The Gift of Catholic Education in Diocese of Wichita

By | September 19, 2019

(school bell rings) – [Teacher] What should you be looking at? – [Student] The crucifix. – [Teacher] Bless us… – [Class] …O Lord, for these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. – We live in the Diocese of Wichita, and we have 6 kiddos that attend the Catholic schools. Okay, do that again. (laughter) Andrew’s a social worker and I work part-time for the diocese, so it’s not like we would be sending our kids to Catholic schools if we had to pay tuition. (kids chattering) (playful piano music) – [Kori] You want all that stuff? I am from the Wichita diocese, but since I went to public school, I really wasn’t familiar
with the whole idea of, you know, you tithe to your Church, you do stewardship in your Church, and then there were
these Catholic schools. We never say Catholic education is free – it’s not. You’re putting into what God asked you to from the Bible, so as long as you make that commitment, then education is provided for you. – [Class] No. – [Teacher] No, that’s when those horses and those cows need the grass. – [Kori] They always say, “You’re from that diocese.” And so, we just work really hard here within the diocese to
keep building that model. – [Student] Thank you. – [Teacher] You’re welcome. – [Student] Thank you. – [Teacher] You’re welcome. – [Kori] We have children here who have special needs. We have low income families. Anyone that wants to get
a Catholic education, as long as they’re living the stewardship way of life, can receive a Catholic education. And that’s just one thing
that’s just a blessing. (Children singing church hymns) That actually just gave me goosebumps – because you kind of go back to when you were teaching, and you know we teach
the marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, apostolic – right? And Catholic means open
and accepting of all, and welcoming all. And that’s truly what this diocese has been able to do. – [Speaker 1] Just to know that, you know, sharing the gifts that God gave you is enough for your babies to go to a solid Catholic school and really learn the faith. – [Andrew] That’s pretty incredible. – [Speaker 1] Yeah. – [Kori] I thought that was pretty cute, but I couldn’t see out the window, so I was like, okay…

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