The Haunting of St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church (Harpers Ferry) – Paranormal History

By | August 29, 2019

hello my friends and welcome to another
episode of ghost stories in folklore tonight my friends I’m going to share
with you a short about the intriguing report about a Church in Harpers Ferry
West Virginia and that church is the st. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church we
received a comment from one of our loyal viewers stating that they have never
considered a church to have reported ghost stories in folklore but sit back
my friends and let me tell you that is definitely a possibility
you see st. Peter’s Church has been around for a very long time and its
walls not only housed those who ended for worship but has also served as a
military hospital during the American Civil War construction on st. Peter’s
Catholic Church began in 1830 and took about three years to complete
it was the third church built in Harpers Ferry and set on land previously owned
by Robert Harper over the years it has been enlarged and renovated but has been
in continuous use since the late 1800s for those of you not familiar with the
history of Harpers Ferry this small town sits in a very strategic location from
the US Capitol of Washington DC and it served as a union only on Burnett
location that actually was picked out by President George Washington himself having this facility situated in this
small town made it a prime target for both the Union and Confederate armies
and in fact during the Civil War Harpers Ferry switched hands between a union and
Confederacy fourteen times during these destructive battles st. Peters was the
only Church to survive the fighting and that is accredited to father Michael
Costello who chose to stay with his church throughout the entire war and
whenever fighting started up he would fly a British flag over the church
fearing an international incident neither side ever fired on the church
and that saved the structure from any war damage the church was used as a
military hospital several times throughout the war and father Costello
himself helped care for the patients although this history is quite
interesting my friends you are watching this video to hear more about the
paranormal reports so let’s get on to that shall we
there are two main ghost stories associated with st. Peter’s Church the
first comes from the time when a church was used as a civil war hospital one
young soldier you see was brought the wounded to the church but since his
injuries wanted deemed as serious as some of the others he was forced to wait
outside for medical attention the young soldier was that of the
Catholic faith and he took comfort in the fact that he
was taken to a Catholic Church for help unfortunately his wounds were worse than
believed and he died as they were carrying him
inside the church his last words are reported as being
thank God that I am saved now to this day visitors to the church have
sometimes reported a glowing aura coming from around the threshold of the church
and some have even heard the light whisper of the dying man’s last words as
he crossed over the threshold to the other side a more well-known ghost story
comes from the path that is rocked outside the church there was a group
walking past the church around 6 p.m. in the early evening they were taking the
path up to Jefferson wrong and as they climbed the stairs and passed the church
they looked over at the rectory in witness seeing a priest in a black
friars hat when they stopped to wish him a good evening
he turned and vanished right before them could this had been the spirit the
father Costello coming back to still protect the church maybe he does come
back on occasion to check on things and make sure his little church on the hill
stays protected it may be hard to understand and believe that spirits can
haunt a church or hallowed ground but if you take in consideration a few things
that are related to this haunting it might to make some sense
first of all hallowed ground can be a protection against evil spirits never is
there a mention of those spirits that are not evil
also hauntings are also reported at locations that have experienced
traumatic events especially the trauma that takes place during the time of war
if a church is used as a field hospital residual hauntings could be quite
possible in lastly my friends there are numerous reports of spirits that come
back to locations that they loved or enjoyed while they were leaving which
could make sense with the story of father Costello so again my friends you
really never know when or where a spirit could be detected heard or seen so
always keep your eyes in years ahahahaha

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