The Girls’ School of Austin: Spanish, Field Trips, and Community Service

By | September 5, 2019

The Girls’ School of Austin: Spanish, Field
Trips, and Community Service [Opening music] Lisa Schmitt, Head of School: We believe it’s
important for students to be involved in giving back to their community. For one, it does
provide some perspective on the opportunities that they have that maybe other students might
not have. [“There’s a bunch of chopped broccoli
and chicken.”] Lisa Schmitt, con’t: But just also it, again,
allows us to think about what it means to be human, how do we want to be, who do we
want to be? Giving back is an important thing, I think, for young children. Eighth grade student at graduation: What if
I had enrolled in another school instead of this one? Who would I be then? It’s unimaginable. Lisa Schmitt: We believe that students should
have access to another language as early as possible, so we teach one language, Spanish,
from kinder through eighth grade, and by the time the students get to eighth grade, they
have typically finished two years of high school Spanish. [Spanish speaking – laughter] Lisa Schmitt: The Spanish courses are fun,
they’re taught in the target language, students get out and about in Austin, go to a restaurant,
and go to productions that are in Spanish. Fortunately, in Austin there are lots of opportunities
like that. Lisa Schmitt, con’t: One of our mantras here
at the Girls’ School is that Austin is our classroom. Alex Argyros, Middle School Humanities Teacher:
We use the openness of Austin to sort of feed the way in which we do things, to feed the
basic perspective on the world, which is to crave knowledge of all kinds. [“You are listening to Co-Op Radio Station.”] Lisa Schmitt, Head of School: We are not limited
to textbooks certainly. We make use of what’s available to us in Austin. That is one of
the delights of being in Central Austin, is being able to have access to so many things
that are available to us. [End] 1

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