Turtle Creek Elementary – Community Service Projects

By | September 13, 2019

TEACHER: We put together a kindness unit. Part of the unit was doing a project where your kids would get involved in service work. So, we brainstormed as a class and I had each student vote on what they wanted to do. So we came up with three different projects. I had one group of students come up with doing a penny drive that supported the Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter I had a group of students come up with collecting trash and shoveling for the school and houses around the school. And I had a group who wanted to get the information out to the student body with what we’ve learned, so they created posters that we are having laminated and put around the school to help encourage other students to do random acts of kindness, use kind words, from what we’ve learned. NICKOLAS: We collected pennies for a penny drive for the homeless shelter, which is this one and what we did is send out flyers to a whole bunch of classes around school and then we got to raise more pennies each day. We got them higher and higher. We got $112 and some more change. Our goal was to get to $90, but we passed our goal.

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