Two Catholic priests caught having sex in car on South Beach, police say

By | September 8, 2019

today two priests caught laying hands on each other but it was an act that landed both men behind bars police say it happened in broad daylight in a parked car on Ocean Drive local 10 News reporter Andrew Perez is live on Miami Beach with the details Andrew police saying that the real problem here is where this happened how this all happened both of these men at this hour they remain in jail it’s broad daylight in Miami Beach around 3:30 p.m. authorities get a call about two men performing sex acts in this car police show up there’s no window tinting whatever’s happening is pretty much on display for all to see our officer was able to observe the act in fact to get their attention he had to knock on the window well they were arrested and come to learn they’re both priests from out of town where are you from sir I came from Chicago and I’m from Columbia Edwin Geraldo Cortez appeared in court using an interpreter Diego barrio was also arrested both men charged with lewd and lascivious behavior this is the actual car where these priests were found and then take a look at where all of this happened I mean this is a world-famous Ocean Drive right near that car a children’s playground it’s definitely shocking parents nearby reacting saying that wasn’t the time or place the entire incident according to the report was also caught on police body cam even if it’s for adults seeing them I mean it’s just quite shocking so the Archbishop of Chicago releasing a statement saying in part quote Archbishop of okay we apologize for that and he went on to say that the Archdiocese of Chicago will find them their roles effective immediately withdrawn their faculties to minister archdiocese representatives have been in contact with what father Cortez home Diocese of soacha Columbia

23 thoughts on “Two Catholic priests caught having sex in car on South Beach, police say

  1. TheDark Nite Post author

    Christians are either all raping kids or having gay sex. Why they gotta be so perverted always? For the catholic church this is a relief from their usual gay child rape scandal.

  2. Mark Nabavi Post author

    If priests act that way- what to expect from the others ??? 👎👎👎

  3. FaZe Dubs Post author

    This was at the church I used to go to in Chicago the bald guy actually gave my mom some holy water

  4. Life Piece Post author

    Make it sound like a joke!! Kids are being molested and RAPED. But its o.k "father please forgive my child for.seducing you". Worse animals.

  5. mark price Post author

    I think this stems from you have to commit the sin in order to understand it and tell others what not to do.Something like that.

  6. Jason Post author

    Gerardo: "hey Diego, you were a baby once…right?"

    Diego: "Yes i was, you were one at one point too right?"

    Gerardo: "Yes….."

    Diego: ………..

    Gerardo: ……….

    Both: violently begins molesting each other

  7. Jose Ramirez Post author

    One of them used to go to the church where I go ☠️🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Zyxoki Post author

    How is this possible there men they can’t get preg he don’t have a vagina

  9. KL Rider Post author

    When an action is considered absolutely sinful, it increases the curiosity to act on it. And when performing the action, the feeling of "OMG this is so wrong, but it's so nice" takes centerstage.

  10. Vinson Salim Post author

    I just turned atheist after watching this

  11. Fonz augoustakis Post author

    now THERE'S a new twist on receiving holy communion…..

  12. Georgette Post author

    To explain this event, there are two possibilities: either these priests were total idiots, which is likely given that homosexuals often are very stupid. Or these priests actually wanted to be seen.


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