The Sanity of The Family | G. K. Chesterton

By | September 1, 2019

Nothing could be madder, in the treatment
of women, than to take them from conditions that are natural to women, and then put them
in conditions that are unnatural for anybody. Nothing could be madder, except calling it
the emancipation of women. There is no old crazy tale to compare with
the notion of making a free wife and mother dependent on a commercial monopoly, and then
calling it the economic independence of women. The men of Gotham who fished for the moon
in the pond, are but faintly figurative of the folly of those who fish for the light
of liberty in the muddy pool of modern industrialism. The same philosophers, when they imprisoned
the cuckoo in a hedge to keep the spring, were wiser than their followers who imprison
woman in a factory to free her soul. And in the end the English laughter will open
like an earthquake and swallow them. We shall never return to social sanity till
we begin at the beginning. We must start where all history starts with
a man and a woman, and a child, and with the province of liberty and property which these
need for their full humanity.

77 thoughts on “The Sanity of The Family | G. K. Chesterton

  1. Earth 1 Unauthorized Post author

    so, uh… they watched this on Red Bar yesterday

  2. kidart89 Post author

    1791 + Chesterton …. so epic I had to double checked when this showed up on my main page 🙌🏻!!!

  3. Clayton R. Post author

    He has always been one of my favorite authors.

  4. spacegirl226 Post author

    This video ended before I was ready! I need more!

    So good, Lex. Thank you.

  5. Lachlan Phillips Post author

    A man, a woman and a child.

    It's not discounting anyone else's choice, but this has always been, and will always be the ultimate expression of the human condition.

    Beautifully made.

  6. Sizifus Post author

    Modern industry: "You are made free. so you could make us more money"

  7. Don Krotee Post author

    Nice work. It's easy to retreat using your fun, rehearsed and well-produced choreography to "this beginning" but, you might put aside your blaze of earning and the subset market, in which you fish and pander and, take on, even for a second, the realities of "where do we go from here?".

  8. Duck Post author

    Did the "Russia: The Ghost Power" video get deleted?

  9. 888dni888 Post author

    I enjoy and agree with a lot of 1791 videos, but this is a horribly regressive turn. Telling young men that the freedom of women hurts both their economic prospects and the stability of the traditional family model is nothing but scaremongering. Never have we been freer to choose our path, whether it be the pursuit of a career, raising children to continue our legacy, or both.
    Anyone looking back on the 50's through their rose-tinted glasses needs to do a bit more reading about what it was really like to live in those times.

  10. Wood Chisel Post author

    Women have always had indirect power but weak pathetic men gave them direct power. And so solipsistic sophistic Female nature has taken it natural course and the west declines. Eaten from within like cancer. Islam is the only chemo I can see. It is the nuclear option. It might kill us but it might save us.

  11. PCproffesorx Post author

    interesting , but the title is kind of gross its like your trying to make a new JQ for females. The essay has some valuable points but labeling it as the "FQ" is just gross.

  12. PKey Post author

    This is the highest production quality channel I've ever seen on YouTube

  13. Christobul Post author

    This is in if the shortest and best videos I have seen on you tube. Thank you for it.

  14. Aidan Madiba Suess Post author

    People like to assign meaning and significance to things that don’t have it

  15. David Post author

    MORE. LIKE. THIS. this is beautiful and what the world needs

  16. Kevins Bacon Post author

    Nice video, but i don't see the point you're trying to make. It seems like it's alluding to the idea that women's freedom comes with a cost – extinction of the nuclear family – but I hardly see how that's true. Women more recently just tend to take more time to advance their careers and have children later in life. I find it pretty rare, not a trend, that women forgoe having families entirely. As long as we ensure equal opportunity who gives a shit, the birth rate lowering isn't exactly a bad thing

  17. sweetcara14 Post author

    I try to stay on Bitchute wherever possible these days, but I got an error message when I tried to play this video there.

  18. Shedding My Feathers Post author


  19. Mosjos Post author

    Release the video about porn jesus christ you told you were working on it like 2 months ago

  20. TaraCote Post author

    I was on Snapchat earlier today and saw a story on the sexual emancipation of women driven by figures such as Cardi B, the Kardashians etc. At first I was like "heck yeah, girl power" but as I sat there and thought about it I couldn't help but feel like capitalism and corporatism were the driving force behind this. For one thing, is it feminism to continue to sell our bodies as objects? Where is the liberation in that? Secondly, are we even liberated or have we just found a new master? I think this is some type of "pill" and these thoughts resonate with what you've shown here

  21. Blondie-Anon Post author

    Women have been corrupted by mass media and materialistic obsession. American women in their 20s and 30s are basically complete whores, have zero intelligence, and have very little if anything that makes them interesting or unique beyond their ability to dress up like a hooker while believing that they look sophisticated. Deep down they are as hollow as they are stupid.

  22. Keenan Smith Post author

    Short yet powerful! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  23. Nathan Lyn Swanson Post author

    I see a direct connection between taking mothers out of the home and the generations of nihilists that came soon after. It seems to me that the longer it goes on the longer people will be nihilistic. It took me till 40 to even realize that I had accidentally became a nihilist when I was young.

  24. C S Post author

    Women’s suffrage divides homes. A household divided cannot stand.

  25. Washington Werewolf Post author

    I've worked a lot of jobs in different fields, and I have seen women who excel at work, some of which are politically conservative, and raise their kids to be independent, and not have to live off the state. I also know women in horrible relationships that contemplate divorce, but limited work experience is a factor in preventing them from doing so. Death of a husband is another obvious factor. It also seems that the women who have not had as tough jobs, complain more about jobs that would be a breeze to those of use who worked tough jobs. The real problem is, when we have more freedom, most of people in general will not demand of themselves that they act in a disciplined fashion. Otherwise I generally like Chesterton. "The Man Who Was Thursday" is a quirky political thriller.

  26. iamerichearmeroar Post author

    The animation on this is leaps and bounds better than your already amazing catalog of work. Breathtaking.

  27. Michael Lin Post author

    Outro song is Reverie by Debussy, in case anyone was wondering.

  28. Candace Roberts Post author

    I was about to unsubscribe when I saw this. I think I’ll stay with you for awhile.

  29. Jonah Larsen Post author

    Sound effects were exactly what I didn't know your animations needed. Cudos to you for constantly improving quality.

  30. The Flying Cowboy Post author

    Talk about the suspicious parallels between the Nazi Parties taking of power and the Democratic Party now.

  31. Alt Chad Post author

    You should make a video addressing the Daily Wire dogpille against Nick Fuentes

  32. ₣ŁØΔŦƗŇǤ ĐØØŘ 💊 Post author

    Omg. This absolutely beautiful. I really can’t even begin to put into words how massive this whole video felt. Well done.

  33. CorporalPoon Post author

    wonder if this channel will make a video on epstein

  34. SOA420 DAD69 Post author

    Please give us more. Please. Love your content sooooo much

  35. I got the horses in the back Post author

    Chesterton would make a great ruler of Gilead.

  36. Chris Zuver Post author

    1791L, is that your whole argument? Women should return to being managers of the household and focus on raising children? Because of a lot of them still do. Or is your message more nuanced, wherein women can choose to engage in business but they will probably remain homemakers? It seems that your message is focused on the disintegrating nuclear family and you blame that on feminism. I would purport that second wave feminism had it's bad actors, and I oppose most modern feminists, but, as a libertarian on social issues, I would think that women are strong enough of mind to decide if they want to work or not.

    I understand that the current economic situation necessitates that both husband and wife get a job to support a family, in many situations. I'm just saying, don't you think that the natural interests of women often shine through and they end up being the predominant person in taking care of the home?

    You guys are so libertarian on many issues. I'm sad to disagree with you guys here as you've gone the trad-con route. Still like your channel, but man…

  37. TehRasia Post author

    Why aren't people making babies? Why are people divorcing so much? Why is mom always angry?

    It doesn't have to be this way

  38. Comment Connoisseur Post author

    Greatest Christian author of the 21st century.

  39. qwatta Post author

    ah yes let’s return to a cult of domesticity which limited a women’s rights and participation in outside the home. disappointed in this video content despite the great graphics by lex

  40. ralusek Post author

    I typically love your videos, but Jesus Christ is that a terrible sentiment. Women want the freedom to choose, same as men. Where feminists go wrong is they resent population outcomes between sexes if more women choose traditionally maternal roles, which is of course completely fine. But to suggest that women have been forced into the factory under a new master is insane, they have simply been given the option to pursue meaning in whatever way they see fit.

    Freedom isn't free, and it doesn't always result in a happier existence. Everyone knows this, and America has always been about making that sacrifice gladly, man or woman.

  41. mikedabucify Post author

    Let women be women, Make Motherhood Great Again!

  42. Dani The man Post author

    I just found this channel. Can someone please tell me what it is? Epstein video then this lol idk

  43. Muhammad Salmaan Post author

    Can you do a video on Netflix’s “the family” it seems unbelievable and I refuse to watch it

  44. OShaughnessy ROF Post author

    The visuals in this video hit harder than the others for some reason

  45. Peter de Havilland Post author

    Ah, delightful. I live a few streets away from where GK Chesterton lived until his death. To paraphrase the great literary critic, “ if people don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing; they’ll believe in anything.” Ergo, the need for excellent YT channels like your’s.

  46. S R Post author

    This is flawed totally, many men paid bars instead of feeding the family in the rust belt. Woman have been traded with cows being worth more. No thanks, woman deserve to be able to purchase homes, and be able to be educated if they wish. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts when a man treats a woman like a piece of property which still is about 1 in 4 for woman.


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