There Is Nothing More For You To Do with Rick Warren

By | October 9, 2019

– You pull out your message notes, I want us on this Good Friday
to look at the theme of there’s nothing more for you to do, there’s nothing more for you to do. Now I want to begin with a question, this is a little true confession here, how many of you have ever said or thought, I just can’t seem to get it all finished? Gotta see your hands. The rest of you are liars.
(congregation laughing) Alright, how many of you
have ever thought this? If I could just get a week to catch up, then I could get everything completed. How many of you have ever thought that? Yeah, okay, I’m gonna
start with the bad news, you’re never gonna get it all done. You’re just never gonna get it all done. You will die with unfinished business, because we live on a broken planet and we have a limited
amount of time, we all do, we all die with unfinished business. The world is filled with
unfinished projects, unfinished dreams, unfinished buildings, unfinished national monuments. I remember many, many years
ago when my kids were young, I took the three kids of
to see Mount Rushmore, the national monument. And the first thing Matthew said was, when are they gonna finish it, dad? Like, it’s true, it’s not finished. The guy ran out of money and
died and he left it unfinished. His son picked up the slack, worked on it for four months and gave up. One of our national
monuments is unfinished. In fact, only one person ever in history has ever finished everything
he had to do before he died, that was Jesus Christ. In John 4:34, Jesus says this. I must finish, I must finish the work that God gave me to do. Fortunately for you and
me, he did finish it, he did finish it. In fact, on this day, Good
Friday, 2,000 or so years ago, Jesus was hanging on the cross and at the end of his suffering, in John 19, the words
of Jesus are recorded and it says this, John 19:28-30, knowing that all was now
completed, it’s all finished, knowing that it all of
it was now completed, and so that Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, I’m thirsty. And after Jesus was given a drink, he said, it is finished. And with that, he bowed his
head and gave up his spirit. Now this phrase, it is finished, is called the Word of Victory. And in the Greek here,
it’s indicative tense where actually Jesus shouted these words. The reason he asked for a drink, he’d been on the cross for
hours, his voice is parched, he doesn’t have any voice, but he wants everybody to hear this so he asks for a drink. They give him a drink of
water and then he shouts out, it is finished, it’s finished! It’s done, it’s completed. Now, this is the Word of Victory. Throughout history, there’ve been many
memorable words of victory, and battles, in sports contests,
in scientific discoveries. There are a lot of famous
words that have been shouted as words of victory. I got to thinkin’ that this July will be the 50th anniversary of
man walking on the moon. This July, the 50th anniversary,
in 1969, July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts landed the lunar module on the moon and his famous words were, the Eagle– – [Congregants] Has landed. – Has landed. – How many of you remember that? The Eagle has landed? I don’t remember it, I think I was in my
mother’s womb at the time, (congregation laughing) I was a little young. People have told be about this that he said, the Eagle has landed. But these three words, it is finished, these are the most
important words in history, nothing compares to these
words, it is finished. Jesus shouts it. Now what’s ironic is when Jesus shouted these words from the
cross, it is finished, nobody understood what he meant. Nobody there had the slightest
idea what Jesus was saying when he said, it is finished. I’m sure the Roman soldiers thought, this radical revolutionary is finished, fine, we’re through with him, we washed our hands, fine, he’s gone. I’m sure the religious leaders
who had him put on the cross thought, our competition is finished. We don’t have to worry about
this Messiah guy anymore. He’s outta here, he’s finished. Pilate, the governor thought, my political headache is finished, I’m not gonna have to worry
about this guy anymore. Even the disciples, the followers of Jesus probably didn’t understand
this and they thought, yeah, it’s finished, the dream has died, the kingdom isn’t here, the
Romans haven’t been overthrown, and we’re finished. I think even the Devil misunderstood this. He thought, the Son of God is finished, I have won, I killed God. Nobody understood what Jesus
was saying when he said, it is finished. But Jesus didn’t say, I am
finished, ’cause he wasn’t. He didn’t say, I’m finished,
he said, it is finished. What, what was finished, his suffering? Yes. His pain? Yes. The humiliation of the cross,
dying a criminal’s death? Yes, but so much more. Now what I want to do for
just a few seconds tonight is look at the five things that
Jesus finished on the cross. I don’t want you to ever misunderstand what this phrase means because this is the central
thought of Christianity, of our faith. Now the first thing I
need to explain to you is that this phrase, it is finished, is just one word in Greek. When Jesus shouted it out,
he didn’t shout three words, it is finished, the phrase,
it is finished, in Greek, is the word (speaking
in a foreign language), (speaking in a foreign language). This is a very common Greek word. And in ancient Greek society,
it was used everywhere, it had a lot of different meanings. In fact it had five different meanings. And every one of these
five different meanings, Jesus was referring to that
when he shouted on the cross, it is finished. In the first place, it was
used by servants or employees. And if you had a boss and
you’d been given a job and you finished the job, you would go into the boss and say, boss or master or whatever, (speaking in a foreign language), I finished a task, okay? The job is done, the job
you gave me is completed, and of course Jesus was saying that too. The job God gave me is completed. But it just meant, the job’s done, I finished the task you gave me. But it’s also a legal term,
and judges would use the word, (speaking in a foreign
language) in a court room. In fact, they would stamp
it on prison sentences that had been commuted. When you had served your time, you did the crime, you did your time. And you would come back before the judge and the judge says, you’ve
paid your debts to society, justice has been served,
you’ve completed your sentence, you did your time, I’ll
stamp your document, (speaking in a foreign language),
justice has been served, and Jesus meant that too
when he shouted it out. It’s also an accounting term and accountants would stamp it
on bills that had been paid. It literally means, paid in full. So if you paid of your car, you stamped the bill (speaking
in a foreign language), your car’s paid off, you
own it free and clear. If your house is paid off, you stamp it (speaking
in a foreign language), paid in clear, paid in full,
the debt has been paid. This word, (speaking
in a foreign language), is found literally on tens
of thousands of documents in the ancient Middle Eastern area because it’s stamped on papyri, often on tax bills that were paid. They have tens of thousands, archeologists have found tens
of thousands of tax bills where they stamped what Jesus said, (speaking in a foreign
language), meaning paid in full, you’ve paid your debt. But it’s also a term
that artists would use, and when an artist was painting a picture, whether pastels or oils
or whatever, charcoal, and they’re finishing and they finish and the very last stroke of the brush, when the painting is completed, they would say, (speaking
in a foreign language), (speaking in a foreign language). In other words, the picture
is complete, it’s finished, there are no more details
to deal with, it’s all done. The picture is perfect, it’s exactly, every detail is done,
the painting’s finished. Finally, the fifth way this word was used was used by priests, Jewish priests when
they went to the temple. And when they would
offer a sacrifice to God, they would come out and they would say, (speaking in a foreign language), which means the sacrifice has been made. Now all five of these
phrases, the job is completed, justice has been served,
the debt has been paid, the picture is finished,
the sacrifice has been made, Jesus is saying all five of
these things when he shouts, (speaking in a foreign
language), it’s finished. This single word sums up
Christianity in a nutshell. If you get this one phrase, you will understand how
Christianity is different from every other faith, whether
it’s Buddhists or Muslim or Judaism or any other faith, it’s all different because
of this one phrase, it is finished, and there’s
nothing more for you to do. So what did Jesus actually
finish on the cross? What did he complete
by dying on the cross? What did he accomplish
by dying on the cross? Well Jesus did five things,
you might write these down. Number one, the first task that
Jesus finished on the cross is this, he fulfilled
what God had promised us. He fulfilled what God had promised us. Now for thousands of years, God had been promising to
send a Savior of the world, a Messiah, a Savior,
to forgive and save us from all of our sins. And for thousands of years, there are hundreds and
hundreds of promises of God. Now not only are there
hundreds of promises, in the Old Testament,
the old part of the Bible before Jesus called the Old Testament, there are 380 prophecies, there are predictions, says, this is what the Messiah will do, this is what the coming Savior will do. Remember at Christmas,
unto you is born this day a Savior who is Christ the Lord. When Jesus died on the cross, he fulfilled every one of the promises and every one of the predictions, or the prophecies that had been
made for thousands of years. You see, in the Old Testament, we get a partial glimpse of God, we kinda get partially the
figure, but it’s not real clear. But when Jesus comes, he
fills in all the details, he paints the picture,
he completes a picture, he gives us what it’s like. And here’s what Jesus told some people after he’d come back to life, after he’d raised on Easter Sunday, he’s talkin’ with some people
and here’s what he says in Luke 24:44-47. Jesus said, this is what I
told when I was till with you, this is before he died. Everything must be fulfilled
that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the
Prophets and the Psalms, that’s the Old Testament. He said, all the stuff
that was written about me for thousands of years
had to be fulfilled. Then he opened their minds so they could understand
Scriptures and he told them, this is what is written. The Christ will suffer
and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sin will be preached in his
name to all nations. He’s sayin’, I just
fulfilled all of the promises and all the predictions,
all the prophecies that had been given
for thousands of years. 2 Corinthians 1 says this, verse 20, all of God’s promises have
been fulfilled in him. That’s why we say Amen when we give glory to God through Christ. There are over 7,000
promises in this book, and they’re all yours to be claimed because of what Jesus did, he paid for these promises
to be fulfilled in your life. – There’s a second thing that Jesus finished for us on the cross, he satisfied what God’s justice required. He finished that for us. God is a God of justice, God
is a God who is always fair. People can be unfair, God cannot be unfair because He’s perfect, so that’s who He is. And the reason you and I
have this sense of fairness, what’s right, what’s wrong, is because we’re created
in the image of God. God made every one of us, and our sense of fairness
reflects the fact that God is a God of justice and fairness. And God is a God of laws. He’s the Creator and
everything that He’s made runs according to laws that work, and I’m glad that they do work. There are laws of physics
and laws of chemistry and laws of mathematics
that work every time. That’s why the world runs and the universe runs like it runs. But it’s also true, personally. There are laws of physical
laws and spiritual laws and moral laws that God gave. You can read that God gave
His moral laws to Moses and to the people of Israel,
but it wasn’t just for them. He said, I want you to
take these moral laws, I want you to share ’em
with the whole world because it’s how relationships work, it’s how the world works. God gave us these laws and you and I have two problems with that. Number one, we can’t keep ’em. We are completely unable to
keep all of God’s perfect laws. Now some people keep some
of them some of the time but none of us keep all
of them all the time, because we’re not perfect, none of us are. And you want to say the right thing, you don’t want to hurt somebody but you end up sayin’ the wrong thing. You want to do the right thing, you’re really committed to it, but you end up doing the wrong thing. The Bible says this in Romans 8:3-4, the Law of Moses could not save us, because of our sinful nature. But God put into effect a
different plan to save us. He sent His own Son in
a human body like ours, except that ours are sinful. God destroyed sin’s control over us by giving His Son as a
sacrifice for our sins. He did this so that the
requirement of the law would be fully accomplished for us who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the Spirit. So Jesus, the only person who ever followed God’s law completely gave himself for you and I so that he could offer us something we could not attain on our own. God knew from the beginning that we could never gain a
relationship with Him by the law, the Law of Moses could not save us. But He also knew that
He had a different way to solve our problem. The first problem is, we’re unable to keep God’s perfect law. The second problem is, justice requires that
lawbreakers pay a penalty. If I break a law, there is a penalty. Fairness requires consequences
to all of our actions. If I stole money from you, if I was caught stealing money from you and there was no consequences for that, that just would not be
fair, we all know that, and God has this sense of fairness. And you and I in our
relationship with Him, we know that we’ve all
broken a lot of God’s laws. But there’s some good news, this is what Jesus finished
for us on the cross. Jesus did for us what God’s
justice requires from us. In fact you might write that down, Jesus did for us what God’s
justice requires from us. He finished what we could not finish so He could offer us something we could never gain on our own. Hebrews 5:9, this verse up on the screen, after Jesus finished
his work on the cross, he became the source of eternal salvation for everyone who obeys him. Jesus is able to do that because Jesus satisfied God’s justice. He did it for me, he did it for you, he did it for all mankind,
and he offers that to us. Romans 10:4 says, Christ ended the law so that anyone who believes
in him may be right with God, anyone who believes in him. How does this become true in your life? You believe, you trust
in what he did for you. And he says, I want to give you what you could not gain on your own. Romans 5:18 sums up everything
we’re been talkin’ about the last couple minutes,
here is is in a nutshell. Just as one person, Adam, did it wrong, and got us all in trouble, this
trouble with sin and death, another person did it right,
Jesus, and got us out of it. But more than just
getting us out of trouble, he got us into life. – So Jesus fulfilled God’s
promises on the cross and Jesus satisfied God’s
justice on the cross. Here’s the third thing that
he completed on the cross, he paid off the debt I owed God, he paid off the debt that I owed God. You owe something to
everybody you’ve ever hurt or offended or have sinned against, you owe something to them. But you’re also in deeper debt to God and that’s a debt you would never possibly be able to repay on your own. But here’s the good news, Colossians 2, the Bible says this, verse 14, we owed a debt because
we’ve broken God’s laws. And that debt listed all the
rules we’ve failed to follow. But, here’s the good part,
but God forgave our debt and He canceled our debt
by nailing it to the cross. Can you imagine if tonight, you went home and all of a sudden you got a call from Visa or Mastercard, and they called up and said, we have decided to cancel all your debt. We’re just gonna wipe it out,
your record is wiped clean, you are forgiven, it’s all forgotten. We’re calling it our new
(speaking in a foreign language) program.
(congregation laughing) Paid in full, you’re free. Would you like that? Oh yeah, would you feel free? Oh yeah, you’d want to rejoice because that’s what happens
when your debt is forgiven. That’s what Jesus Christ did on the cross, he paid off the debt that I owed God. Colossians 1:14, God’s Son paid the price, God’s Son paid the price to free us, which means that our sins are forgiven. Which sins are forgiven? All of ’em, all of ’em,
every single one of them. Just to have it all wiped out, to have you debt paid
off by somebody else, that’s an amazing thing
that Jesus Christ did. Couple years ago, Kay and I decided we had
never seen the colors of New England in the fall. So we flew back to Boston
and we rented a car and drove around the 13
states of New England for about 10 days, just
lookin’ at all the color. And in one of the little
hotels that we checked into, as we walked in, we saw a
family standin’ over here, and as we’re checkin’ in, I noticed, they’re like staring at us. You could feel like their
eyes are burning in, staring at us. And so, yeah, I didn’t pay
any, much more attention to it but then we went up to our room. The next morning we go down
and I go down to check out, and as I start to check out,
the clerk says, well sir, your bill has already been taken care of. I said, by who? He said, by that guy. And evidently the guy had recognized us and he had already gone over that morning and paid off my night’s bill. I go, you’re my new best friend. (congregation laughing) And so I went over and
talked to him for a while, met him and found out
what state he was from and he listens to Daily Hope on the radio. And I’m just goin’,
you’re my new best friend. Jesus wants to be your best friend. He’s just paid off all your
debt that you owed to God. Now the Bible says this in Hebrews 10:18, now that sins have been forgiven, there’s no need to offer
any more sacrifices. You know what your problem is, your problem is you keep
tryin’ to pay for sins that have already been paid for. You keep tryin’ to pay
for sins in your life that have already been paid for. Jesus Christ paid for every
sin you have ever committed and ever will. He’s even paid for the
ones you haven’t done yet, the ones you’re gonna do next week, next year, and in 10 years. When he paid on the cross
for all the sins of humanity, he died for every one of ’em, there’s not any that’s left out. But so many people go around
carrying unnatural guilt because they don’t realize
their sin has been forgiven. And in their mind, they’re goin’, you know, maybe if I just do
this, then God will forgive me. Maybe if I do that, then
God will forgive me. Maybe if I’m good in this
area, God will forgive me. You’re trying to pay for sins that have already been paid for, they don’t need to be paid for twice. Jesus Christ paid for every stupid mistake I’ve made in life, every stupid
mistake you’ve made in life, every sin, every error,
every fault, every weakness. You don’t need to pay for
’em, that’s good news. He paid off the debt that I owed God. There is nothing more you can do! There’s nothin’ more you can do. It’s not like, well if
I do this thing now, God’s gonna smile at me and He’ll kind of even the score here. I did all this bad stuff, I gotta do this good
stuff to make it even. That’s not in God’s mind, there’s nothing more you can do. It’s already been paid for, (speaking in a foreign language), it is finished, paid in full! All your sins have been
completely paid for, even the future ones, alright? Here’s the fourth thing
Jesus did, alright? He fulfilled God’s promises,
satisfied God’s justice, paid off the debt I owed God. Number four, he defeated,
this is a big one, he defeated the fear of death. On the cross, Jesus
defeated the fear of death. And you know what, I’ve been in countries
all around the world, you know what I’ve discovered? It’s a universal fear,
everybody has a fear of death. You ever want to kill a conversation, invite some friends over
to your house for a party and say, let’s talk about death (congregation laughing) and see how far that goes. This is a universal fear, but when Jesus was on the cross, he broke the fear of death
and the power of death. The Bible says this, Romans 5:17, the sin of one man, Adam,
caused death to rule over us, but all who receive God’s wonderful, gracious gift of righteousness,
that’s the gift of grace, will live in triumph over sin and death through this one man, Jesus Christ. How did he break the sin, the power of sin and death in our lives,
next verse, Hebrews 2:14-15. Jesus became flesh and
blood, became a human being, by being born in human form. For only a human being, as
a human being could he die. God can’t die so He had
to come as a human being, only as a human being could he die, and only by dying could He
break the power of the Devil, who had the power of death. Only in this way could He deliver those who have lived all of their lives as slaves to the fear of dying. Let me explain something, if Jesus Christ had not been resurrected, you wouldn’t have any idea
that there’s life after death. The only reason you know
that there’s life after death is because Jesus Christ resurrected. If Jesus Christ had not resurrected, you’d just be guessing,
you’d have no proof, you’d’ have no knowledge
that there’s anything, at death, that’s the end,
it’s over, you’re done. The only reason you know today
that there’s life after death is because Jesus Christ resurrected. Now let me just put this perspective, nobody else is resurrected,
Jesus Christ is. A lot of times you read
these books about people who die for a few hours and then they supposedly go to heaven, and then they come back
and they come back to life. That’s not a resurrection,
that’s a resuscitation. (congregants laughing) Okay, resurrection means you’re buried in the
ground for three days, you’ve been dead for three days and now you’re, that’s a resurrection! Nobody else is resurrected and all those books about goin’ to heaven, I saw this and saw that
and the bright light, you can just throw ’em all away, okay? You just throw ’em all away, just trust this one right here, ’cause there’s only one
guy who’s been resurrected. You can get resuscitated, you can faint and I can resuscitate you. You can be in a coma and people get resuscitated all the time. Resurrection means you’ve
been dead for days, and only Jesus did that. Now this, by the way,
this whole thing here of defeating the fear of death, this is what Jesus, what
baptism illustrates. You know, at Saddleback,
we don’t sprinkle, or we don’t pour water on people, we actually put people under the water and bring ’em back up, why? Well in the first place, the word (speaking in a
foreign language) in Greek means to immerse, that’ what it means. But as a second place, it’s the only way that
you could picture a death and a burial and a resurrection. And the baptism represents Jesus dying, being buried in the ground
and coming back to life. And Jesus, baptism represents
that you are gonna die and buried in ground and come back to life because of what Jesus did on the cross. Here’s what the Bible says, Romans 6:4. By our baptism, then,
we were buried with him and shared in his death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father. And here at Saddleback Church, over 50,000 adults have been
baptized at Saddleback Church. Now there’s a fifth reason that
Jesus said, it is finished, and the fifth task that
he finished is this, this is a big one, he destroyed
Satan’s power to control me. This is a big one, he destroyed
Satan’s power to control me. He did that on the cross. In the death of the Son
of God on the cross, there’s a cosmic battle goin’
on between good and evil. And from a human standpoint, when you look at Jesus on the cross, it looks like evil’s winning, it looks like evil’s winning,
it looked like Satan had won. And when Jesus up his spirit and dies, Satan goes, I did it, I
won, I killed God, I won! But three days later, surprise, he’s back. On the cross, Jesus cries out,
shouts out, it is finished! Not I’m finished, it is finished! But three days later,
Satan’s goin’, uh-oh, I’m finished, I’m finished. Now let me be frank with you, if you don’t know Jesus Christ, if you don’t have his spirit in your life, you are flat out powerless
against Satan’s traps and tricks. You don’t have any power at all, you have no power against Satan. You have no power against evil if you don’t have God’s
Spirit in your life. Now the Bible says, if
you have God’s Spirit, greater is He that is in you than is he that is in the world. But you don’t have any of that power unless you get God’s Spirit inside you. How does Satan manipulate you? He manipulates you through thoughts, he manipulates you through suggestions. And his two favorite
ways to manipulate you are by temptation and by condemnation, temptation, condemnation, What he does is he tempts you,
goes, this is no big deal, it’s no big, everybody’s
doin’ it, go ahead and do it, and he minimizes a sin
of rebellion before. The moment you do it, he maximizes, goin’, well God’s never gonna love you again, forget that, you’re goin’
to hell, forget that, and on and on. And so he maximizes the consequences, he minimizes ’em before you do it, temptation and condemnation. Now notice what Jesus did in these verses. Jesus destroyed first
the power of temptation, Colossians 1:13, God has freed
us from the power of darkness and brought us into the
kingdom of His dear Son, He destroys that power. Second, He destroys Satan’s
power to accuse you. Satan can’t condemn you anymore, why? ‘Cause you’re completely forgiven. If God’s forgiven you, God likes you and you like you, Satan’s got a problem. Colossians 2:15, God
took away Satan’s power to accuse you of sin, he
can’t accuse you anymore. And He openly displayed the
whole world Christ’s triumph at the cross where your
sins were all taken away. The cross was God’s fatal blow to evil, the cross was God’s fatal blow to Satan. He didn’t even know what was
goin’ on, he lost his power. You say, well it seems to me that Satan’s got a lot of power today. Satan is living on borrowed
time, his days are numbered. You know, if you go out to the desert and you see a rattlesnake
or any kind of snake and you cut off the head of that snake, the snake’ll still wiggle for a while. He’s dead and doesn’t know it. Satan is dead and doesn’t know it. He was fatally wounded at the
cross, his days are numbered. He’s dead and doesn’t
know it, he’s cooked. And if you have accepted
God’s Spirit into your life, inside you, Satan only has
power that you yield to him. He doesn’t have any power over
you if you don’t yield it. But if you yield him power,
how do you yield him power? Through fear, that yields power to Satan. Through bitterness, through anxiety, through givin’ into temptation. Yeah, you can yield power to Satan but he doesn’t have any power over you unless you yield it to him because Jesus destroyed his power to control me on the cross. Okay, let me summarize this. When Jesus dies on the cross and he says, (speaking in a foreign
language), it is finished, he’s sayin’, I fulfilled
all of God’s promises, I satisfied God’s judgment
so you don’t have to pay, you know, go to prison. I paid off the debt that you owed God, I defeated the fear of death,
you don’t have to be afraid. I’m not afraid to die,
I know where I’m goin’. He destroyed Satan’s power to control you. All five of these benefits
are potentially yours. They’re not yours yet,
they’re potentially yours, you just need to accept them, you need to accept these five benefits. Now you know, I’ve been
a pastor a long time and I’ve actually talked
to a lot of people who hesitate to accept God’s gift of what Jesus did on
the cross out of fear. And the fear is, well I’m
afraid that if I accept the Lord into my life, I won’t be
able to keep myself saved. Let me tell you, you can’t,
you can’t keep yourself saved, but it’s not your job, that’s his job too. There’s nothing left for you to do, it’s not your job, it’s
God’s job to keep you saved. Look at what the Bible says,
this verse, Philippians 1:6. You can be certain, this is not
a wish, this is a certainty, you can be certain of this. God who began His good work within you, will continue His work in you
until it is finally finished, (speaking in a foreign language), finally finished on that day
when Christ comes back again. God finishes every single thing He starts, including your salvation,
that’s included too. Now let me just say this,
the fact of life is, you’re gonna die with
some unfinished business. There’s gonna be some things that you wished you’d done with your life that you didn’t get done. You’re gonna have some
regrets, some remorse, not everything’s gonna get done. But there’s one thing in your life, and it’s the most important thing that has already been finished,
that is your salvation, because it was done 2,000 years ago. Ephesians 2:8 says this,
saving, being saved, is all His idea, God’s
idea, and it’s all His work. You don’t work for it,
it’s all God’s work, Jesus did it on the cross. Saving is all His idea, all His work. All we do is trust Him, all we do is trust Him
enough to let Him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish. Do you see now why I call this message, There’s Nothin’ More for You to Do, There’s Nothing More for You to Do? I mean, what if I took a paintbrush and I tried to improve the Mona Lisa? It’d be stupid. What if I took a chisel
and tried to improve Michelangelo’s statue of David? It’d be stupid. What if I tried to add to my salvation and make myself saved by
all the good things I do? It would be stupid. It’s the same thing, you
can’t add anything to it. You see, what I’m saying is the difference between Christianity
and every other faith. Every other faith is the
difference between do and done. All the other religions
have a list of dos, and they’ve all got their
list of dos and don’ts and even the secular religions
have their dos and don’ts, and political correctness,
and you do all these things, and you don’t do all these things. But when it comes to a
relationship with Christ, it’s all been done, all been done. I’ll never forget many years ago, a guy appeared on the patio. After service came up to me and he goes, Pastor Rick, tell me, what do
I need to do to go to heaven? What do I need to do to go to heaven? And I looked at him and I
just wanted to shock him and I said, you’re too late.
(congregation laughing) (Rick laughing) He wasn’t expecting this
from a pastor, okay? I said, oh no, you’re too late. Oh come on, tell me what I gotta do. You’re too late. Say, what do you mean I’m too late? There’s nothing left you can do, it was all done for you 2,000 years ago! (speaking in a foreign language), it is finished!
(congregation cheering) It’s finished,
(congregation applauding) there’s nothing left for you to do, you can’t add any thing to it.
(congregation applauding) You can’t make the Mona Lisa
look better, it is finished. I have just given you the death benefits of the death of Jesus Christ. Past forgiven, purpose for
livin’, home in heaven. Past forgiven, purpose for
living, home in heaven. Where are you gonna get
that from anybody else? There is no other place,
there’s no other place. You need to stop trying to pay for sins that have already been paid for. You need to stop beatin’ yourself up, trying to atone for your own sins. You can stop hanging yourself on a cross because Jesus was hung on a cross for you. He was hung up for your hang-ups. All you gotta do is just accept it, there is nothing more for you to do. Let’s bow our heads. Would you pray this
simple prayer in humility and in honesty and authenticity to God? It actually doesn’t even
matter the words you say as much as your attitude of
humility and authenticity. But just say something,
let’s say, Jesus Christ, thank you for dying for
me, say it in your mind. Jesus Christ, thank you for dying for me. Thank you that you paid off
the debt that I owed God. Thank you that you satisfied justice. It’s not fair for me to go free, I should have to pay for my
sins but you paid or them. You satisfied God’s justice. Thank you for keeping your promise. And God, thank you for
sending a Savior to Earth ’cause I certainly can’t save myself. Thank you for defeating the fear of death, that I can know there’s life after death because Jesus resurrected. And thank you that you
destroyed Satan’s power to control me, I don’t want
to be controlled by evil. I want to be controlled by good. So as much as I know how, I humbly say, I believe in you, I accept your gift, and I want to spend the rest of my life just getting to know you
and learning to love you, and being grateful for
what you did for me, that I could not do for myself. Thank you that you loved me that much. I humbly pray this, in your name, Amen. – Thanks for checkin’ out
this message on YouTube. My name is Jay and I’m
Saddleback’s online pastor. I want to invite you
to take your next step by checking out our online community or help get you connected to
a local Saddleback campus. Three things we have
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16 thoughts on “There Is Nothing More For You To Do with Rick Warren

  1. Denise RB Post author

    Amen! God bless you for this wonderful an touching word.

  2. Beverly Cramp Post author

    28:58 wow, I understand so much more and I can clearly see the pattern now! Thank you!

  3. dgmoocher D r Post author

    I always enjoy hearing you speak. Thank you for sharing your lectures. Midway you mention about Satan temptimg people by getting into their thoughts. My question is does that make Satan omniscient and omnipresent? Thank you again.

  4. Grant Jonathan Sanford Post author

    There is no such thing as "sin". People make mistakes, even selfish, cruel mistakes. But often times we learn valuable lessons from those mistakes and are better people for them.
        Other people however intentionally feast on the lives of the innocent and are in no way remorseful nor repentant.
        To categorize these very different actions together with the one word "sin" is disingenuous and deceitful.
         Jesus was invented to make worthless cowards of men. So that our most precious and vulnerable members, who are powerless to defend themselves, would have no defenders nor protectors.
         What kind of leader would encourage people to identify with sheep in such deceitful world, while disparaging wolves who are superior to sheep in every way except in their propencity to be exploited by men?
         What kind of son would be more preoccupied with pleasing his invisible sky-daddy than anything else, while making no mention of the carpenter who fed him and clothed him and wiped his sorry ass?
         What kind of man would let a Women wash his feet with Her tears?
         What kind of teacher would speak in parables while claiming we cannot hear?
         What kind of degenerate god would propagate the ridiculous notion that people and gods who murder their own to gain victim status and sympothy on the world stage are superior to everyone else?
         I am a man and I am careful to make sense, and you hear me loud and clear.

  5. Vladimir Goodness Post author

    John 4 34
    John 19 28-30
    1) Fulfilled what God has promised to us (savior)
    Luke 24 44-47
    Romans 8 3-4
    2) Jesus did for us what's God's justice recuires from us (we don't need to give back)
    Hebrews 5 9
    Romans 10 4
    Rom 5 18
    3) He payed the debt we owed to God
    Colossians 2 14
    Hebrews 10 18
    23 00
    4) Defeated the fear of death
    Romans 5 17
    Hb 2 14-15
    Rom 6 4
    5) He destroyed Satan's power to control me
    His tools:
    Colossians 1 13- free
    Colossians 2 15- (he can't accuse you anymore)
    His days are numbered
    Ph 1 6 (God finished every single thing he starts including your salvation)
    Eph 2 8

  6. DeeDee McGovern Post author

    Rick Warren this message so much speaks to my life…… my facebook i use as a tool to encourage other people.

  7. Leo881971 Post author

    Tetelestai! (My new favourite word)

    What did Jesus Christ accomplish by volunteering His life to die for us:

    Jesus Fulfilled what God had promised us.
    A Messiah, a Saviour, to save us.
    Every promise, over 7,000 and every prediction.

    Luke 24:44-47 NIV

    Jesus satisfied God justice.
    Yahweh God is a God of a Justice and fairness.

    Romans 5:14

    Jesus paid off the debt I owed to God.

    Colossians 2:14 ICB
    Colossians 1:14
    Hebrews 10:18

    Jesus defeated the fear of death😘

    Romans 5:17
    Hebrews 2:14-15 NLT
    Romans 6:4 TEV

    Jesus destroyed satans power to destroy me. Amen Jesus 😘

    Satan gets you through temptation and condemnation

    Col 1:13 Living Bible
    Col 2:15 Living Bible

    Jesus NEVER said He is finished 🤣

  8. ray Seckler Post author

    Yes there is more to do, get away.from this religious sicko, he is a death to a.person who is as church pew Warmer's , no Spiritual wisdom does he have, leave him n his phoney agenda !!

  9. Resa J Post author

    18:03 are there two different debts we are to pay? Do we still owe a debt to man? Jesus paid our debt to God but how do we pay our debt to “everybody u ever hurt, offended or sinned against”?

  10. 40bambina Post author

    Im telling you now, the word is the best organic nourishment you can ever absorb. Nourishment because it feeds the soul and restores the spirit. My soul feels so completely nourished by this message. There's nothing more for me to do, but rejoice. Thank you for a great message. Glad to see you recovering well. Bless you in the name of our Lord and Savior.

  11. ron jordan Post author

    Good breakdown of the gospel. Love the straight forward language instead of the twenty syllable words most theologians like to use to befuddle us with. My only critique is that there is no mention of repentance.

  12. ron jordan Post author

    Yeah the debt is paid but you can't just go on willfully sinning.

  13. Joyful in the Blessed Hope Post author

    There is just one problem with Pastor Rick's message here and although what he has relayed may be true one very important message to his flock is missing. The message of REPENTANCE!!!!

    So your title for this message Pastor Rick is incomplete – "There is nothing more for you to do" – REALLY???

    There is no salvation without REPENTANCE, Jesus did indeed complete what he was sent to do but we are also to repent and turn away from sin. I only wish I could hear this in your messages, but everything I've heard on this subject never seems to give the message of Repentance. Why? or have I missed something here?…..

  14. Eric G. L. PINZELLI Post author

    Powerful message as always but Jesus didn't say or shout "tetelestai", on the cross before dying, he wasn't speaking in ancient Greek.

  15. Sujith Philip Post author

    6:50 Didn't Jesus speak Aramaic? NT was later written in Greek and that's how Tetelestai came in. Jesus wouldn't have said the word Tetelestai


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