Three Darshans of Sai Baba and His Astonishing Miracle

By | September 3, 2019

[music] In our family, I am the only one who would get Baba’s Darshan. The other members of our family, my husband and
my children always wished for Baba’s Darshan too.
It made me sad and I would tell Baba, “Only I am graced to have Your Darshan, but my
husband and daughters also wish to see You.” My younger daughter would say, “How is Baba visible, how does Baba look, how are you able to see Baba,
how are you able to talk to Baba?” She would keep asking me these questions, and
even my older girl would ask similar questions… I would answer their queries, and during those moments, I would pray to Baba with a humble request, “Baba, they are Your devotees too, You know it,
please grant them a Darshan and give them
the experience of how it feels to see God.” By the grace of Baba, in 2015,
we made plans for a visit to Shirdi, the four of us – me, my husband and our two daughters, My husband works for ITC, has a colleague,
Renu, the HR Head, who loves me a lot,
and respectfully calls me Bhabhi Ma. She said she would join us. She was troubled because
she was childless, She’d visit us, she had full faith that Baba would fulfil her wish one day. One day she had come to visit us,
and I said, “We are going to Shirdi, you join us.” “All of a sudden, just like that?” she asked. I said, “I have a strong feeling that
you should join us on this trip.” We checked if we could book her ticket on the same flight with us, and there was only one seat available. so we booked her ticket, and made
arrangements for her to be with us. Before we left, Baba gave me Darshan and said, “This time I will grant your wish,
I will give Darshan to all of you in Shirdi.” When i shared this with the others, they were
excited and our enthusiasm doubled; for we were
so happy that all of us would get Baba’s Darshan. Baba then said, “I will give you My Darshan three
times, but do not make any hue and cry about it, I will appear before you and give you Darshan.
Do not make a commotion there,
because a lot of My Devotees come to Shirdi. So be calm and take My Darshan,
I already know what your heart desires.” We went to Shirdi. Whenever we go there, we stay at
the Sai Tulsi hotel, close to the Samadhi Mandir. The manager of this hotel is Ashokji, who is
like my brother… or my son… I don’t know… he sometimes calls me Sister… sometimes Mother…
we have a very beautiful bond, He is deeply devoted to Baba. So we stayed there at Sai Tulsi.
The next morning, as we were ready to
leave for the Samadhi Mandir for Baba’s Darshan, we saw Baba at the hotel’s entrance door.
Baba was in His own Form, right there before us. Baba was wearing a yellow garment, In Baba’s hand, there was a plate,
in which there was sandalwood. Baba anointed our foreheads with
a Tika of the sandalwood paste, and He gave me a message,
“See, this was the first Darshan.” Everyone touched Baba’s holy feet, and we all
had a wonderful blessed Darshan of Baba’s. I have a friend who resides in London,
and it was his parents’ anniversary that day, so he had requested me to donate some some clothes as VastraDaan in Shirdi. I had make a parcel containing
nine sets of Dhotis and cotton towels, and I distributed eight sets. Then I reached out to Baba in my mind and said, “Baba, You have always come in some Form
and accepted the Daan we have offered, please let us somehow feel that
You have accepted today’s Daan too.” and as we reached Dwarkamayee, some pull from inside told us to go in the other direction compared to where we go usually there is a small road that is opposite the restaurant and as we went down that road, in a corner we saw Baba in the form of a Fakir sitting in white clothes The way He blessed us on us offering the cloth, I immediately asked Him “Baba ?” then He gently replied with a smile “Yes..” It was our second Darshan, in such a beautiful form, it is very hard to express that feeling in words It is only possible to say that seeing that celestial form is having the vision of God The day before we were leaving Shirdi, we were at Gurusthan doing a parikrama during the aarti so then I had tears in my eyes and i told Baba “Baba you did not give us the third darshan yet, tomorrow we are going back home” “You had said you will give us all darshan” Baba then immediately said “Look ahead, I am walking towards you!” and as I looked up, the form that was exactly as Baba was in this photograph, He came walking exactly in that form Baba came and He started doing Parikrama of the Neem tree so I immediately told my Husband to look, saying “See, Baba is here, see..” As my husband looked back, he bowed to Baba and Baba indicated to him to continue walking and Baba walked ahead of him My husband started following Baba and a leaf fell from the Neem tree which Baba lifted up and Baba put his hand over and gave him the leaf, because Baba knew that my husband was walking behind Baba as the aarti ended, i told my younger daughter That go take Babas blessings, see Baba is right in front there so the four of them went towards Baba to seek His blessings so as my younger daughter went to touch Babas feet so Baba asked her “Where is my Mother ?” and she pointed in my direction. Baba in an earlier Darshan had clearly instructed me not to ever touch His feet because Baija Maa would never touch His feet and that day as I was so overwhelmed and I was going to touch Babas feet Baba reminded me, “Mother never touches the feet” and all of them touched Babas feet and has His blessings. It was such a celestial vision. It is impossible to describe. and in the donation room, Baba went and sat down alone and all of us Baba made us sit down all around Him so many people were passing by, but no one could see Baba which I make for Him Baba indicated to us to keep quiet and calm. and as we sat down with Baba, Baba started speaking to us all, Renu didi was with us and Baba told her She became overwhelmed with emotion, she wanted to have a child, that was her deep wish Baba said to her “Dont be so sad, you want a child right? It will happen to you, dont worry!” she cried, and cried a lot, bitterly , and Baba blessed my Husband too, and Baba spoke about both my daughters future When I make food for Baba, it is our practice at home that we feed Baba first before eating anything ourselves and on Thursdays when Baba comes home, I get a message from Him that I will eat this, make this for me Baba is very fond of garlic chutney, Bread made of Jowar, and cooked aubergine Baba is also very fond of Jaggery. Baba says “white sugar is Poison. Eat only Jaggery.” so often I make kheer with jaggery. Baba also has said “Do not eat wheat flour, have Jowar (Sorghum) instead” Then Baba started speaking looking at me, looking in that direction, “My mother feeds me chutney, my mother feeds me Roti, I love my mother very very dearly.” “My mother takes very good care of me.” All of us were crying bitterly and Baba told my little daughter “You want to become a C.A.? You will become a C.A..” so she studying to be a commerce graduate, at the time she was very young this happened in 2015, now she has completed her 12th, Baba told her “do your C.A you will do it well” my elder daughter wanted to become a doctor, but due to some reason she was unable be one and she did her MSC instead. Baba told her “You wanted to become a doctor but did not become one, dont be disheartened, you will do well, I am with you.” we were in front of Baba and all weeping, and then Baba removed a small book from His pocket and there were 5 neem leaves in the book, and Baba gave us all 1 leaf each and before going my husband had this thought “What dakshina can I give Baba ?” then suddenly Baba told my husband “You give me 303 rupees in Dakshina.” My husband was quite stunned and wondered what the figure 303 represented we usually give Gurus figures such as 1100, 1001 or some such amount 303 was quite an odd figure and Baba spoke to us lovingly about many things, He blessed us immensely The most amazing blessing was given to Renu didi to have a child, exactly nine months later on the day of Dussera, she was blessed with a Son! and she is extremely happy! Her child is very beautiful She calls her Child Sai Prasad, becasue if she did not have Babas blessings, He would have not come into this world Her pregnancy was very difficult and had a lot of obstacles But Baba showed such Leelas that doctors were stunned that how is this possible In her third month, the baby was separated from the sac and the doctors told her this is very difficult, we are not sure what will happen then she called me worried, and I dont know what made me say this from inside, but I told her “If Baba has told you you will have child, you will have a child” and when they repeated the ultra sound, the sac was reformed and the baby was in the sac once again This is a very very big miracle All of us know science and what its implications are But when a Leela of God happens, all of science and fails in front of it So in this way, she was blessed with a child and all of us were blessed with Babas darshan in form which was astonishing Then my husband asked me that you have an old relationship with Baba, but I cannot understand what 303 signifies, the next day when we went to the samadhi Mandir, and I looked towards Baba, Baba told me I had this question in mind, Baba told me” When Tatya was ill, you had taken 303 rupees from Mrs Tarkhand, remember ?” “Since this is your last birth, I will not let be anything pending left for you to complete.” Whenever I go to Shirdi, I have a lot of love for the flowers of the Samadhi Mandir” and I never hesitate in asking the priests for flowers sometimes they dont listen to you so then when I went there this time, I requested the priest “Can you please give me these flowers?” and He did not listen to me, I was saddened, I looked at Baba and stepped back and then I felt in my heart that I asked for flowers but was refused, but next time will be given perhaps, its ok I was standing near the guard and suddenly I do not know from where, a packet came and fell into my hands there was popcorn in the packet and a photo of Babas which was identical to the clothes Baba was wearing in the Samadhi Mandir The guard was perplexed. He looked at me and asked “Mother, where did this Prasad come from ?” and I replied “I do not know where it came from.” Then Baba gave me another message “Why did you ask the priest ? I fulfil your wishes, dont ask him anything, what wishes of yours will he fulfil ?” There are numerous wonderful leelas like this of Babas that are there, in time we will definitely share those with you, Everyone is graced with Leelas and no ones life is without them. Just keep your faith in God always. Simply live your life on Babas two words “FAITH and PATIENCE” Jai Sai Ram…..

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