The VERY FIRST Song I Wrote When I Chose to Convert Catholic!!! – My Catholic Perspective

By | September 1, 2019

Hey There, ALIgator! Are you here to
gnaw on information and attack misconceptions?! Then you’ll
have to come back tomorrow. Today for day 31 of vLent I’m going to be
fulfilling Cary Harris’s request of playing a song! She did ask me to play my
favorite worship song but I decided I’m gonna play something else. Before I
joined RCIA, I had left Kalamazoo in a month-long journey of living out of my
truck. I drove south and took my guitar and my
two little dogs and lived in my truck for about a month and played my guitar
on the street for money for gas. There was a lot of dysfunction going on within
my family getting away was the only way I knew how to deal with it.
I wrote a different song about that called ‘runaway’ but that’s for a
different day. The song I’ll be playing today is the song that I wrote when I
decided I was going to drive back home It’s called “You Determine Your Fate.” So,
Cary, this one’s dedicated to you! I’m a little under the weather, so you guys are getting just the first take of that. I can’t do it over and over to get it perfect, so… I’ll be launching a Patreon account soon though, and one of the goals I have is to actually produce and distribute music on iTunes and different media, So stay tuned for that link because if you’re able to contribute to that, then I’ll be able to produce and get more music officially
recorded and distributed to all of you to buy. Maybe if you’re a patron you’ll
actually just get it for free hmm. But God bless you all. Thank you so much for
tuning in. Know that I am offering my current suffering up for all of you!
Happy to be here today though, so thankful for that. But until next time.
We’ll see you later ALIgator!

19 thoughts on “The VERY FIRST Song I Wrote When I Chose to Convert Catholic!!! – My Catholic Perspective

  1. eric mourinho Post author

    Hey ali try hail queen of heaven. Beautiful song about our lady

  2. Jose Nilo Bulao Post author

    Very nice song… Thanks Ali-Marie… God bless you always

  3. Paddy BEME Post author

    Wow that was great, you made this southern guy get a lump in his throat lol the lyrics to that song really ment a lot to me I can see alot if my past my life story in the lyrics to that song 😉 thank you so much for sharing that with us and if you're still feeling under the weather i hope you get better
    may God bless you and peace be with you always

  4. Marcus Cicero Post author

    Thank you for sharing. GOD bless you sister Ali 😁

  5. Emma Lou Nicole Post author

    I’m crying that was beautiful!!!! You have no idea how bad I needed to here those lyrics

  6. Carlos Molina Post author

    You definitely have talent, i know many people told you this before. For me the lyrics and the music are really good i hope you will see your dreams come true some day i really believe you can do it (and He can help you a little) i would like to listen your other songs also.
    God bless you Ali-Marie! ! !

  7. Michael Sauro Post author

    Beautiful song you have a lot of talent. I enjoy your videos they're very informative.

  8. Carlos Molina Post author

    I forgot to tell you that you can count on me financially and with prayers and all what i can help. Bye

  9. Kaitan D'lima Post author

    You made my day❤ you are a beautifully talented girl.. liked the meaningful lyrics👍👍🐊🐊🐊

  10. Conserva Religious Post author

    Beautiful song and beautiful voice !!!👏👏👏👏

  11. Jacob Laan Post author

    That was a beautiful inspirational song. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. mm m Post author

    This is good, the lyrics are good. Usually to be honest I don't like christian songs because I think they are pretentious. This is pretty good though,

  13. The Frank Friar Post author

    Great singer. Wow!!! Bravo. Smile on with joy. Thanks for the music.

  14. Kevin K Post author

    At what age did you convert ? from what religion ? I was born Catholic (the last of 7 children). I bet you did the whole baptism thing . I don't remember mine . I was a baby !


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