The Power of Boundless Compassion: An Evening with Fr. Greg Boyle

By | September 16, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Good evening. Welcome to Boston College and
to this evening’s lecture, The Promise of
Boundless Compassion, an evening with
Father Greg Boyle. My name is Jane Regan
and I’m the director of continuing education
for the School of Theology and Ministry. Our dean, Mark Masa,
extends his greetings and apologizes for not
being here tonight, as he is traveling
for school business. The evening is sponsored
by the School of Theology and Ministry, and the Church
in the 21st Century Center. For those of you who are
new to the STM programs, let me take a moment to
tell you a bit about us. The STM was formed in June
of 2008, bringing together Boston College Institute
for Education and Pastoral Ministry, with the Western
Jesuit School of Theology, to form one school that
granted graduate degrees for both laypeople
and those going for ordination that was already
ordained, prepare for ministry. In addition, we
have a third branch of the School of
Theology and Ministry, called Continuing
Education, which grants noncredit education
opportunities both on campus, such as this evening,
as well as online with our C21 online courses. More information about
the School of Theology and Ministry, as well
as about C21 online, is available near the entrance. Now, it is my great
honor and pleasure to introduce Father Greg Boyle. A native of Los
Angeles, Greg Boyle entered the order of
the Society of Jesus after graduating
from high school, and was ordained
a priest in 1984. He holds an MA in English from
Loyola Marymount University, and has a master’s
of sacred theology, and a master of divinity
degrees from Weston. Since Western Jesuit has joined
us here at Boston College, we like to think of him
as one of our alums. From 1986 through
1992, Father Boyle served as pastor of Dolores
Mission, the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. And there, began to
address an escalating problem and unmet needs
of gang involved youth. In 1988, he created the
program Jobs for a Future. And with the
community, developed positive alternatives,
including the establishment of an elementary school,
a day care program, and finding legitimate
employment for young adults. As a response to the civil
unrest in August of 1992, Father Greg launched Homeboy
Bakery, the first business under Jobs for the Future. With a mission to
provide training, work experience, and above all
the opportunity for rival gang members to work side by side. The success of that
bakery set the groundwork for additional businesses,
which in 2001 took the form of an independent,
nonprofit organization, Homeboy Industries. Now located in the heart
of downtown Los Angeles, Homeboy Industries is
recognized as the largest gang intervention and re-entry
program in the country. Today, Homeboy
Industries businesses have expanded to include Homeboy
Bakery, Homeboy Diner at Los Angeles City Hall, Homeboy
Farmer’s Market, Homeboy Silk Screen and Embroidery, Homeboy
Home Grown Merchandise, and Homegirl Cafe and Catering. Father Boyle serves as the
Executive Director of Homeboy Industries, and
this past January was named the
King-Chavez-Parks visiting professor in the
School of Social Work at the University of Michigan. On the national
level, Father Boyle is a consultant
to youth services and governmental agencies,
policy makers, and employers, focusing on the importance
of adult attention, guidance, and unconditional love
in preventing youth from joining gangs. Father Greg’s book,
Tattoos On The Heart The Power Of
Boundless Compassion was published in 2010 and
I saw many copies of it in people’s hands on the way in. It has since come out in
paperback and audio book. Tattoos On The Heart has
received a long list of honors, including being named one
of the best books of 2010 by Publishers Weekly. The Boston College
bookstore is selling the book in the lobby
at a 20% discount, and Father Greg has
graciously agreed to sign the books
after the presentation. Father Greg has received
numerous awards and accolades on behalf of Homeboy and for his
work with former gang members. His awards include the 2009
award from the Los Angeles Headquarters
Association, naming him as one of the city’s
leading visionaries responsible for changing
the face of Los Angeles. And his induction in the
2011 California Hall of Fame, as well as awards for
peacemaking, for leadership, for building neighborhoods,
humanitarian awards, and various honorary
doctorate degrees. In short, Greg
Boyle’s life work has been transformative for
adults, for neighborhoods, for the city of Los
Angeles, and has become a national and
international model. So please join me in a warm,
welcoming of Father Greg Boyle. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Thank you, it’s good to be here. If anyone were ever to
question the Catholic character of Boston College, they’d need
to only look at the front row and see that nobody’s
sitting there. [LAUGHTER] Catholic. It’s a privilege to be here. I have been here a few times. It’s a great privilege to
be with so many friends. Karen Gould, who worked for
me for 10 years, a graduate of Boston College, and Big Mike
is a great friend and my hero, Richard Martinez who’s a
sophomore here from Navarro. I apologize because I’ve spoken
here I guess a number of times and so maybe people
have heard me and it always freaks
me out a little bit. Although some of
you, I think, have been forced to read
my book by Stephen Pope and some other people,
so maybe you haven’t heard me and that’s good, that
makes me feel better. The president goes to lots
of cities and says Romnesia, I keep saying that, so I
can say my stories I guess. That’s not a diss,
I’m voting for him. So it happens sometimes, you
know I was in Davenport, Iowa recently and I thought
great, I’ve never been there in my life, no
one will have ever heard me. Well then you
discover that YouTube is the bane of your existence. Oh, I heard that story
before, oh I’ve heard that, that’s my favorite. Then I go God, you know. Once I was at a foster
grandparent gathering, a huge gathering in
Southern California, and I had spoken at
it the summer before. And I don’t know why they
invited me again, but they did. And so there I was
after this talk and there was a grandmother,
foster grandmother, who bumped into me and I
think she liked the talk. She had big tears in her eyes
and she grabbed my hands, and she said, I
heard you last year. It never gets better. [LAUGHTER] Kind of hoping she
misspoke there. [LAUGHTER] You know, folks on
the margins are just hoping that we
might notice them. And I think that’s sort
of the way it always goes. I had a very earnest
16-year-old gang member stand in front of my desk not
long ago, and he looked at me and he said, look I need
your divided attention. And I said, well you are in
luck because that’s exactly what you’ll be getting today. So I think there’s a
vision that brings you here that has
little to do with me or extra credit for Steve
Pope’s class, you know? I think it has to do within
the end you took your time to walk in here. Because you want the world
to look differently than it currently looks,
and good for you. There’s a vision
that drives us always in everything that we do. The prophet Habakkuk
writes the vision still has its time, presses
on to fulfillment, and it will not disappoint. And if it delays, wait for it. But none of us want to wait
for too long, cos los brazos cruzados, tapping our feet
and staring at our watches. We want to make
something happen. And what I want to suggest to
you in the brief time I have with you, is that what in
fact we want to make happen, is the creation and formation
of a community of kinship. Such that God, in fact,
might recognize it. How do we together imagine
a circle of compassion and then imagine nobody
standing outside that circle? How do we seek,
together, to dismantle the barriers that exclude. How do we inch our way out to
the edges of those margins? And by standing there
the margins get erased. And so we stand with people,
very particular folks, the poor, and the powerless,
and the voiceless. We stand with those whose
dignity has been denied. We stand with
those whose burdens are more than they can bear. Every once in a while, we have
this great privileged moment where we get to stand
with the easily despised and the readily left out. With the demonized, so that
the demonizing will stop. And with the disposable,
so that the day will come when we stop
throwing people away. I don’t think that’s
my call, I think that’s our invitation as
members of the human race. And I think that if
kinship was our goal, we would no longer
be promoting justice, we would in fact
be celebrating it. So for over 25 years, it’s
been the privilege of my life to work with gang
members in Los Angeles, and my life has been changed
radically and utterly because of it. And the homies have taught
me everything of value, but in the last couple of years
they’ve taught me how to text and I just could not be
more grateful to them. I find that it sure
beats the heck out of actually talking to people. And I’m pretty good at
it, LOL, and OMG, and BTW. And the homies have taught me a
new one, OHN, which apparently stands for oh hail no. [LAUGHTER] And I’ve been using that
one quite a bit lately and so there I am with two
homies, Manuel and Poncho, older vatos who’ve
been to prison and who do a variety
of things at Homeboy, and they’re going to help me
give a talk at a high school in Palm Desert. It’s about two hours from LA. So the day begins
sort of at 9:00 in LA at Homeboy Industries
of 400 employees. And so the three of
us leave at 9:00. And we’re only 15
minutes on the road, when Manuel who’s in
shotgun, the front seat, he gets an incoming text. And he kind of reads it
and he chuckles to himself. And I said, well what is it? And he goes, oh it’s dumb, it’s
from Snoopy back at the office. Well I just seen Snoopy. Snoopy gave me a big abrazote
as the day was beginning. Snoopy and Manuel work
in the clock-in in room where they clock-in hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of our workers, it’s
a tough job actually. And I said, well, what’s he say? Oh gosh, it’s dumb,
hang on let me find it. Hey dog, it’s me Snoops, yeah
they got my ass locked up at county jail. They’re charging me with being
the ugliest vato in America. You have to come down
right now, show them they got the wrong guy. [LAUGHTER] Well you know, like we nearly
drove into oncoming traffic and we died laughing,
the three of us. And then I realized that
Manuel and Snoopy are enemies, they’re from rival gangs. They used to shoot
bullets at each other, now they shoot text messages. And there’s a word for that,
and the word is kinship. How do we seek together
to obliterate the illusion that we are separate? That there is an us and a them. How do we bridge the
gulf that exists, so that there is no longer
daylight that separates us? We have to be careful, I
think, on something like this, because even in service
there is a distance, almost by definition. Service provider,
service recipient, we want to bridge
even that distance. At Homeboy Industries,
I’m not the great healer and that gang member
over there is in need of my exquisite healing. The truth is we
all need healing. All of us are a cry for help. It’s the thing that
sort of joins us. So service is a starting point
and everybody in this room is engaged in it in
one way or another. But you don’t want to get
stuck there because it’s only a starting point. Service is the hallway that
gets you to the ballroom. That’s where you want to land. And the ballroom is the place of
kinship, the place where there is no us and them,
and everything has been bridged in this
exquisite mutuality. One of the great
privileges of my life was knowing Cesar
Chavez as a friend. And I remember once that a
reporter commented to him and said, wow these farm
workers, they sure love you. And Cesar just shrugged
and he smiled, and he said, the feeling’s mutual. And that’s what we hope
for, this kind of mutuality, where there is no
distance really. I remember there was
a homie named Cesar, nobody found more jobs through
Homeboy Industries than Cesar. Kind of a knucklehead,
I knew him growing up in the projects where I was
pastor and he got into a gang. Very smart kid, dangerous
sense of humor always, but there was a period of his
life in the early 20s, his 20s, when he would come
to the office and I’d hire him or find a job
in the private sector, but he’d always sort
of gravitate back to vague criminality. Usually something involving
drugs, the sale of or the use of. And it was frustrating
because then he’d get popped and he’d leave again,
and then he’d come back. Well this one time he had
finished a four month stretch, a probation violation
in county jail, and sure enough there he is
again sitting in front of me. And he says what
homies often say, this time it’ll be different. I go hmm, all right,
so I pick up the phone and I call a friend of mine who
owns a vending machine company in Alhambra, California. And just as he had hired
homies before, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind
hiring Cesar this time and he said, yeah to send
him, he’ll start tomorrow. So Cesar went to begin work at
this vending machine company. Well two weeks later,
there he is again in the seat in front of me. And I go, y Holy Mother
Santa, here we go again. But this time he
pulls out this check and it’s his first
paycheck from the company. And he says, damn G, this
paycheck makes me feel proper. I mean my mom,
she’s proud of me. And my kids, they’re
not ashamed of me. And you know who I have
to thank for this job. And I say well, who? And he looked at
me strangely and he said, well God of course. Oh yeah. [LAUGHING] No, that’s right, that
would be God, yeah. He said, you thought I
was going to say you. I said no, it’s God’s. God’s number one. He said, you are
so lucky we’re not living in them Genesis days. And I’m sorry,
them Genesis days? And he said, yeah because God
would have been had struck down your ass already by now. [LAUGHTER] Well just the two of us, we
just dissolved in laughter. I don’t know, you tell me,
who’s the service provider? Who’s the service recipient? It’s mutual. Lately I’ve had this thing
where reporters have asked me, I had a PBS kind of guy
doing a documentary, and he ended the
thing by saying, so how’s it feel to have saved
so many thousands of lives? And I said, I don’t mean
to be cute or anything, but I don’t really know
what you’re talking about. And that feels like the
truest thing to say. I think saving lives
is for the Coast Guard. I only know this for sure,
that every day that I show up, my life gets saved. That when I’m impatient,
or I need patience, that the homies save
me from my impatience. When I lack courage, the homies
rescue me from my cowardice. When I’m utterly convinced of
the rightness of my position, the homies douse me with a big
ass cold bucket of humility. We work out our
salvation together. It’s not about service
provider, service recipient. The one who saves and
the one who gets saved. The same reporter
said, you know, you’ve been a
mentor to thousands of young men and women,
who have been your mentors? And I go, honest to God,
these thousands of young men and women. The interview didn’t go
well now that I think of it. I’m not sure I was ever
giving him what he wanted, but that’s sort of
the way it works. You know, lately the homies have
been asking me for my blessing. And I can’t recall that this
happened so much before. In all the probation camps,
juvenile halls, and jails you get that. Somebody will say,
give me a blessing, but the homies been
doing this a lot lately. Probably in the
last three years, in the parking lot in
front of the office, in the reception
area in my office. And they never say, Father
may I have your blessing? They always say, hey G,
give me a bless, yeah? They always say it that
way with every single one of those elements. You know, hey G, give
me a bless, yeah? So I had this one kid
named Chris, 18 years old who works for me at
Homeboy Industries. The work is too strong a
verb for sure, you know? And Chris is kind of famous,
for he’s always quejandose, and he’s bien pediche. Quejando means he’s complaining
all the time and pediche, he’s always asking me for fatty,
always asking me for money. And I brace myself
whenever I see him, because the lineup is
coming and it was a Friday and I say oh my god, here
we go, here comes Chris. And Chris is always complaining,
oh my check is short and my case manager
gave me the around. And my supervisor
came at me sideways. And it’s like oh
my god, here we go. But I always have kind of
a level of understanding with this kid, because he’s one
of our orphans, we have so many of them. A kid who raised
himself and kids aren’t supposed to
be good at that. And kind of lived on other
people’s couches and parents had abandoned them long ago. So I have a special kind
of place, I suppose. But anyway, I brace myself
for him, he comes in and Chris doesn’t disappoint. He just quejandose and pediche. And so when he
finishes, he goes, hey G give me a bless, yeah? All right, so he
knows the drill. So he comes around
my side of the desk and he very devoutly bows
his head and closes his eyes. And I put my hands
on his shoulders. And I close my eyes, well his
birthday was the day before, so this gives me an
opportunity to say some things. And I go, Chris I’m so
glad that you were born and that you came
into this world. I’m a rich man because
you’re in my life and I’m so proud
to call you son. Even though, and I don’t know
why I added this last part, you know? Even though at times you can
be a huge pain in the ass. And he looks up and he
smiles, and he says, the feeling is mutual. [LAUGHTER] And yeah it is, you know? Kind of that’s where
we’re meant to be. I never felt this more keenly
in my own life of struggle with some health issues,
and had cancer and leukemia, and went through chemotherapy
and feeling pretty good at the moment, or as the
homies still say to me, I hear your cancer’s
in intermission. [LAUGHTER] I said yes, apparently it’s
stepped out to the lobby to buy some popcorn. May the line be long. But this news was announced on
the front page of the Sunday LA Times, so word spread quickly
even in the gang world. And so folks came
out of the woodwork. And I remember a
homegirl named China left me a message
on my voicemail, now it’s our turn to take
care of you, very sweet. A big huge homie named
Grump, six-foot-four, a linebacker standing
in front of my desk, big tears in his eyes. Apparently god had forgotten
to give him a neck. And he says, what do
I have that you need? Meaning organs. So, so happy to tell him I
didn’t need any of his organs. It was the thought that counted. One of my favorites was a little
15-year-old knucklehead gang member who came late
to this discovery. And I would always want to come
back to the office after chemo, I never wanted to go home. So even if I had two hours
before the closing of the day, and so I’d go to St.
Vincent’s Hospital, be hooked up to chemo from
8:00 in the morning to three and the homies always
wanted to drive me there, and then to pick me up. And come to think of it, that
that really was more harrowing than chemo itself. I really hadn’t thought of that. So I came home this one
day and this kid came in, a little 15-year-old then. And he plunks himself down
and, I hear you have leukemia. I said, yeah I do and
there’s this awkward silence. My cat had leukemia. [LAUGHTER] She died. And I said, oh gosh, I
am so sorry to hear that. Awfully glad you stopped by. Just picked me right up there. My all time favorite came from
a homie named Crazy Ace who called me from jail collect. And he had just read this
in the Sunday LA Time. Hey, what’s up with
this leukemia anyway? I said, well it’s cancer,
it’s in the blood. The doctors say my
white count’s too high. These doctors, they
don’t be knowing nothing. I said, what do you mean? Well hello, of course
you’re white count’s high. [LAUGHTER] Well you might call
that a second opinion, but I’ve decided
to call it kinship, that we’re in this together. And what would happen if we
imagined lives not our own? For there’s an idea that’s
taken root in the world, it’s at the root of all
that’s wrong with it, and the idea would be this. That there just might
be lives out there that matter less
than other lives. How do we stand
against that idea? So Homeboy Industries
was born during the time I was pastor of the poorest
parish in the city of Los Angeles, Dolores Mission. Nestled in the middle of two
public housing projects, Pico Gardens and Aliso Village. At the time, together they
comprised the largest grouping of public housing west
of the Mississippi. We had eight gangs at
war with each other, making it according to the
LAPD, the place of the highest concentration of gang activity
in all of Los Angeles. So if L.A. was the gang capitol
of the world, which it still happens to be, then my
parish was the gang capitol of Los Angeles. I didn’t know this
when I arrived. So I buried my first
young person killed because of the sadness in 1988. And I buried my
185th two weeks ago, a young man named
Angel, who I’d known since he was a little kid. So he did a lot of
things in those days, but the first
thing we did was we started a school because
there were so many middle school,
junior high age kids who had been given the boot
from their home school. Nobody wanted them. And so they were
young gang members wreaking havoc in the projects. They were selling drugs,
they were violent, they were writing on the walls. So I walked out to
them and I said, if I found a school for you that
would take you, would you go? And to my surprise,
they all said yes. And then I couldn’t find a
school that would take them. So that kind of forced
my hand a little bit. So I remember going
to the nuns, who occupied the convent, which
was on the third floor of the elementary school. And I went to them and I
said, would you mind ever so much leaving the convent? And it shouldn’t surprise
you because nuns, or sisters, in this country are amazing. And they said, sure. [APPLAUSE] So we found them a
house and we started a school for gang members. And that brought gang
members in large numbers to Dolores Mission. And that kind of was a challenge
because it upset the apple cart a little bit, because
aren’t churches supposed to be hermetically sealed? Good people in, bad people out. And so that was a good
challenge actually. And then the homie said,
if only we had jobs. And so myself and the
women in the parish, we marched all around
the factories that surrounded the housing
projects, trying to find felony friendly employers. And that wasn’t so forthcoming. So We couldn’t wait
any longer and then shortly after the unrest
in Los Angeles in 1992, I asked a movie
producer if he would buy this old abandoned
bakery across the street from the church. It was an 80-year-old
building and he thought it was a good idea, so he did. He bought, it we called
it Homeboy Bakery and we had enemies, rivals,
work side by side baking bread. A month later, we
started Homeboy Tortillas in the Grand Central
Market in downtown LA, kind of a historic area. Once we had pleural, we came
up with the highfalutin Homeboy Industries, as if there
was any industry involved in this venture, you know? And not everything worked and
I will be the very first person to admit it. Homeboy Plumbing was
really not a huge success. Who knew people didn’t want
gang members in their homes? I did not see that coming. And now we didn’t
intend to become this, nobody intends to
become this, but we evolved and backed our way
into becoming the largest gang intervention rehab and re-entry
program in the country. You don’t set out to do
that and you probably don’t want to become
that, but it happened. So you name just
about anything that might be helpful for
this population and we try to offer it, and
mainly by listening, so we find out from gang
members what would help. There are 1,100 gangs in LA
County, 120,000 gang members. I just spoke in Brooklyn
Park, Minnesota yesterday, or whenever it
was, two days ago. And we have 40,000 more gang
members than they have people. So it’s really a daunting
complex social dilemma. So we offer everything
from anger management, to grief and loss, to
parenting, to you name whatever curricular things. So of our 250 workers, trainees,
they all have to take classes. They work them out with
their case manager. Everybody has a case manager. We have lots of therapists. We have five paid therapists
and we have something like 43 volunteer therapists. So everybody is in therapy. We sell our chips and salsas
in a huge chain in Los Angeles called Ralph’s. We have five mini-farms
that produce produce for all our catering and restaurants. Homeboy Diners,
it’s the only place you can get food
in the City Hall. By December, I hope, if
you fly American Airlines and you land in LAX, you
can walk by our brand new restaurant there. What else? Solar panel installation
training program, very successful program, where
the homies get nationally certified to install
solar panels. Homeboy Bakery is still
existent, Homeboy Homegirl Merchandise, where we
sell our logo stuff. Homeboy Silk Screen
and Homegirl Cafe, where women with records,
young ladies from rival gangs, waitresses with attitude
will gladly take your order. [LAUGHTER] They cater. So some time ago, Oscar
winning actress Diane Keaton showed up for lunch. She of the Academy Award
for Annie Hall and she’s in The Godfather
movies, big movie star. And so she shows up for lunch
with a regular guy who’s there once a week. And her waitress this day
is a woman named Glenda. And Glenda is a homegirl, been
there, done that, tattooed, been to prison, felon, parolee. She doesn’t know
who Diane Keaton is. So she’s taking her order
and Diane Keaton says, well what do you recommend? And Glenda rattles off
the three platillos that she particularly
likes and Diane Keaton says, I’ll have that second
one, that one sounds good. And it’s at that moment that
Glenda looks at her and says, wait a minute, I feel like
I know you from somewhere. I don’t know, like
maybe we’ve met. And Diane Keaton decides
to deflect it humbly, oh gosh I don’t
know, I suppose I have one of those
faces that people think they’ve seen before. And then Glenda
goes, no now I know, we were locked up together. [LAUGHTER] Yeah that just took my
breath away when I heard it and I don’t believe we’ve
had any further Diane Keaton sightings now that
I think of it. But suddenly kinship
so quickly, Oscar winning actress,
attitudinal waitress, exactly what God had in mind. And what is on God’s mind? I think we need go no further
than to what Jesus says to us. That you may be one. I suppose he could have
been more self-referential, but it’s about us,
that you may be one. This is God’s agenda. And that’s the
hope, is that we’ll be faithful to that invitation. All of us are called
to be what Alice Miller, the late great
child psychologist calls, enlightened witnesses. People who through your
kindness and tenderness, and focused attentive love,
return people to themselves. You don’t hold the bar up and
ask anybody to measure up. You just show up and
you hold the mirror up. And you tell people the truth. Knowing that your
truth is my truth, and my truth is a
gang member’s truth, and it all happens
to be the same truth, and here’s the truth. You are exactly what God had
in mind when God made you. And then you watch folks,
especially on the margins, as they become that truth,
as they inhabit that truth, and no bullet can pierce it. No four prison walls
can keep it out. And death can’t touch
it because it’s huge. But occasionally you have to
reach in and dismantle messages of shame and disgrace that get
in the way, that keep folks from seeing that truth. Marcus Borg, the great
scripture scholar says that the
principal suffering of the poor throughout history,
and throughout scripture of course, is
shame and disgrace. And I think that’s quite right. You know lately, I’ve been
taking this leisurely stroll through the acts
of the Apostles. So I read like a couple
of paragraphs a day. And I suppose you could read
that thing as a quaint snapshot of the earliest
Christian community, or you could read
it as the measure of health of any community. And you’ll just see these
things will leap off the page, see how they love one
another, that’s a good one. In this community, there’s
nobody who is needy, there’s another. My favorite is this one. And awe came upon
everyone, that it would seem that the measure
of our health as a community resides in our ability
to experience awe. And in particular to
stand in awe at what the poor have to carry
rather than stand in judgment at how they carry it. So, one year ago I guess, I was
invited to Richmond, Virginia to give kind of an
all day training on gangs to 600 social workers. So I brought two homies with
me, Andre, African-American gang member who at the time
worked in my retail store and Jose, who at the time was
a member of our substance abuse team. A man solidly in
recovery himself. A trainee who had moved
up through the ranks from janitorial to washing
windows, to now using his gift of healing in the
recovery department, which is a huge issue at Homeboy. A gang member tattooed,
been to prison, but had long stretches
of time homeless. And also as a heroin addict,
even longer time as that. So I never heard their stories
and since it was an all day training I said, talk
you know, because we had to fill the whole day. So Jose got up there and
I never heard his story, and he began in kind of a
self-effacing, very humble way, he goes, I guess you could
say that my mom and me, we didn’t get along so good. I guess I was six when
she walked up to me and she said, why don’t
you just kill yourself, you’re such a burden to me. Well the whole audience
gasped and then he says, it sounds way worser in Spanish. [LAUGHTER] And people did what you did. I guess I was nine when my
mom drove me to the deepest part of Baja, California. She walks me up to an orphanage
and she says, I found this kid. She left me there
for three months until my grandmother
could get out of her where she had dumped
me, and my grandmother came and rescued me. My mom beat me every single day
of my elementary school years with things you could imagine,
and a lot of things you couldn’t. Every day my back was
bloodied and scarred. In fact, I had to wear three
t-shirts to school every day. First t-shirt because the
blood would seep through, second t-shirt you
could still see it. Finally the third t-shirt
you couldn’t see any blood, but kids at school,
they make fun of me. Hey fool it’s 100 degrees, why
are you wearing three t-shirts? And then he chokes back
his tears at this point and he stopped speaking. He seems to be staring
at a piece of his story that only he can see. I wore three t-shirts
well into my adult years because I was
ashamed of my wounds. I didn’t want
anybody to see them. And now I welcome my wounds. My wounds are my friends. After all, how can I
help heal the wounded if I don’t welcome
my own wounds? And awe came upon everyone. When we want to
roll up our sleeves and address the things
that are complex, everything is dependent
on our diagnosis. In fact, nobody has ever
met a healthy treatment plan that was born of
a bad diagnosis, never. I would say that’s
never happened in the history of the world. I went to a doctor who
I don’t go to anymore, and he thought I had mono. So he treated me for
mononucleosis for a year. And I think we can
agree that there’s a difference between
mono and leukemia. But a bad diagnosis
is never neutral, it puts you behind the
eight ball, you know? You lose time, it’s costly, you
want to get the diagnosis right and that’s important. Nobody in this room
or outside of it has ever met a hopeful
kid who joined a gang. That’s never happened before. Hopeful kids don’t join gangs. If we think it’s about
good kids and bad kids, then boy is our diagnosis wrong. I was channel surfing
the other night. I can’t even believe a show
like this is still on TV. There’s a Scared Straight
thing, I just couldn’t watch it. Really? Did you think kids just
weren’t scared enough, really? So there I am on
the Dr. Phil show, I know, what was I thinking? Seemed like a good idea. So he was going to give
the whole hour to Homeboy and talk about my book. And so we thought we had
talked the producers down from doing something crazy. And so there I am backstage. And it’s a room half this
size with an audience half this size. And it’s a live audience,
but it’s a taped show, so I can hear Dr. Phil. And now ladies and
gentlemen, the founder and executive director
of Homeboy Industries, Father Greg Boyle. So I walk out
there to my horror. In the middle of the stage
is Phil sitting in his stool. Next to him is my empty
stool awaiting me, but on his side of the stage
is a beautiful mahogany coffin on one of those four
wheeled dolly deals. On my side of the stage is a
perfectly reconstructed jail cell. With bars, and bed,
and sink, and toilet. They went to great expense here. Well you already know
where this is going to go, so the producers flown out
three young kids, males. African-American,
Latino, and white. 14, 15, 16, somewhere
in there, kids who had gravitated perilously
close to some kind of gang involvement. They were flown out with their
very distraught single mothers. Each one came out one
at a time and each one Phil would kind of grab them
figuratively by the lapel and say, don’t you see where
this choice is leading you? To death or to prison. Finally by the third
kid I said Phil, how do we break this to you? These kids know this
better than we do. They know that it will
end in death or prison. They don’t care whether
it’ll end in death or prison. Gangs are the places kids
go when they’ve encountered their life as a misery. And who doesn’t know by now
that misery loves company? You think kids are drawn,
and lured, and recruited, and attracted, and
pulled into gangs? Never. Never. Kids aren’t seeking anything
when they join a gang, they’re always fleeing
something, just ask Jose. And the outsider view has
always driven the inside of what we do, and that’s too bad. Parentheses, as a priest, my
church or all these detention facilities where I go
on a rotating basis, 20 probation camps which is a
thing in LA County where kids are sent from six months to
nine months, up to a year, in a detention center. Jails, juvenile hall, so I go
to these places on a rotating basis. And so I did a mass in a gym at
one of these probation camps. And about 100 gang members,
and so I finished mass and I’m taking my album off. And homies are coming
up and talking, and some guy says, hey
I saw you on Oprah. I said, well no actually
it was Dr. Phil. Oh. I said, yeah I have a hard time
telling those two apart myself. [LAUGHTER] And a kid over here said,
you were on Dr. Phil? Fighting with your wife? [LAUGHTER] Well these guys died
laughing, you know? And I say, well
yeah, but Phil really gave us really good advice and
we’re doing way better now, thank you for asking. And so we return people to
themselves and the truth be told, you get
returned to yourself. That’s what this
is supposed to be, this exquisite mutual thing. You don’t come to the
rescue, you just help. We all help each other
work out our own salvation. You don’t help
the disadvantaged, you recognize your own
disadvantage and the folks who have been left. So I’ve been giving
a lot of talks lately because I
couldn’t be happier that universities force their
students to read my book, and so I was invited
by alma mater, Gonzaga University in Spokane. So I flew up there, I can’t
remember when this was, and I brought two
homies with me. Bobby, who’s an
African-American gang member who works in our
bakery, and Mario, at the time, a guy who worked in
our retail store. And how do I pick
homies to go with me? I didn’t bring any on
this trip, but last week I did because it was shorter. It’s just too hard when
I have lots of cities. But when I can do
it and afford it, I just bring homies
who are enemies. And so they have to share
a hotel room together. And I always pick somebody who’s
never been on a plane before, because I want them to have
that thrilling experience. And so I’ve never in my
life, brought anybody more terrified,
paniquiado de plano, of flying than this guy, Mario. I mean, in my whole life,
I just thought oh my god, what have I done by
inviting this guy? He was hyperventilating,
he was hee hee hee. And we hadn’t gotten
on the plane yet. So we’re at Burbank Airport
and he’s sitting there, and there’s our plane
and the plane’s coming in early morning. Hee, hee. And it’s Southwest and
it’s big bay windows, and there’s not a
lot separating you. And there’s no
hermetically sealed chute that gets you into the plane,
you go out onto the tarmac and you have the steps that lead
up in the front of the plane and the back of the plane. So I see two flight attendants,
females, schlepping up the front steps, they’re
on our flight crew. And they both each have huge
cups of Starbucks coffee and they’re piling up the
steps this early morning. And Mario goes, when are we
going to board the plane? And I point, I
said, well as soon as they sober up the pilots. [LAUGHTER] There they go now. All right, maybe I
shouldn’t have said that. I should tell you that Mario
is just a tall drink of water, just skinny, skinny,
tall, tall, tall, but he’s among the most
tattooed fellows that’s ever worked at our place. He’s all sleeved out and
his neck is completely covered in tattoos. And his whole face, except
for this little circle which is his eyes, nose, and
mouth, but everything is covered in tattoos. And so I forgot to mention that
we have tattoo removal, so we have a designated clinic
with three laser machines, no place on the planet
Earth removes more tattoos. So he’s chipping
away at his tattoos. We have like 37
volunteer doctors, 10,000 treatments a year. So if any of you are starting
to regret your Bobby Valentine tattoo, just come
see me afterwards. [LAUGHTER] And it was all started
because of a guy named Frank, who is a particular friend of
Karen Gould’s, and he showed up in my office two days
after being released from Corcoran State Prison. And he’s sitting there
wanting to change his life. And on his forehead tattooed,
spreading the whole thing like a billboard,
is fuck the world. [LAUGHTER] And he says, you know,
I am having a hard time finding a job. [LAUGHTER] I say well, Frank maybe we
could put our heads together on this one. Anyway, I found a doctor who
chipped away at his forehead and now he has no sign
of the angriest moment. But I digress, Mario
had a lot of tattoos. Just covered in tattoos and I’ve
never been in public with Mario before, so we’re walking
in Burbank airport and I’m watching people
go like this, you know? And mothers are vaguely
clutching their kids a little more closely. And I’m thinking, wow
isn’t that strange? Because he’s the nicest,
kindest, most gentle homie probably who’s
ever worked at Homeboy. If you were to go
there and ask anybody who is the kindest, most nicest,
most gentle gang member here? They go Mario of course who
works in the retail store. Just super effusive, kind, and
gentle, though the packaging I guess might suggest otherwise. So even on the plane, when
the flight attendant hands him peanuts, and he
doesn’t just take them and he doesn’t just thank
her, he grabs her hand and he looks her in the eye
and he says, thank you so much. I’m looking at him like he’s
from another planet, you know? But he was so kind, he was
like that on the whole trip for as terrified and
paniquiado as he was. So we get to Spokane and
this happens sometimes where they have the
big talk at night that I’m supposed to
give, but then they plan all these others, trying
to get their money’s worth. So they have class, class, talk,
class, lunch, meeting, class. There are about eight events
throughout the whole day, which I didn’t know about. So I told these
guys, I said look, I’m going to sit in the back of
the room, you give these talks. And they were a little
nervous, particularly Mario. And they weren’t used to
telling their stories. But they got used to
it, and sometimes you don’t know you have a story
until you start to tell it. And honest to God,
listening to them, stories of abandonment, and
terror, and abuse, and torture. I mean, if their
stories had been flames, you’d have to keep
your distance, otherwise you’d get scorched. So after hearing
them all day I said, look I want you guys to
do a little five minute portrait after I speak, so
that you can be included in the question and answer. And so there we are that night
in this huge room, 1,000 people standing room only. And I do my whatever,
50 minutes or something. And then they each come
up and do five minutes. And they were nervous,
especially Mario, but they got through it. And so yeah question, so
a woman over here stands. And she says, yeah
I have a question. It’s for Mario. Very first question out
the gate is for Mario. So he walks up to
the microphone. He’s just so terrified, yes? Well you say you’re
a father and that you have a son and a
daughter, and they’re about to enter their
teenage years, what wisdom do you impart to them? What advice do you give them? And Mario closed his
eyes and he honest to God herniates himself trying
to come up with something. And it takes him a while, and
he wants to say the right thing, and he suddenly
blurts out I just… And he stops. And he closes his eyes
again, but he really wants to get the
sentence out right. I just don’t want my kids
to turn out to be like me. And there’s silence. Until the woman
stands again and now she’s battling her own tears. And she says, why wouldn’t
you want your kids to turn out to be like you? You are loving, you are kind,
you are gentle, you are wise, I hope your kids turn
out to be like you. And 1,000 strangers
stand immediately and they begin to clap. And they will not stop. And all Mario can do
is just stand there holding his face in his hands. So overwhelmed that this
room full of strangers had decided to return
him to himself. And I think that’s the only
praise God has any interest in. I’m going to tell one
last story and then I’m going to invite
you to ask questions. People often ask about the
dynamic of enemies working together, and what that’s
like, and it’s dicey at first for sure. But you know a homie
will come in and say, I’m ready, ready, ready,
but not everybody who says, Lord, Lord, Lord will
get in so I said, well, OK how about this? I have an opening in
the bakery, but you have to work with x, y, and z. And I rattle off the
names of enemies, rivals. And the homies always
do the same thing. They think for a long ass
time and then they go, OK I’ll work with them, but I’m
not going to talk to them. Which used to bother
me in the old days until you discover that it’s
impossible for human beings to demonize people they know. Human beings just
can’t sustain it. So I had a homie named
Youngster, a little guy, who was from this one gang and
we thought he was ready, and Kara knew him. And so I bring him over to the
silk screen factory, which is kind of our biggest business. 19 years old, off
campus if you will, not connected to
our headquarters. 2,500 customers, high quality
work, reasonably priced. We UPS to Boston. [LAUGHTER] So I walk this guy into
the floor of this warehouse where everybody’s
printing shirts and there’s dryers, and
machines, and stuff. And so I watch youngster
walk to each one. There are about 30 guys working
there and he’s shaking hands, and he’s looking them in
the eyes, and even enemies. And I’m thinking to
myself, how great that he’s shaking hands even with
enemies, this is good, you know? Until we get to
the end and there’s a guy who seems to be
avoiding, wanting to avoid, this encounter altogether. A kid everybody calls Puppet. So when Puppet and Youngster
are in each other’s vicinity, they mumble something,
they stare at their shoes, they don’t shake hands. Well I know they’re
enemies because I know what gangs they
hail from, but he just finished shaking hands
with other enemies. I discover later that this
is a hatred that’s really quite deep and personal,
beyond which they do not think they can really get past. So I sense that
much at the moment. And so I say look, if you guys
can’t hang working together, let me know, I got a bunch
of people who want this job. Calladitos, they
don’t say a word. Well six months later
Puppet walks to a store some distance from his
home, a corner store, and he purchases something. On the way home, he
decides to take a shortcut and he dodges into this alley. And because he’s
taken this detour, suddenly he’s surrounded by
10 members of a rival gang, 10 against one. And they beat him badly. And he falls to the ground. And while he’s lying there, they
will not stop kicking his head until he’s lifeless. Somebody finds him
some time later and takes his body to White
Memorial Hospital where he’s declared brain
dead, but it’s the policy there to
keep you connected to machines for 48 hours. So you can have two days of
a flat read with no brain activity at all. So then the doctors can just
sign the death certificate making it official. This allowed family
and friends to gather. I was speaking at
Saint Louis University, I flew home immediately. I’ve seen a lot of
horrible things in my life, but nothing to compare to
the sight of this young man with his head swollen many times
its size, it was horrifying. You could barely train
your eyes on him. So at the end of the 48
hour period, I blessed him. I gave him la uncion de los
enfermos, anointed his forehead with oil. We disconnected and a
week later I buried him. But in the first 24 hours
after he’d been beaten and he was still
lying in the hospital, I’m alone in my office, it’s
8:30 at night and the phone rings, and it’s Youngster,
Puppet’s coworker from the silk screen. Hey, he says, that’s messed up
about what happened to Puppet. I said, yeah it is. And then with a certain
kind of eagerness even, he says, is there
anything I can do? Can I give him my blood? And we both fall silent
under the weight of it. Until finally he
breaks the silence, choking back his tears. And he says with
great deliberation, he was not my enemy,
he was my friend. We work together. Now can I say that always
happens at Homeboy Industries? Yeah, of course. Any exceptions? No. And it shouldn’t surprise
us that God’s own dream come true for us that we be one, just
happens to be our own deepest longing for ourselves. For it turns out, it’s mutual. For the measure
of our compassion lies not in our service
of those on the margins, but in our willingness to see
ourselves in kinship with them. For the vision
still has its time, presses on to fulfillment,
and it will not disappoint. And if it delays,
we can wait for it. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Evelyn Baldwin Post author

    so moved and humbled — I worked in homeless shelter with gunshots going off all the time — hearing this helps me reframe my attitude to the poor to focus "on what they carry instead of judging how they carry it." As I now teach – may I share the wisdom of kinship building and teach my kinfolk

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    The problem in America is that people suffer on a widespread disease. This disease is called stupidity. Americans believe everything what is shown on TV. Americans are a primitive people. Americans think they are the people over, but they are the lowest among all people. is on every dollar bill. In God We Trust. but they do not believe in God. they believe in the dollar. Islam is the only true religion. Allah is a god. There is no other god besides Him. And Muhammad is his prophet s.a.s. Those who do not accept the will for all eternity in hell fry. that's reality. in Europe, people are not as stupid as Americans. Europeans are educated people with a long history. not like the Americans who killed always people to take away their land. Americans kill most people in the world, but claim to be good. Allah will let you pick up yet all. In the Koran; Every soul shall taste death. And no one can escape him (Allah). Come to Islam and save your soul while you still breathe. Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful.

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    Hi Brethren,

    These hireling Pastors are Anti-Christs. Jesus by his sacrifice set us FREE of them. They fulfil Matt.12v43-45 making the situation worse. They are utter blind guides of the Blind. Jesus is not lord but our anointed Elder Brother and we have one Supernatural Father living in His Temple called Emmanuel. Lords have slaves and the slaves are not allowed into the House. Call God our Father and go into his House Freely.

    In Jesus, we have Fellowships in which you discuss His Word through logical reasoning. Treat others as you wished to be treated is the Golden Rule. In Our natural fathers, we have different colours and sexes but not in God, which is Spirit.

    Thus, Churches which have hireling Anti-Christ Pastors, Judas Iscariots in sheep’s clothing, the Thieves, have nothing to do with Christ Jesus. None of the Apostles were "hirelings".

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    People used to pray in the Temples made by human hands under their Rabbis when they were honest and efficient. They looked after them but today is the Dark Age and the Rabbis are crook and hypocrites, so are these hireling Dog-Collared Priests that fulfil Matt.12v43-45, especially the most comfortably living Priests of the COE headed by Queen, the head of Mammon. House Churches Free of these Priests that enjoyed Fellowships of Royal Priests was banned by Emperor Constantine in 300A.D. at the request of greedy and politically strong Bishops of the Church of Satan that replaced the Synagogues.

    So, prayers do not work in this Dark Age but the Light of Gospel and those who talk to our Father through His Word by Preaching Gospel, the Light, they survive.

    Our family moved from Pakistan in 1947 Partition and I was 14 years old. My father knew His Word and people hated him for Preaching Gospel in towns but He saved many villages from attacking each other and about 2000 of Arian tribe came to attack our village, Dhannuana 91RB, and my father met the head man of the attacking party. When he told him that Muslim and Sikh are spiritual selves never born and never died but the tribal people are going to fight with each other and die. If you of Arian tribe of Nakodar village have any enmity with our Jatt tribe, it is a good chance to settle; otherwise do not get your faces blackened in the court of Allah by fighting with us without any tribal enmity. The head man answered that we are friends and asked his 2000 Arians to look after us as their guests, which they did.

    People were saying many prayers in the religious places but to no avail as it is not the time for prayers but for Gospel.

    This is the Power of Gospel. In Pakistan, Christians are mostly CHOHRRAE, CHAMIAR, etc., the poor people that were lured by the bread and butter of the British crooks of COE to become their Disciple Christians but you need to be a Christ of heart, the living in spirit Labouring sons of God capable of Preaching Gospel. Christians are dead of the letters and they are Tares that must be burnt so that the Wheat plants with Christ in their hearts can bear Fruit – Matt.13v24-30.

    These hireling Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches especially COE have no conscience in Christ Jesus and through Anti-Christ activities such as the Empty Prayers in which they say our Father in Heaven when He is living in His Temple of God, our physical body called Emmanuel, is a straight forward OBVIOUS falsehood and what they expect is Peace? No Way.

    Do you Love Gospel of our Father that has living sons of spirit, common sense, or the sugar-coated Sermons of Satan Lord that is kept alienated from the spiritually dead Disciples and thus has Slave Christian Disciples of the Book?  


    Hi Brethren,

    Here is something you should know before Gospel would be revealed to you:-


    Now, John, the Baptist came to Pave the Way for Jesus that leads to the Royal Kingdom of God; or no son of Natural tribal father or Yahweh; no son of the Most High Supernatural Father Elohim.

    Please tell me:-

    In whose name John baptised Jewish men in water or turned “stones” into the sons of Abraham?

    Why John never baptised a woman or a Gentile?

    In whose name John baptised Jesus in water?

    Jesus is called Yeshoua or YeShiva, the First Born of Yahweh, Brahma or Khudah, the Second Adam, who lived among us as a floating person. No place to rest his head. Jesus had Joseph of Judah tribe as his Foster father and Mary as His Surrogate Mother. Whose Seed was Jesus?

    Finally, the Second coming of Jesus was Satguru Nanak Dev Ji of the Punjab and He had Five more Lights or Specialist Wives that Preached Gospel to dispel the Darkness.

    I have over 4500 Youtube Videos; channel nijjhar1. I can Preach Gospel in a fortnight. Unfortunately, Gospel being the New Wine, it needs New Skins to contain it. Only Tender Green Branches, the people who Long for Gospel can produce Gospel Fruit whilst dead in Letters egoistic theologians, the inflexible Dead Branches of Letters of the Books cannot bear Gospel Fruit. Winter has gone and the New Era of Summer marked by Easter has ushered in to satisfy the Hunger of spiritually alive twice-born of Spirit.

    That is why in the West, One in a thousand and two in ten thousands would know Gospel whilst in the East, One in a Million will know Gospel.

    Please PASS this question to your Friends in theology seeking Gospel. The one who has the answers will find the hidden Treasures in the Parable. 
    Please pass my website and other information to people interested. In a fortnight, I can explain all the Parables of the New Testament. Gospel is as simple as ABC.

    Temple High Priest of Jerusalem Temple used to have a Breast Plate that contained 12 dead Stones whilst Jesus, our anointed Elder Brother had a Breast Plate of the 12 living Labourers. Why they were 12? I have put up Four Youtube Videos: –

    Hi Brother,

    I met you at Blackfriars Conference on 2014 Humane Philosophy Project and I am a retired Lecturer in Metallurgy from the Punjab where the Second coming of Jesus in the name of Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji took place in 1469 and He Preached Christianity to a Higher Level as we had Kings and Emperors of Darkness there against the Princes of Darkness in the M.East. This Golden Temple is of the same size as that used to be Jerusalem but what gold has to do with God? I have put up over 4500 Youtube videos rendering exposition of the Gospel and much more. My Seminars are FREE but in spirit explaining everything from the first basic principles.

    Here is my opinion about your conference please:-

    Dead in Letters Philosopher do not want to know our Living Christ Jesus, the Greatest of all the Philosophers.

    Hi Brethren,

    I attended this Conference with the hope of meeting Theologians seeking Peace through Gospel but they were rather discussing the works of their Philosophers not knowing that our Elder Brother Christ Paul defeated the Greek philosophers through Gospel knowledge. But when I told them Christ Jesus was the Greatest Philosopher of all and His Philosophy is locked in the Parables, they did not want to know my approach. In order to be a Real Philosopher, you need to have Christ in your heart but they were rather having the dead letters of their philosophers in their heads. One lady from Cambridge talked about moral laws based upon Principles. That was a good approach and I told her that His Word are the Principles upon which the sound moral laws are based and this used to be in the Oral Torah as His Word cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living Tablets of hearts. Thus, when you understand the words spoken by Jesus, then it is called Eating the Flesh of Jesus with our "Ears", the spiritual mouth and when we render the exposition of His Word Preached by Jesus, then you are "Drinking" the Blood of Christ in His honour to glorify our Father. Further, the whole philosophy is based upon three types of people:- 

    1. Hylic: – They are the once-born natural men, who cannot understand Gospel. They are the Disciples of Rabbis, John, the Baptist, etc., who taught the Moral Laws to discipline them. Peter was one of such persons but he spoke truth and was merciful in giving Alms.

    2. Psychic: – Then, we have twice-born of spirit by the grace of God, who are sensible but they want to exploit spirit for their own praises or selfish ends. Judas Iscariot was one and Jesus met one in Capernaum and He rebuked the evil spirit for self-praising and taunting Him. He did the same too many selfish people of spirit and Christ Paul rebuked the slave girl who was declaring Paul and Peter to be the Sons of Most High. But her master was not happy for losing business. Such people tell the simple-minded Disciples of Temple Priests and of Rabbis of evil spirit that Jesus is proclaiming Himself to be the Christ, the Son of Most High, which they took for blasphemy. For evil spirited people God is not within their hearts but Satan. They are sons of Most High Satan as these Dog-Collared Priests in Churches, Mullahs, etc. are today. To get rid of them, Jesus gave His own Life as the Lamb of God and they have established themselves in the Churches to fulfil Matt.12v43-45, the evil spirited psychic sacked Temple Priests entered in to the Churches imposing Torah, Letters, Old Wine, a deadly poison to spirit, New Wine and rituals of prayer and fasting as if God is not living in His Temple of God, our physical body.

    3. Pneumatic: – They are twice-born of holy spirit seeking not their praises but glorifying our Father in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. They themselves are solitary and they encourage others to be solitary. The two men locked in the graveyard who recognised Jesus to be son of Most High, they were of holy spirit rejected by the society for their views in which they called the local Rabbi a hypocrite and rebuked him. But he told his stooges to lock them in the silence of graveyard. When, Jesus told them not to throw Pearls before swine and showed them their fate by drowning 2000 pigs in the lake, then they stopped cursing others and left their fate to God. Such people are solitary seeking the praises of our Father, which is within your own heart. Matthew, John, Thomas, etc. were of this type of Labouring Sons of Most High. No once-born Disciples in Christ Jesus. Pope is anti-Christ as everyone has to give his own account to God.

    Thus, Gospel tells you all types of people making Jesus, the Corner Stone of Philosophy but men of letters cannot grasp His Philosophical Principles on which our Moral Laws should be based. Anti-Christs deliver sugar-coated sermons of falsehoods and create sectarian riots. Such dead in letters philosophers have no idea what Jesus stands never mind of knowing Christ?
    In Jesus, we are to be solitary. Much confused Trinity is explained.
    John's baptism:-
     Please print these pages to understand Baani as well:-
    Punjabi Book:-

    Technical help needed to produce T-shirt designs.

    Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
    Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy
    More you spend "His Treasures", Preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
    Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel
    For articles on Sister Christian and Sikh communities, visit: –
    http:// /trinnut.JPG
    I add one or two Youtube Videos almost everyday; over 4500 Videos; channel nijjhar1.
    Can render help to produce Documentaries and Films on Interfaith:-
    Videos by a Cuban worth watching how Messianic Jews killed Christianity:-
    St. Photina, an article by a Russian Bishop:-
    Hajj is for boys 12 to 16 years old to make them faithful to their tribal fathers, Ilah:-


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    Catholic Priest should always  wear cloth  like a Priest.

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    walking the talk. living the gospels. god bless!


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