The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Review – Why you SHOULDN’T get it!

By | August 30, 2019

spoiler alert this video is a little bit of clickbait but at the same time I know that not every Bible is for everybody so if you want to know why I don’t think you should get this Bible watch this video hey guys what’s up welcome to ChurchVid TV my name is Tom and here I make videos so people don’t feel alone in the Catholic Church whether you’re sad mad tired or glad I’ve felt all those things I’ve been a cradle Catholic all my life and just recently I’ve really experienced a crisis of faith, if you will, and I felt so alone and so I wanted to make videos so that nobody else in the church would feel like nobody understands what they’re going through. or just feel like they have no place to voice their opinion so recently there was an invitation from Ascension Press to take a look at their brand-new Bible. this is the great adventure timeline Bible you know if there’s one thing that makes people feel alone or just confused in the church it’s the Bible sometimes a lot of people find themselves just confused so and so begat so and so who begot so-and-so who they did what or my favorite verse and then 42 she-bears came out of the woods and tore the children to pieces this thing can be super confusing the nice thing about the great adventure timeline Bible is that it’s based on a program called the great adventure Bible timeline this was created by Jeff Cavins and adopted by Ascension Press so what they did with this Bible is they took all the information from that course and they made it accessible in a book so what you have here is a covenant structure of salvation history and this is the whole foundation of the great adventure timeline it looks at scripture from the context of the specific covenants that God made to specific characters in the Bible where he starts with Adam and Eve and he goes all the way up to Jesus Christ and so you have Adam and Eve you have Noah and his family you have Moses and the Israelites you have David in the kingdom all the way through Jesus and so when you understand the Bible in the context of the covenants you can read books within the correct context and they make a little bit more sense so for example the book of Exodus it’s got this red that means every book with the red tab is going to be in the Egypt and Exodus part of the Covenant so as I read through this it tells me that the main story of what’s going on here is found in the book of Exodus it also tells me that there are supplemental books that means this book is within the context of the main narrative but it doesn’t necessarily progress the story of the timeline so for instance in Egypt and Exodus the Supplemental book is the Book of Leviticus did you know that The Book of Leviticus was actually written for priests so if you ever fell asleep reading it it’s okay it doesn’t advance the main narrative but it is a supplemental book moving on there are some tabs here that are this royal purple don’t worry I’m not going through all the books of the Bible that’s for the royal Kingdom period and so the main narrative books are going to be 1st and 2nd Samuel and 1st Kings so these are the books we’re gonna focus on to understand the story of salvation but there’s also a lot of supplemental books you have 1st and 2nd chronicles the Book of Psalms the book of proverbs ecclesiastes Song of Solomon so once you understand that the Book of Psalms was written within the context of this royal Kingdom it gives you a better way to look at what is going on in the Psalms and so this Bible is fantastic for giving you context for Scripture not only does it give you context for the timeline of salvation but it also gives you timeline of what’s going on in the history of the world so for instance it tells you who is the world power do we have any history sources from secular sources they also give you beautiful artwork as you can see here nice graphs and maps as well and so before you get to every section of the timeline it has a section explaining the context so that you understand what’s really going on and what are the main narrative points you need to focus on not only that but it even comes with a reading plan to read through the great adventure story in 90 days so that’s pretty cool ok so that’s all the good stuff about the Bible but here’s why it might not be the right Bible for you number 1 the translation is the Revised Standard Catholic Edition that means when you read this Bible if you try to read it at Mass while the priest is preaching or while the readers are the readings the words are not going to be the same the church uses the new American translation of the Bible for the liturgy this is the Revised Standard Catholic edition and so what’s the difference well basically don’t forget the Bible is a translation of a translation of a translation and when you’re translating things you can translate the ideas the general concepts or you can translate word-for-word so if I told you it’s raining cats and dogs outside you could say it’s pouring or it’s raining like you could say that in another language in a different way or if you’re speaking Spanish you could say it’s literally raining gato see Pedro’s now if you said that to a spanish-speaking person if they had no idea of the context they’re gonna be really confused so the RSV takes more of a little realistic approach it tries to convey the exact words and phrases that were used in the original languages and so it might sound a little funny but in doing so it allows us to kind of get more at what the author was trying to say and so in that way I like the Revised Standard for study or for just like really going deep into Scripture but if you’re looking for a Bible that is one-to-one translation of what you’re gonna hear at Mass this is not the right translation for you that doesn’t mean you can’t use it though I still use this for my mass readings I just know that they’re gonna sound a little different the other thing did you know that the Bible was not written with these nice little headings in fact the Bible was just kind of written out straight through and so for instance I don’t know it’s like to know the next story that’s coming up is the preparation of Passover and then Jesus Institute’s the Eucharist I like to read the story as it was written and so that gives me just kind of a little bit of a different different vibe so if you don’t like the headings then this might not be the Bible for you also if you’re not a huge fan of notes and charts and graphs and all that stuff this might not be the right Bible for you some people like to just read through scripture as it is and I enjoy that too that’s why I have another Bible that’s just basically words on the page so that’s something to consider as well another thing to consider is that this is not like a super portable Bible I mean it’s nice and it and you can easily throw it in a backpack or something but if you’re looking for something I mean this is like an inch and a half thick it’s about as big as a piece of paper I mean like it’s it’s a size of a nice book if you’re looking for a super portable one then you shouldn’t buy this Bible if you’re a tab junkie you may need to get some tabs I like tabs it’s cool that these tabs are colored so you kind of get an idea from the side but I like my tab sticking out but don’t worry ascension press does sell Bible tabs so you can have them as well so not a reason not to buy it but just saying it doesn’t have tabs one thing I also like about the Bible is it’s got these ribbons so especially if I’m reading for mass I can put one ribbon in the gospel rub it one ribbon in the first reading and then my pencil in the second reading or something like that the other thing I would say is the great adventure timeline is a tremendous resource for reading the Bible this Bible is fantastic for people who like to read and that’s how they absorb and learn information is through reading through the great adventure because this is basically the great adventure some down into like a couple of pages before you start reading the book if you’re more of a visual or an audio learner I would check out the great adventure timeline I believe they have it streaming or a DVD series so this might not be the Bible if you’re more of like that auditory learner like you could go get a different kind of Bible and then still use the same program but I would probably recommend using this along with the program as well I mean that makes sense right and so ultimately I think this is a fantastic Bible I think it’s going to serve a lot of people it may not be the right fit for you but it might be just what you’re looking for and for me it is it’s a little bit bigger than my portable Bible so I don’t lose it like I know exactly where it is it’s very good for writing notes in I write in my Bible all the time and it’s just got I just think it’s a good fit for me right now so that I can take it to Mass and I can take it with me I I have multiple Bibles so there’s nothing wrong with having more than one Bible also so I’m really enjoying it I’ve been using it for about a month now I’ve used it at Mass I brought it in my car I’ve traveled with it and it’s just really nice to have and to see different notes I’ve already kind of learned a few things that I didn’t know and I have a master’s in theology so that’s really so that’s really helpful it’s shed some light on some passages that was really really helpful for my for me growing in my faith and learning more about Jesus Christ I hope you enjoyed this video please hit like go ahead and comment let me know what you think about this Bible or what Bible you’re currently using subscribe to the channel if you can and share this video the most important thing for these videos is to help people not feel alone the Bible can make people feel alone it can be very intimidating so this is a great place to start for people who want to introduce themselves into the Bible but maybe you’re a little nervous for going to a Bible study or maybe you’re not sure where to start or you’re just kind of embarrassed like that’s totally cool this is a great place to start and it’ll give you questions so that you can talk to your friends who you feel like know more about the Bible or talk to your priest and it’s a great way to learn more about your faith in Jesus Christ so thanks again for checking out this video if you got value out of this video and you would like to support what I’m doing making videos so that people don’t feel alone in the church please check out my patreon page I really do appreciate it this is a passion of mine to share the gospel and specifically to people who feel outside of the church even if they’re sitting in the pews so please check out my patreon page and your support is greatly appreciated god bless

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