Three Problems With Self-Help (Catholic Beliefs)

By | August 29, 2019

Hi guys this is Ken Yasinski from
Catholic Speaker dot com. Today let’s talk about the problem with self-help. If you’ve ever made a visit over to your local bookstore, there’s a section there that’s entitled self-help, self development or personal development. And all those books there, are basically a how-to book. They help solve a problem in a person’s life, or they claim to. You know, How to win friends and influence people. How to experience the power of positive thinking. How to have the slight edge. How to change anything. How to acquire seven habits of highly effective people. Basically it’s a how-to book. Do this, to solve this kind of problem. I’ve read some of these books and they’ve helped me in terms of
goal-setting, growing in natural virtue, in discipline, and when we’re reading
them, we can get the impression that these books, are completely compatible with the Catholic faith. Are they aren’t they Well, depends on the book. So I’ll speak kind of general to that. But if you’re reading these books as a
substitute for reading Scripture, the lives for the Saints, the Catechism of
the Catholic Church, or encyclicals you’re going to find yourself with some
big problems. Problem number one: You become your own Saviour. You see, you can’t positively think your way out of sin. That’s impossible!
Scripture has revealed that all have sinned, all have fallen short of the glory of God no amount of positive thinking can take us to heaven. We need God’s grace, we need his mercy and we need a Savior. If we just think that we can positively think our way out of all our problems in life we have no need of God and then we become our own God, we become our own Savior. The biggest problem that we have in life, is not negative thinking, it’s a sin problem. Because sin separates us from God, and the only way to bridge that gap is to go to Jesus who is our Saviour. Problem number two: Life is all about you. All these books have a general theme of you do this, and you get, exactly what you want. What’s the problem with this? Well, life is not about us. It’s about God. One of the communicators that I love to watch sometimes is a guy by name Zig Ziglar. Not for his content, but for his communication style. But his content all is underlined with this core teaching, it goes like this: You can get everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want in life. Now it sounds good right? But what’s the problem? Well, it’s all about you. It”s all about itself. Imagine dying rising to heaven standing before Jesus at those pearly gates and Jesus says “Well, how did it go?” Oh Jesus, you know, I got everything I wanted in life by using people. Every time, if we take that core teaching to heart, every time we’re doing something it’s so that we gain something from them. I mean, it’s a selfish life. And that is the general theme of all the self improvement and development books. Yes they’re gonna say you know serve other people serve the customer, but why? The whole reason you serve the customer you serve other people, is that you gain something. Completely totally opposite of Jesus Jesus doesn’t did serve other people to
gain anything! He did it to glorify God. To be a faithful to the Father’s will. Totally different. so it looks like, it sounds like a good message, but the intention is totally different. You see we have to remember that life is not about getting everything that we want. It’s about glorifying God. Which leads us to the third problem, these books never mention, or ask the question “What does God want?” In fact that is the most important question someone can ask of them self. What this God want of my life? Not, what do I want, but what does God want. We look our gifts and our talents and we think how can I glorify God with my life? And then we seek the Holy Spirit to be led If we’re reading these personal development books with this theme of life is about, you you’re
your own Saviour, go go go and you can attain that goal that you want, it just can really start influencing our thinking, and then our living. and so we have to be careful that what we’re putting into our mind is rooted in the fullness of truth. Now I’m not saying that we can’t read these books. What I am saying is that there are no substitute for the Catechism of the Catholic Church
for Scripture or the lives of the Saints. and they should not be the majority of what we are reading because if it’s the majority of what we’re reading what gets our attention eventually gets our heart. So we have to guard our heart so that’s always been captured by the fullness of
the truth. My friends thank you for watching. My name is Ken Yasinski from Catholic speaker dot com, have a great day.

18 thoughts on “Three Problems With Self-Help (Catholic Beliefs)

  1. Dan McGoverm Post author

    I love you man. What an incredible video. Thank you so much for all you do. You have made a difference in my life.

  2. The Catholic Servant Post author

    This is an excellent Catholic perspective on "self help"..thank you Ken!

  3. Clarity Smannar Post author

    Wonderful inspiring message, just love it, thank you for sharing

  4. Camila Look Post author

    I've worked in a bookstore and people were buying "The Secret" and other of these self-help book.. I couldn't recommend these books because I never read them… and I felt bad…like I missed something.. But you explaining this, now it's clear… I didn't miss anything!!!

  5. Sofoni Beats Post author

    This is a true story. It took a vessel of God to help me with my sins.

  6. GoodFruitForGod Post author

    I made a video all Catholics and potential Catholics should watch. I'd appreciate it if you would, it's a short video. It's on my page and titled "Cayholics". Thanks

  7. ArizonaWillful Post author

    Most of the self-help books assume that there is nothing and no one out there to help you but yourself. It all appeals to the human ego and makes you the center of the universe. The problem is that when you are the center of everything, you fail to notice others around you and your part in a cosmic reality. These books unconsciously tell you that there is no god, no help, no spiritual reality. The books teach that you, as a human being, are the highest point of all evolution and greatness in the cosmos. There is no higher intelligence. Like everything in the USA now, it is all about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Others are welcome only as long as they fill some niche in my life. When the need vanishes, the person is thrown out. As an old man, I can testify that living this way is really hard and lonely. Being totally self-centered does not make you happy. Just look at Donald Trump. He is unbelievably rich, powerful, and famous. Does he ever look happy? And he is probably one of the most self-centered people on this planet! If this philosophy really worked, shouldn't he be the happiest man on earth? But an old Pet Shop Boys song said it best: "TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING IS NEVER ENOUGH" . This lyric seems to fit Trump and many wealthy famous people. They are searching in the wrong place for fulfilment. Their greed and lust is so great that many humans do NOT have enough because the elite need more and more and more and more. When someone with 400 million dollars needs even more until his dying day, you know that this is a mental sickness, if not even a demonic oppression. They will pursue this wrong philosophy until their last breath, trying to make it work for them. There is even a bumper sticker "Whoever dies with the most toys wins!" Can you think of any philosophy more pathetic and the path to total failure as an authentic human being? But if you truly believe that you are the center of everything and there is no spiritual world, then I guess greed makes sense.

  8. Alvina Rayne Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs Post author

    This video should be seen by every Christian there is! Such profound truth! I watched it 2x in a row lol

  9. Self Development Quest Post author

    Let me preface this by saying, I am Catholic and I have a self development channel on YouTube.

    Before you read my response, I enjoyed your video, and I am writing this out as in a conversation with an open dialogue tone. No attacking, this is just my interpretation, and I'd love to not get attacked, and I'd love even more to start a more in depth conversation on the topic.

    I understand your perspective, and in some areas I agree with you, and I agree that some books do ask you to put yourself first. And, there is no religion of self development, there is no self savior out there.
    However, I do disagree that the entire genre will turn you into a selfish person. I disagree with your interpretation of what Zig is saying. Jesus told us to love one another and to serve one another.
    Of the books I felt good about reading, I have never walked away thinking how can I use this to be more selfish. How can I use this to get ahead. I have read some that had their own interpretation of a "high power" or "supreme being" and those books did turn me off. Those books, while giving another perspective, did make me question not only that portion of the book, but the entire book itself.
    Again though, there are a number of books that are self help that do mention God. That do mention the need for prayer. That do mention the need to put God first in your life.

    Our life is a journey, and Jesus is the only way to God. We must put our Catholic faith first in our lives. You mention that these shouldn't be all we read, and they shouldn't be. There is something to be said about the same message being presented in different ways though. Self help books do have a number of messages that Jesus taught us, they are just presented in different way. I believe God gave us all talents that we need to use to love and serve God, love and serve one another, and help bring more people to God. There are books out there that can help something click, and it can help you accomplish these things.

    Thank you for the video, and thank you for taking the time to put it out there. I love the channel! Keep us the great work!


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