | College Dorm Room Tour

  1. Mia Colemen Post author

    Im so in love with your bedding in the thumbnail💗😻

  2. joysradical Post author

    do you share your room with someone?? or does it just come with 2 beds?

  3. Tori Guyton Post author

    there should be a "like" counter to count how many times you say "like" lol

  4. Shivani Parepally Post author

    how did you get in to usc village? how much does it cost per year?

  5. Jennely P. Post author

    You should go slower.. I couldn’t keep up with how fast you were moving

  6. Vintage Blue Post author

    Girl you moving the camera just as fast as you're talking. You should place a disclaimer at the beginning of your video because I get seizures and had to stop watching this video.

  7. Nandita Sudha Tiwari Post author

    It is not even possible for camera to focus properly. Yeah, that fast you were moving.


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