Top 10 Strange Facts About The Nuns!

By | December 3, 2019

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Life
Of Nuns Hey people, have you watched the movie, The
Nun? The sinister sister from The Conjuring 2 was
so chilling, she’s back with her very own spin-off prequel in the name of The Nun. A medieval demon appears in the form of a
nun, haunts an eerie Romanian monastery and will decades later make a cameo appearance
in the Conjuring 2. Spooky, now that truly sends a shiver down
our spine! But doesn’t that spark an interest in the
life of the nun? It sure does so we thought of presenting to
you the things you didn’t know about the life of nuns! Number 1. It is not easy becoming a nun
Do you really feel that transitioning into a nun is an easy job? You are thoroughly mistaken my friend! The long process comes with 4 steps without
which one cannot become a nun. It begins with the Aspirancy stage, living
at the convent for 3-4 weeks and taking classes while deciding if you want to be a nun or
not. If your resolve manages to stick, you move
to the Postulancy and Novitiate stages. You live in the postulancy for a year, learning
the day to day living of a nun. By novitiate you finally get your habit and
new name! Number 2. Nuns were the first feminists
Shocked? Well, back in 1800s when women were fighting
for their right to be heard and treated as equals by men, nuns were already living the
future other women were dreaming! While women all over the world were struggling
to make their own decisions and be treated fair in realms of business, politics, and
finance, nuns were already leaders in their own right. Come on, the nuns were self-reliant and they
could not only make decisions in trade and construction but also in education. In fact, there were hundreds of hospitals
and schools founded and run by nuns by 1906. You go, nun! Number 3. Smartphones for nuns
Can you imagine your life without a smartphone in your hand “capturing” every moment
you live? In case you are trying to get rid of smartphone
addiction, maybe just spend time with a nun because you see, they aren’t supposed to
use them. We know that is hard to believe but Pope Francis
issued a papal decree to that effect in 2016. In his view, mobile phone and tablet usage
may be good for outreach, they are full of social media, something which may tempt many
people out of monasteries and away from the religion itself. Do you also agree with the Pope that social
media takes away from reverence of God? Number 4. The most famous nun
Known in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa was an Albanian-Indian
Roman Catholic nun and missionary. There is not a single person on earth who
hasn’t heard of her, such a noble soul! She lived the most part of her life in India
where she dedicated herself to the poor and the sickest of the untouchables. By the end of her life, she had opened 517
missions in more than 100 countries. But all that praise came at a cost, she was
a controversial figure because she opposed abortion. That doesn’t keep us from saying that she
was the most famous nun of all time! Number 5. Dealing with urges
Now you don’t expect nuns to magically wash themselves off of any human urges, do you? Come on, they are also humans and want to
“get to know someone” in the biblical sense but they have to mitigate these feelings. Any idea how they manage to do so? Every time their mind wanders off to the off-limit
topics, they splash their face with cold water! They may even discuss their state of mind
with other nuns who have been through the same and can empathize with them. In fact, people understand that these urges
make the nuns stronger and instead of looking down upon them, they are seen as a path for
a stronger union, wow! Number 6. Haircuts for nuns
We know you never really see a nun’s hair because she keeps them covered with a hood. But have you ever wondered how they keep their
long tresses tucked away like that? Well, you needn’t worry about the effort
they put into it because hey, nuns don’t wear their hair long! It might be shocking but depending upon the
type of nun they are, they would either cut their hair short or even shave their head
off completely. The reason this haircut is practiced is that
nuns are not supposed to be different from one another nor are they supposed to have
anything to show off to men or other women. Showing off distracts nuns from focusing on
quiet contemplation with the Lord! Number 7. Story of Dolores Hart
Would you believe us if we told you that the woman who gave Elvis Presley his first onscreen
kiss is now a nun? One of the biggest movie stars of her time,
Dolores Hart is one of the last people you would think would be interested in becoming
a nun! But while she was doing Francis of Assisi
in Rome, she met Pope John XXIII and the meeting changed her life. She told him “I am Dolores Hart, the actress
playing Clare.” to which he replied, “No, you are Clare!” in Italian. She was so moved by it that she finally became
a Roman Catholic Benedictine nun! Number 8. Undercover nuns fight human trafficking
A low-key network of more than 1,100 sisters currently operates in 80 countries with a
mission and no, it’s not to spread religious teachings! Any idea what these women are doing? Well, they rescue victims of human trafficking
by posing as prostitutes to infiltrate brothels and buying children being sold into slavery. The group, called Talitha Kum has saved the
lives of thousands from the dark hole but since the menace has increased globally, there’s
a long way to go! Number 9. The talent for being a nun
Did you think that one needed absolutely no talent in order to become a nun? Well, you are very wrong! Christianity believes that everyone is given
a vocation, or a range of different talents and abilities which will help that person
have a meaningful life. For example, if you are a good orator maybe
you should join politics or if you are good with paints, you should be an artist. But if they are given the vocation of service
to God, then they are destined to work as a nun. So you gotta have the talent to be a nun! Number 10. No tasty food for them
The type of food a nun is allowed to eat depends on her order. While they may eat a wide variety of food,
there are more austere groups which will only eat bread, rice and beans. In case there is a garden in the monastery,
nuns will eat fruits and vegetables that they grow. But meat is served only on special occasions
because it is considered a “luxury” food. Seems like you cannot become a nun without
some sacrifice on the table! Which of these facts about the nuns shocked
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