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By | September 1, 2019

Trust God Two single-syllable words That you have heard forever, but you will discover as time passes how difficult they are To obey Trust God Of course I have no way of knowing what the future holds for you You may lose your home and everything in a fire You may lose your spouse to an early disease detected, but Not cured You may lose your dreams, your hopes You may lose a relationship That you have cultivated over the years All losses are painful We prayed just as hard for my father when his health went downhill as we did for my mother We quoted the same scriptures We asked God to restore his health to let him live but my father went to be with the Lord It didn’t happen the way I wanted There will always be unanswered questions. Why didn’t my loved one make it? Why am I not getting better? Why did this person leave? Some things are not going to make sense. But God wouldn’t have allowed it if he wasn’t going to bring good out of it you may not see it at the time But God knows what he’s doing he has your best interest at heart. It’s not random. It’s a part of his plan Trust in the Lord with all your heart And lean not to your own understanding In all your ways Acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight All your heart all Your ways trust Trust But what about when things aren’t going our way our prayers aren’t being answered the problem isn’t turning around We’re not seeing favor Too often we get discouraged, think God why aren’t you doing something? You can see I’m being mistreated my health isn’t good. I worked hard, but I didn’t get the promotion We think when it changes We’ll be happy when I meet the right person when my health improves when we have this baby, then we’ll have a good attitude That’s conditional trust God If you meet my demands if you answer my prayers the way I want on my timetable then I’ll be my best The problem with conditional trust is there will always be things we don’t understand Something that’s not happening fast enough. It didn’t work out the way we wanted if I would have had Conditional trust I would have gotten upset bitter God Why didn’t you answer my prayers the truth is God did answer my prayer it just wasn’t the way I wanted Are you mature enough to accept God’s answers even though they’re not what you were hoping for God is a sovereign God We’re not going to understand everything that happens faith is trusting God when life doesn’t make sense God doesn’t take us in a straight line They’ll be twists turns the disappointments the lost the bad breaks. They’re all a part of his plan But if you have conditional trust you’ll get discouraged and think why is this happening. I’m going the wrong way But God is still directing your steps Trust him when you don’t understand trust him even when it feels like you go in the wrong direction living worried Frustrated disappointed that takes our passion it steals our joy, and it can keep us from seeing God’s favor Sometimes the closed doors the disappointments. They are simply a test God wants to see if we’ll trust him when we don’t understand it when life doesn’t make sense We have to show him that we don’t have to have the house to be happy if we don’t have the baby We’re not gonna live bitter and sour You believe in for your health to improve, but when you can say if it doesn’t get better God I’m still going to honor you I’m still going to be my best When God sees that you don’t have to have it many times like him God will give you back What you were willing to give up Are you living frustrated because your prayers aren’t being answered the way you want your plans aren’t working out Take the pressure off God is in control He knows what’s best for you. You’re not always going to understand it. If you did it wouldn’t take any faith I’m asking you to trust him Unconditionally if you’ll do this I believe and declare God is going to work out his plan for your life He’s going to open the right doors bring the right people turn negative situations around and take you to the fullness of your destiny

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  1. ABOVE INSPIRATION Post author

    If this channel has blessed you, make sure to subscribe & share it with others & lift them up to the Lord!

  2. YN4H &MYSELF Post author

    Love God with All Your Heart 💝💖💕💗❤️🙏🙏. We Don’t always Stick With God But He always Stick with us

  3. NascarFan_4life Nascar Reviews Post author

    Thank you god for everything I love you father

  4. Rimi Rathore Post author

    I dont want you to stop!!
    I want you to speak always.. When the video ended I was lyk why❓

  5. Aponnk Lam Post author

    This is the first time I'm watching this kind of encouraging words…. I failed twice in HSSLC.
    I tried to figure out in which field I was lagging ,then I realized,God was missing in me
    thank you so much

  6. RANDOM VIDEOS Post author

    God will always make a way for us…

  7. Chocolate Thunder Cherry Post author

    Stop seeing yourself as unqualified and unworthy, by doing that you hinder your spirtual growth….Let us Love & believe in our heavenly father's word "THE word of God effectively works within you". 1 #Thessalonians 2:13🌻⚘🌻

  8. Shailaja Shailaja Post author

    Only trust in God will lead us.!!! Only those people are successfull who were in God's plan….!

  9. Malaika De Vera Post author

    Actually God answers us in 3 different ways 1. yes 2. no and 3. not yet .We need to be patient in these things when experiencing problems all you need is faith in God look i have failed in exams, football, playing piano i experience many mistakes but, i improved i just pray everyday pray and trying to be in the state of grace

  10. Juan Manzano Post author

    It's hard to see the big picture when you feel you're not one of His favorites.

  11. Queen bebe Post author

    I needed this so many tears came out ! I love you so much God I just needed to hear this thank you so much lord

  12. Ace4Benji Post author

    To be honest, it's very conflicting for me. I am Eastern Orthodox, over the past years, my faith has dropped significant. I stopped praying to God, and now I am stuck into thinking that there is not enough evidence to support that he existed. I am sort of Agnostic at the moment, and I don't like that. When people say that God is savioir and lord, I secretly cringe and think they are fools who are worshipping a fictional character.

    Somebody, please help, because I am questioning my religion. By the way, I am only 15. I will never practice Satanism, so my thoughts about being an Atheist are crossed.

    I believe that Religions are not powerful, and I know I am wrong. So please help.

  13. HARRISON ROBBINS Post author

    I have recently been struggling with bouts of depression, anxiety, anger, and hatred and I tried to lean on the girl I love through everything… unfortunately she doesn’t understand mental health issues, and it cost our relationship for a time. We split yesterday and we’re on a break for at least the summer. I was so hurt when she told me that we needed a break, and I’ve been questioning myself, hating myself, and I’ve been restless. I woke up 3 times last night with the exact same thought popping into my mind. When morning came, I sent her a message saying that it was my fault that I couldn’t control it, and that I do need some time. God doesn’t just let bad things happen. He makes them happen to make us stronger. Trust in him. It’s worth it. ✝️❤️

  14. sotir petrovski Post author

    Trust you lord xuz you our path in the future

  15. Prime Explosion Post author

    "We believe in god even if he is silent"
    That is faith / hope for god.

  16. Banzai Hurrah Post author

    Thank you for sharing this valuable reminder. God is truly in control.

  17. Randolf Cabagnot Post author

    People who dislike this is the demon and is people watching this on 2019 like if u are.

  18. paulwilfridhunt Post author

    Hezekiah cleaved to God.

    Job said, though He slay me yet will I trust in Him.

    When Job prayed for his friends God released him.

    Job 42:10 King James Version (KJV)
    10 And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

  19. Mizfhit Mafia Post author

    Lord I will trust you unconditionally, I will not doubt your plan. Amen 🙏🏽 I AM

  20. Clifford Fernandes Post author

    Be prepared for Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon, let's forgive all let's united together and be One and come to God for We are Children of God Amen.

  21. connie chow Post author

    My Lord pls heal my prolonged illness. Amen.

  22. Seriously Jae Post author

    Just got out of a 3 year relationship with a narcissist, cheated the whole 3 years it was draining mentally, emotionally, but I trust God and know it happened for a reason bring food to me God I ask you show me the way I am following you lord . I’m ready for whatever it is you have for me 🙏🏼

  23. ainsley lacroix Post author

    One day my mom was praying about a situation and God gave her that scripture "'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding"…God is Great..Amen..

  24. Raul Delrio Post author

    I trust him in this troubled times I trust him when l don't feel well I trust him when enemies try to destroy me I trust him whenever I go I trust my God Almighty 🙏

  25. James A Post author

    It was given to me to read in church today; And we are confident that He hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him. And since we know He hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for. 1 John 5:14-15.

  26. cavel bless Post author

    Amen. It dont look good in this season but I know God is working it out for my Good change is coming

  27. Ryan Hoag Post author

    I have had a (somewhat a bad but good) life. I was born at 32 weeks premature 2 pounds, and 5 ounces. I’ve had a major bleeding in my brain… I have had 13 head surgeries, at 18 months, (I had a Ventriculoperitoneal (V/P) Shunt placed in to drain excessive Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) from the brain to the stomach… nearly 27 head surgeries later, my life has changed forever. In November 2009, I had gotten sick again. My shunt malfunctioned, and started to get ill. God has been working His miracles… to where He did not want me to go through this ordeal ever again. I am here before you and talking to you (brothers and sisters in Christ) that His works has been finalized, and that was 10 1/2 years ago. I am eternally happy to be alive.

  28. Matteo Iacono Post author

    Amen good bless you all and your family’s

  29. christel salvador Post author

    thank you for making such inspirational videos like this💖

  30. YAAK-ROOHS Post author

    God bless you all
    Trust in the load with in your heart💖🌺🌼🌼belive and have faith.

  31. kalliray _7 Post author

    Can whoever see this please pray for me I need a relationship with God like had years ago I am going to a really rough but u please just pray for me

  32. Hilario Augusto Figuereo Santana Post author

    Only God knows the end before the starting.

  33. Damalie Nagujja Post author

    Amen, thank you for this msg , came to me at the right time.

  34. Tina Cooper Post author

    🙏❤️🙌 amen 🙌❤️ amen 🙏❤️🙌

  35. Jmoney Greene Post author

    I pray that god protect me from harm and negative people in my life

  36. Jonathan Ramos Post author

    I haves been trough tough and I am sooo happy I found my lord and 10 yrs ago my life has changed completely

  37. like really Post author

    Thank you so much for this video I am trying to encourage my struggling friend and this is exactly what i she needs to hear god bless you😊

  38. ريم ريم Post author

    Woow great video i like it it was well explained thank you so much you've opened my eyes

  39. Bongiwe Monirca Post author

    I put GOD first to everything is helping in my life I trust God Nomatter what I always tell my self God is everything to me and my children and my business 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💝

  40. deepa priya Post author

    This is so doesn't ve only blessing this has the truth abt life.king David always had trails his life was a roler coaster but still he trusted god unconditional.king David inspires wenever I go in trails.god bless you.glory to the lord

  41. Jesse Foster Post author

    When you think God gave up on you he hasn't, he's our teacher and were the students… Remember the teacher doesn't talk during a test.🙏💪💯❤️💛💓💜💚💕💖💗💙

  42. Johnny Martinez Post author


  43. Patrick Grey Post author

    No conditional trust , just Trust God with your heart and soul , and He will back . Easier said than done , it’s really hard to keep your cool knowing everything is going downhill, but if God takes care of the birds and animals in the forest , just imagine what He can do their sons and daughters.

  44. Cameron Alvarez Post author

    I've been having a hard time with God & trusting Him with my all but today I did that & I prayed to him & He listened & suddenly my hard time with him doesn't make sense anymore. He's here with me.

  45. Ponugupati Vijayalakshmi Post author

    Praise the Lord💙🙏✝️ I'm not Christian by birth.But now I believe Jesus with my whole heart and soul.He is the saviour.Tq Jesus..

  46. Kristian Minchella Post author

    Can you please get it on Spotify it’s so touching

  47. Ziba Post author

    I’m tired of going out partying, tired of trying to do thing to keep me happy when in reality I’m not, tired of feeling helpless and fighting demons, tired of anxiety, tired of e erything in life rn and to make it worse rn I’m as sick as ever and I got my sister and mom sick and it’s literally bad, I keep praying and praying ever since graduation my life has been hell I will keep my faith but I need god more then anything. I want a new me, I want to be happy with in myself, I want to have more of a connection to God, I’m trying to be patient!

  48. Curt H Post author

    Praise god he has a plan for each and everyone of us everything is gods timing I still struggle with that thought even to this day but I am humbled by faith and the love our saviour amen

  49. Murriel Francisco Post author

    God answered our prayers not in a way that we want to.. From now on i will leave everything to you God. I trust in you.

  50. Reza Namdari Post author

    I'm in the very hard conditions I'm X-Muslim and I find lord Jesus 7 years ago and I'm proud of it. Everyone hate me and I'm so alone after 7 years because I chose Jesus I'm out of my home country even my family can't believe me how hard I try no one believes me what is in my heart no one believes or help me
    I want to help poor and I want to make them happy please please just pray for me I believe of each single pray in the name of Jesus Christ 🙏🏻😞❤️

  51. Neil Exhorter Post author

    I Trust you JESUS everything including financial needs!

  52. destiny bowens Post author

    I will Trust in Only You Lord Jesus Forever & Always 🙌


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