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By | December 27, 2019

– [Jo Voiceover] Today
on Discoveries Indonesia, we’re going to explore one of
the hidden gems of Semarang. And I’ll learn the inspiring
story of a community who by picking up a paint brush transformed their village
into a vibrant landmark. (tribal music) Welcome to the Rainbow Village. (lighthearted music) – We were in a city called Semarang. It’s very bustling, it’s very busy. There are a lot of cars, a lot of traffic. And our insider, Jamal,
said that there was this really interesting place
called the Rainbow Village. And I was very intrigued, I’m like, “What is this all about?” It’s located in just any other street. It’s very nondescript but then as soon as you walk in, it’s like, “Bam!” (enchanted music) – [Jo Voiceover] I’m
walking across the bridge and there’s immediately so much color. It’s just this huge, colorful village that is just in the middle
of this massive city. I came to understand why
this place was put together and how it came to be. So I ended up meeting
this high school principal called Slamet, and he was
one of the main people behind this idea of transforming this slum into a Rainbow village. (speaking in foreign language) I also spoke with a local named Herdiono, and asked him how the transformation had affected him and his family. (speaking in foreign language) – The villagers have actually asked me to paint one of their houses,
which I think is fantastic and I hope I can do a good job. (fast paced drums) Good work! Nice! It’s a really inspiring
story which is why, I think, travelers wanna come and visit the place. And this is where technology, again, plays a really good part because Instagram has been really good and
popularized in this place for travelers to come
through and have a look. And it really just speaks to the ingenuity of the people that live here. It’s really helped the locals here in establishing their business. It’s really raised the atmosphere and provided a really
wonderful place for children to really grow up as well. So, it’s great. (upbeat music)

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