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By | September 8, 2019

(waves crashing on the beach) ST. AUGUSTINE LIBBY: I think I finally
understand the Trinity. Uh, what are you doing? BOY WITH SEASHELL KAI: I’m gonna pour the entire
ocean into this hole. ST. AUGUSTINE LIBBY: Impossible! You can’t fit the ocean
into that tiny little hole. BOY WITH SEASHELL KAI: And you can’t fit the Trinity
into your tiny little brain. (giggles) ST. AUGUSTINE LIBBY: Well played God, well played. (upbeat electric guitar music) LIBBY: Today, we’ll be talking about one of the most mysterious
teachings of the Catholic faith, The Trinity. KAI: When I say God, what’s the first image that pops into your head? GAMER KAI: An old guy with a beard. Special skill, laying down
the law on a mountain top. KAI: Well, God certainly showed
himself to the Jewish people as law-giver. (8-bit music) LIBBY: But Catholics believe
there’s more to God than that. KAI: The Trinity is a way
of describing who God is. Catholics believe that
God is three, tri, persons in one, unity. Tri-unity, trinity. LIBBY: While Catholics believe that
God officially has no gender and encompasses both
masculinity and femininity, we call the persons of
The Trinity the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Because those are the terms Jesus used. He referred to the God
of the Jewish people as His Father, and even
went a step further by saying whoever has seen
me has seen the Father. KAI: And referring to Himself as the Son. Not just a son. LIBBY: And he gave the Holy
Spirit to his disciples by breathing on them,
describing him as a helper. GAMER KAI: Whoa, whoa whoa, one God I get. Multiple Gods, I get. Trinity from the Matrix? I get. But are you trying to say
Catholics worship a God with multiple personality disorder? (snorts) KAI: No, the Trinity is not one person with some sort of disorder, but three persons, eternally
and timeless joined in a loving communion. LIBBY: As Scripture tells us, God is love, and whoever remains in
love remains in God and God in him. KAI: As the great Christian evangelist, C.S. Lewis once pointed out
in his book Mere Christianity, if God is love, then He can’t
be a single individual alone. LIBBY: For God to be love, He
must bear within Himself a community of persons. There must be at least
a lover and a beloved and the love between them. Even though Jesus had an earthly life where He was born and died, Catholics believe that He
was part of the Trinity before time even existed. So the Father loved the Son eternally without beginning or end. LIBBY: And the Son, the beloved,
loves the Father back with complete generosity. KAI: And the love with which
they love each other is its own person, the Holy Spirit. LIBBY: And don’t worry if
you don’t fully get it. It’s taken centuries to figure out how to even speak about the Trinity. KAI: First, God revealed
himself to the Jewish people. LIBBY: But it took a while
before they were ready to go from our God is an awesome God, among the gods of the nations, to God revealing that he is the one God. I am who am. Being itself, goodness itself. KAI: And it took God Himself coming to earth as a human being for the
Church to get a sense of the deeper mystery at the heart of God. God is one community. LIBBY: Not just one person. KAI: Right, not a lonely divinity-wielding, incredible cosmic power in isolation, but persons in relationship. GAMER KAI: Oh, that’s still not clear. LIBBY: That’s why Catholics have come up with tons of metaphors over the centuries. KAI: The early Church fathers used the image of a cosmic divine dance. St. Patrick used a shamrock. LIBBY: Others have used the images of water, ice, and steam. Or parts of an egg. Or even the idea of God as
author inserting Himself as a character in a story He’s writing. KAI: And these are all somewhat helpful, but inadequate. All of them fail to fully explain how the Trinity are three in one. Which, Catholics believe
will always be a mystery. LIBBY: And there’s a lesson to be learned from the mystery itself. KAI: In His fullness, God is
beyond all human comprehension. More vast than what we can know. Any name or image is only
an attempt to explain or understand Him. LIBBY: But even though it’s hard
to wrap your mind around, the Trinity is actually the heart of the Catholic faith. KAI: Catholics start out
their lives as Catholics by being baptized in
the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. LIBBY: Not names. KAI: According to Jesus’
specific instructions. LIBBY: Then throughout life, Catholics invoke the Trinity
during every Sacrament and each time they make
the Sign of the Cross. GAMER KAI: Okay but sorry, why does it matter how many persons there are? LIBBY: One of the benefits is that
it gives us multiple points of access to come to know and love God. KAI: For example, even if it’s hard for you to relate to God as Father, you can build a relationship with the same divine
essence through Jesus. LIBBY: And, ultimately, the Trinity teaches us something concrete about what love is and how we can love better
in our everyday lives. Loving like the Trinity
isn’t natural for us. KAI: It’s actually supernatural. We can’t do it without God’s grace. LIBBY: But we can get all of God’s grace, and God Himself, through the Sacraments. KAI: Once we’re drawing on
that divine life and love, we can offer that love back
to God and to our neighbor. LIBBY: That means living the responsibilities and bearing the burdens of our daily lives with radical love. KAI: We can all strive to go above and beyond for our friends and our family, to be loving and kind even
when we don’t feel like it. Thanks for watching Catholic Central, I’m Kai. LIBBY: And I’m Libby. Check out website at and subscribe to us on YouTube. KAI: Until next time, love like the Father, live like the Son, and trust in the help of the Holy Spirit. (upbeat music)

4 thoughts on “The Trinity | Catholic Central

  1. Candersson Swedican Post author

    Here, i will let Kate Hartiman explain it she is a graduate of Notre Dame.

  2. C S Post author

    God is one. No 3 persons in one

    If you guys understood what if you have seen me you have seen the father means, it means to know him, just like do you see what I mean??

    I don’t understand why Trinitarian’s failed to get that, they don’t understand he i and the father are one verse either, when Jesus said may they be one just as we are one.

    God himself says he is a single he tens of thousands of times in the Bible, not one time does he say he’s a multi personal God, Jesus warns us of such a thing

    I used to be a Trinitarian, because that’s all I knew, but it never sat right with me, I know every verse, and was tired of the excuses of how they twist them to say what they want them to say

    God bless

  3. C S Post author

    The reason why the Trinity started off the way it did, is because of bloodshed, largely by the Catholic Church, if you did not believe that Jesus was God, or in a Trinity, you were excommunicated, persecuted or killed.

    First John 5:7 was a fabrication by the Catholic Church that is well known now I’m a take a look at the NIV

    People don’t want to listen to what Jesus said, when you said the only true God is the father, they want to listen to the creeds of men, Greek philosophers, and Roman emperors, who came up with their version of who God is

    Back then, men were called gods and mighty God, and Lord’s…It was used as a title over people, people need to understand the language, like if I said I’m mad about you, some people might take it as an insult….It all has to do about the language,

    All I can say is I will pray for everybody, God bless

  4. C S Post author

    With all due respect, I watched your video, God did not come in flesh to say they are not his words to speak, not his doctrine, the only true God is the father, I can do nothing, and only the father knows the final hour, and leave the Holy Spirit completely out of it.

    It’s amazing people have tried to make certain things so complicated out of the simple words of Jesus.

    The only true God is the father, and got himself said he is alone, it’s not more complicated than that

    This is what happens when people follow doctrines of men, the Trinity has so many holes in it, it could only have been invented by men.

    The Bible says come now, let us reason together, but Trinitarianism unfortunately does not let people reason together, it used to be over the threat of death.

    Now they call you not a Christian, or delete your comments, where not one verse in the entire Bible does it say God is three persons, they see that because they want to believe it already

    Read Mark 12, Jesus agreed with the Jewish scribe and their Shema who God is, he never corrected them, he never said God in three persons in one, they believe the same Shema to this very day

    God bless!!


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