The Catholic Church’s Cruel Response to Assisted Suicide in Canada

By | August 31, 2019

Religion always has a way of taking the least
loving side when it comes to a controversial issue. Love between two people? If they’re gay,
some pastors will throw a hissy fit. Women seeking an abortion
after being raped? Some Christians don’t even think they should
be allowed to have that option. And when it comes to people who choose
to end their lives on their own terms, an idea known as euthanasia, Catholics in Canada are just adding insult
to injury. Let me back up for a second. Last year, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled – unanimously I might add – that patients with
severe medical problems could ask their doctors
to help end their lives, and they could do it legally. Physician-assisted death is now legal
in Canada as long as you’re 18, a Canadian resident, mentally competent, suffering from an incurable disease, and you have no chance
of ever getting better. It’s not a perfect law. For example, you can’t choose death,
unless its “imminent”. That means, if you’re suffering from
some horrible chronic disability, you’re just stuck. The law also allows doctors to say no
to helping those patients, which is very convenient for doctors who
oppose euthanasia for religious reasons. That became really relevant recently,
when an 87-year-old man wanted to end his life. But the problem was he was
at a Catholic hospital and they refused to let him die
on his own terms. He spent the last several hours of his life
trying to transfer to a new hospital, but he had to wait 3 hours
for an ambulance to arrive, and even then, the ride was so bumpy,
that it made his pain even worse. He died with the doctor’s help only after suffering
for much longer than he wanted to. And he was lucky in some ways,
because there was a secular hospital nearby. I mean, what if it wasnt there? The Catholic doctors said
they would not help him die, even when life was nothing
but agony for this man. They would rather see
people tortured, than to help them die
in peace. It’s just barbaric. And then,
to make matters worse, the Catholic Bishops of Alberta
and the Northwest Territories are now telling priests to refuse
to conduct the funerals of patients who choose
assisted suicide. Even if those patients
were Catholic. They don’t want to act like
ending your life is a good thing by rewarding you with a
church-sanctioned funeral. It’s not just cruel to refuse to do
this one last thing for dying patients, you could argue that it’s a threat: These priests are sending the message
that if you take your own life, God will also punish you
in the afterlife. As if things didn’t suck already. Keep in mind that funerals
aren’t even for the deceased. There are for everybody else. These church leaders are punishing
the victim’s family, the people who may have just said goodbye
to their loved one for one last time, because of how that person died. Look, the Catholic Church has
every right to set its own rules. What they’re doing here
is not illegal, but it is unethical;
it’s immoral. This is a religious institution that sees people
in the worst times of their lives – when they’re literally ready
to pull the plug – and refuses to give them
the closure they seek. How cruel can you be? When you’re making medical decisions
based on your religious beliefs, instead of doing
what’s best for patients, you shouldn’t be working
at a hospital. It’s one thing to be pro-life. It’s another to watch people
who have no hope of getting better, and tell them, “You know what? We’re gonna let you keep suffering
because that’s what Jesus wants”. We sometimes call out
the Catholic Church for, you know, their parts
in the pedophilia scandal. And we should, but church leaders
will often tell you that’s just the problem
with some rogue priests. That’s not an institutional issue. This isn’t a handful of Catholic priests
making this decision. This is coming from the top down and the doctors who work at these Catholic hospitals
are obligated to do what the bishops tell them to do. It’s an absolutely
awful policy and it just makes
these already agonizing decisions that much worse
for these patients. My name is Hemant Mehta
and I write at What do you want to see
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100 thoughts on “The Catholic Church’s Cruel Response to Assisted Suicide in Canada

  1. Mr. ZAP Post author

    I'm an atheist and against assisted suicide (also euthanasia for nonhumans).

    I don't see how any amount of suffering could be remotely as bad as death itself, and cannot comprehend the idea of a truly incurable disease. As long as one is alive, there is by definition some chance of recovery, and I think that any chance at all is worth it when staring death in the face.

  2. Jorge Soto Post author

    I'm not Catholic but it's amazing that anyone would condone suicide. What happened to the will to live? Ironically, people that are from impoverished countries in Africa and Latin America seem to be more happier with so little and here we are killing ourselves with all that we have.

  3. I’m a Ginger Post author

    I live in a pretty Christian community and a few kids at my school think that I'm horrible, what should I do?

  4. Jacob Schmittou Post author

    God Is Love, God is Life Jesus died for all your sins it's just your Choice to believe In him

  5. Nacho Gaming 988 Post author

    I say a religious channel and most vids had hateful comments, and this awesome atheist channel has almost no hate, just nice disagreement. Keep doin what your doin

  6. Randy Phelps Post author

    I would like to see a video on the flaws of the Seventh Day Adventists Church. As well as the topic of how most religious organizations try to disproved other religions, but fail to see the flaws in their own.

  7. Marko Ranković Post author

    Well I'm not religious and I don't really support suicide in anyway at all unless the person is terminally ill.

  8. MR.AJ Garcia Post author

    i have a question. why does "god" exist and what was his "purpose" for creating life? he didnt have to…. he wasnt forced to. and if he created everything why did he create a talking snake to contradict his goal?

  9. Tony's Toys&Adventures Post author

    Can you do a video on World Mission Society Church of God?

  10. OH Brother Post author

    Atheists should donate more of their organs and save the day.

    Atheists should brush their teeth, comb their hair, eat healthy food, smoke good weed, obey the traffic laws, drink good beer, wash their clothes, don't beat their spouse, don't kick their dog, don't eat their dog, don't drink bleach or Draino.

  11. OH Brother Post author

    Yeah, I'm not Catholic and I've had a good experiences at one of their hospitals. I lived 1.5 years in a Catholic children's home and didn't have any problems. I guess they're an easy target because of the documented abuse.

    I think the atheists here trying to demonize them to death is ridiculous. Saint Jude Hospitals have done tremendous amount of research in cancer. They have increased life expectancy in children with cancer tremendously. And they NEVER send a bill to any family.

  12. Sky Schirman Post author

    On the top right shelf is the full volume of Bone by Jeff Smith. GREAT BOOK SERIES. I have the same full series book.

  13. DaniiiAkasha Post author

    My parents are Greek Orthodox and we lost my 23 year old cousin in August. He was cremated. My parents religion also don't believe in cremation. We were almost there after 6 hours of driving, and when they found out he was cremated they left me there and left the next morning before the funeral. First they ordered me not to go. Then they said if I wanted to go to the funeral, I had to find my own way home.

  14. Darren Raleigh Post author

    When my da was 23 he saw a statue of virgin Mary face change from a happy face to a sad face. The statue was made of stone. Can someone explain that. I'm confused

  15. Cream Cheese Post author

    That's why Christianity is the worst and dumbest religion.

  16. Joseph Bonnette Post author

    Quebec politicians adopted Bill 52 "Right-To-Die", eighteen months ago (first legislation of its kind in Canada) . Noteworthy; The province of Quebec is predominately Roman Catholic, extremely religious. I wonder how many Quebecers will utilize this law?

  17. Eli Jackson Post author

    How is it love to commit murder?
    How is it loving to advocate abortion, broken homes, lawlessness, drug abuse and suicide for the mentally impaired and disaffected?
    What is love when you operate in a postmodernist soup of subjective rationalism without either right or wrong?

  18. Alex R Post author

    Does anyone else feel like grabbing pitchforks and torches and just burning down every catholic church across the world……..

  19. KlausM54 Post author

    I am an atheist and I am against euthansia at least on the terms like its is conducted in Switzerland. My reasons are connected to social, legal and also ethical circumstances that have nothing to do with religion. It is always said that the decision to end somemones life in such a situation has to be made by the respective person. But that is not what happens. The final decision has be made by the people who help with the assisted suicide. Otherwise it would be unethical to prevent ANY suicide, because the person wanted to die at least in that situation. To get to the right decision for a doctor or (in the aftermath) for a lawyer or a judge or jury you would have to come up with objective criteria what makes a life worth living. And IMHO a society cannot allow those criteria to be made. Also think about the psychological pressure many people with severe and terminal diseases suffer from by their surroundings (relatives doing home care or staff in hospitals and nursing homes). That of course all applies to patients who are in a more or less stable situation in their disease, that is what is done in Switzerland and I don´t think that scenario applies to the law in Canada. A person who is in pain and agony without relief also in my book has the right to get help even if the method of pain therapy shortens his or her life. The problem with the whole topic is the slippery slope argument. We are dealing with a terminal decision for a problem that is only conceivable in shades of grey or gradients of bad and worse. Their can´t be ultimate justice and ultimate truth with that.

  20. Zasz Post author

    Correction on the illegal part. Not following the medical standards of the country is illegal. People just dont care because churches and their institutions get special treatment, special rights and free out of jail cards. If a secular hospital would behave like catholic hospitals it would result in an outcry.

  21. brian whittle Post author

    I can understand (but not agree) with a catholic doctor not wanting to help in assisted suicide, but the not being able to have a catholic funeral is seriously shitty.

  22. rick longworth Post author

    Why on Earth does society condone churches to buying up hospitals designed to meet the secular needs of the whole community? It's another example of religions attempt to preserve it's privilege. This should not be tolerated.

  23. Ruben Villasenor Post author

    Please stop using the phrase Assisted Suicide because it is not suicide. Death with dignity is not about wanting to die it is about having some control of the way you die. They wish to keep their dignity in their last moments of life.

  24. Sue Hughson Post author

    Thanks Hemant for highlighting this important struggle we are facing in Canada. At Dying With Dignity Canada we are working hard to make sure that all Canadians who qualify have access to medical assistance in dying, be it at home, in hospice or hospital. People have rights, institutions do not.

  25. Catholic Spaniard Post author

    its simple.

    catholics believe in god. therefore believe u have not the right to end your life or any other. youre not the Master of your life. u dont know What is going to happen.

    abortion by rape is not allowed because abortion is murder. is it the babys fault? abortion is murder. murder is wrong.

  26. Ian Ferguson Post author

    It's not a perfect law but it's a start – we just have to keep fighting for more – my member of parliament does not return mail on this subject. The original broad committee on this earlier this year had 21 GREAT recommendations but Ottawa discarded most of them due to pressure such as from the Catholic church..

  27. edward hickey Post author

    It must be great to live in a Hospice where you need someone to changed like a baby and occasionally scream at and belittle you, tell you can't stay up, can't have a snack or even make a call. It must kill your manhood and pride, that how they treated my dad. He was only in there 3 weeks before we brought him home and he passed on 9 days later but couldn't speak the last 6 days yet was seeming to getting stronger then Pneumonia got him. He went from 165 to just 65 pounds in less than 18 months from lung cancer, I sure know I'd would like an option to not go threw that myself. I like that the law tries to have safeguards against depression yet I think there should lax the laws if treatment doesn't does help after a few months. I live in Ontario am glad we have end of life options but religion should should mine its business as its outdated and silly fairy-tales is not going to control my life or final days.

  28. Michael Leukofzo Post author

    God is so loving that he wants you to have a painful and agonizing death. It's 2016, and these motherfuckers are still peddling myths and messing with governments.

  29. Tran Nguyen Post author

    That's ridiculous your own life is controlled by an imaginary god. I means that your OWN LIFE (live & die, sex & marriage, thinking and decision…etc.). Ask yourself that "Am I a human being or a puppet ?

  30. Annalytical Post author

    I pray that all of you find God and see how freeing it is to believe in SOMETHING. I can't believe that when you die there's just blackness. I just can't. When you die there can't be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I can't watch over my loved ones or anything.

  31. Post Hoc Post author

    I [mandatorily] studied Christian Ethics and I think this whole 'Church infringing everyone's rights' issue is because of what we call the sin of omission. If secular ideology doesn't par with Christian doctrine, then it'd be a 'sin' for Christians not to stop it. I hate that policy, really. It's terrible. A hidden agenda of religion–it just has to hijack everything it shouldn't touch.

  32. Alberich Post author

    Now, I stand with Richard Dawkings on that point. I prefere an honest "fundamentalist" than a washed down theologian.
    If, and there is proof, the bibel condems suicide, then it is just the "right" thing for a christian to follow their guideline.
    And I prefere it, why you might ask? Well easy.
    The biggest lie, especially the catholic church, ever told is that they are warm and helpful church.
    These stories show how distorted their views on the world actually are, so my guess is that exactly that helps people to realise how fucked up the religions are.

    HOWEVER, we had a similar case in Germany were 2 chatholic hospitals told a ambulance that they should not come because they were transporting a rape victim and that they can't treat the victim, due to the fact that the tratment includesi nforming about abortion and the morining pill. So 2 hospitals refuesed to treat her.
    Now again one could argue, freedom of religion and if a church run hospital has its own agenda it would be ok, but (!) hospitals here belong to a so calles "Daseinsvorsorge" (which means law of services of general interest), whcih again means that these hospitals are mainly financed by the state, it is hiddious that it is possible for a statefinanced hospital to reject patients on a religious matter.
    Now taht dispute is solve, and they have to treat the victims of rape but don't have to inform about the pill after but transfere the patient to another hospital – which is outragous because a state financed hospital is allowed to reject treatment (which is stated in the generall accpeted code of conduct for doctors).

    But to get back to my point. The more the church showes its true colours the more people will understand, that the church is by no means a warm and humanitarian organisation but a authocratic all controlling institution of power.
    So, even if it sounds zynical and harsh (and for the indivudal patients I would fight till I rip an arm off) but I thank the bishop for showing what they really think and don't wash it down to appeal to the masses as a nice and fuzzy warm group of people.

    But until all politival power of an organised religion is destroyed, we have to pick every official statement of the churches and show what that actually means for people in real life.
    Such as marrige is holy and cannot be something else but between a man and a woman – That led in germany for a beding over backwards of the political elite – alowing gays to be lawfully married but not calling it marrige but registered partnership.

    So to drwa the cicle back to my opening statement. An honest church which ophoilds its belifes and doesn't wash it down or reanaming doctrines to sound more confortable is better as it showes its true colours which makes it easier for people to speperate from – For example a friend of mine who is a devout christian but could not take the bullshit the catholic church said and did in her hometown. So she left the church, still is a chrstian but not bound to a church anymore. And I thnk thats a good think, as it helps moving the faith from an organised religion into a priviate space, loseing its political power.

  33. Michael Roy Post author

    It's such a shame that Hemant doesn't present any evidence for the other side in his videos. Much of the information in here could be easily refuted, but he merely says "look how bad they are!" and provides only that evidence which furthers his point. For one, the Catholic Church does not simply let patients suffer, they provide what's called "palliative care", which involves lessening a person's suffering until they die naturally. It has come a long way and is incredibly effective in easing pain that results from almost any condition. But Hemant says nothing about this, he points out only what contributes to the point he's making and leaves out the rest.

  34. quincyme2010 Post author

    How in the world can the cult known as the Catholic church continue to exist in modern society????????? The only religion more ass backwards is Islam. All religion is a form of societal cancer.

  35. D R Post author

    I'm very proud to say that my state, California, has joined with the other states (Oregon, Montana, we al) in legalizing physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill people. Very kind

  36. Safeer Khan Post author

    u just full of bitterness . u targeting Christians. why not other religions ? are u scare . i have answer of ur each question. u know what bible says if u humble then he reveal his mystry and u will be saved by his grace but through faith . i have thousands of verses and u talk what ever u want but people who have god presence in thier lives shall loose thier faith on god . I AM NOT RELIGIOUS BUT BUT I KNOW JESUS IS REAL ,HEAVEN IS REAL , HELL IS REAL. PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEED TO REPENT AND HUMBLE THEN U WILL SEE HIS GLORY . GOD NOT MAGIC KIND OF THINGS. READ ROMAN 1 CHAPTER ,U WIL KNOW THAT THE PEOPLE NOT LISTEN THEN HOW SATAN CONTROL THEIR LIVES AND GOD LEAVE THEM ,PEOPLE TALK LIKE U . EVEN ANN WAS VERY GOOD ITS NOT MEAN SHE IS SAVED . BIBLE SAY YR GOOD WORK CAN NOT SAVE U . NEED STIIL BLOOD OF JESUS to clean ur sins . but u will not understand bz u r mold to do. this . satan using u .u cannot even understand that satan working through u to take people away from god . any way repent ur sin then jesus can wash ur sin even then again bible says that if u believe u will save i m nit good writer. i pray to god open ur eyes to see the real truth

  37. CatholicHTowner Post author

    Screw you. Least loving side? Really? Atheism brought us the Killing Fields, the Cristeros War and the Holocaust. that's FAR worse than any lame accusation from you.

  38. C-Leyva Post author

    Yo I got a question have you ever talk to some people who are confuse in way like they believe in some science stuff and in the bible. I don't wanna be jugde but tbh I am in that position so what should I do to clear my mind and choose the right path? Because I've been introduce to Christianity when I was 9 and I believe in it as a life manual if that makes sense.

  39. Jack Red Post author

    Typical stupidity of organized religion and the morons who follow it.  Make your own decisions and screw the church! Who needs that level of pure idiocy?

  40. IDK Post author

    You can put Catholicism and the Bible next to each other for eternity, sorry, it will NOT move the guilt and sin to the Bibles account. Pull the attacks on what you actually hate.

  41. chris869100 Post author

    God is real, he punishes me with physical pain for stupid questions that my mind bombards him with and as for the Catholic Church I have felt true holyness there, it's mostly good and all of the sacraments, that's one good place to find the Lord.

  42. Allan Jojola Post author

    Here's a thought…have them go to a hospital that will carry out their last wish. It's as simple as that!

  43. Ava Post author

    I don't understand why it's unethical for humans to choose to be euthanized in order to end their own suffering and yet it's ethical for pet parents to euthanize their pets in order to end their suffering. I feel like if a human or other animal's life is absolutely miserable due to all of the pain they're experiencing, they should be allowed to choose to end it. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems pretty messed up to force someone to go through all that suffering. I feel like it's more humane to let people make that decision for themselves.

  44. Emma Ashford Post author

    This Canadian law is set up for people who are practically on death's door step. If they want to fight for their life as long as they can they should allowed to. If they say they have had enough they should speak to at least 3 doctors, check their prognosis, check current research being carried out that may add more positive time ( being able to do things for themselves and enjoy life rather than endure it) and if they still want to go we should let them.

    If owners are allowed to weigh up the pros and cons for a beloved pet then shouldn't the person suffering as long as they are in full control of their faculties and under no pressure from family (the kind who want their inheritance quick) they should have the right to die with dignity.

    On a similar note vets in some countries everyday will put down an otherwise healthy dogs even puppies because it's x rays show the dog will develop hip dysplasia in later life and they don't want to burden an adopting family with something like this. That is ethically wrong but they justify it because it will prevent suffering of the animal that may or may not happen in years to come. Also, some of these vets are of the organised religious persuasion.

    Therefore as long as no human doctor or group of doctors have that kind of power over this sort of thing concerning this law things should be ok.

  45. Jbdassassinarmy Post author

    Let's put it like this, if you see a badly hurt animal with a very very slim to no chance of recovering, do you let it suffer or do you help to end its pain as quickly as you can so it doesn't have to suffer longer than it has to.

  46. Garrett Collins Post author

    Could you clarify why it is "immoral" to not assist a suicide? How could the very concept of immorality exist unless absolute right and wrong exist? In a Godless universe void of any spirituality it's like saying baking soda reacted with vinegar and then getting mad at the baking soda. Hemant's own comments prove he is not an atheist. He is a closet theist.

  47. Chalupa Post author

    we don't want to punish people, we believe life is a sacred thing God gave you and taking something God gave you is selfish… from my understanding

  48. SpunKy Man Post author

    You are so full of shit. We are not as stupid as you think. I've converted to catholicism because of people like you. I'm also a nurse who has worked with the dying for over 30 years and you should stop talking and do some real work. Have you ever heard of something called palliative care. Your opinion smells exactly like my anus.

  49. Benjamin Lloyd Post author

    I have asked Christians what happened to the people of the past or today who were never exposed to Christianity. I have been told many times that if they didn't know about Christ they didn't go to hell. So my question is if this be the case why do they tell others? Is that not cruelty

  50. Chris Lansdown Post author

    Whilst delighted to hear Canada is allowing euthanasia, I. Was very disappointed to find it only applies to those already close to death. Surely this is illogical. I am severely disabled, suffer chronic pain and am able to use my iPad Pro as my one route out of my nursing home room. My condition will only get worse and I have now been waiting 18 months for a wheelchair so I can visit the dentist. The nursing home doesn't allow me to see to my own medication and l have just been disempowered by having all knives, scissors and such removed because I said I sometimes had suicidal thoughts.

    Surely a person in my situation is allowed the odd suicidal thought and, sadly, I can't even blame religion as the home is not religious based and has a very fine crop of atheist helpers. I should have said I enjoy your videos and I agreed with you about voting for Donald trump. I am English but I couldn't have voted for Trump if I was American. My reason however would have nothing to do with religion. I couldn't vote for a sexist, racist idiot – can't sat why really!

  51. Lion Alesso Post author

    Jesus Christ was famous against religion. And many comes in sheep clothing, saying 'here is the messiah and there is the messiah, or even so I am the messiah.'

  52. D. R. Nyan-chan Post author

    In the states, these same type of hospitals won't cut and twist your tubes alongside a C-section upon request. I mean, they're in there anyway and a woman should have every right to decide whether or not she should continue having children.

  53. Armitage Smyth Post author

    Forcing other people to do what you want them to do is not legal in Canada.

  54. Braddah Love Post author

    a lot of people with religious beliefs are in health. im not too sure whether having all of those people quit.

  55. samay jain Post author

    Hemant Mehta is insane to think that suicide is ok. Even an atheist who is civilized, should never think that suicide is a good thing.

  56. samay jain Post author

    Hemant Mehta is sometimes extremely smart and sometimes extremely dumb too!

  57. Grandma Mo Says Post author

    The Catholic Church, and other fundamentalist sects, will continue to see their congregations decrease as each new generation sees just how unloving and how lacking in human decency they are. I am delighted by polling that found at least one third of Canadians are Atheists and I suspect that number will continue to grow.
    I fully support the right to Physician assisted suicide for anyone who is suffering INCLUDING those whose death is not imminent. I also believe that we should be able to make that choice before we are incapacitated by either health problems or catastrophic injury. The last thing I want is for my children to see me dying by inches and in severe pain, or brain damaged to the point that I'm not the mother they knew and loved. I know what this would be like for them. My father had a massive heart attack in his forties and was so severely brain damaged that he was left with the mind of an anxious, helpless, diaper wearing two year old who didn't know who we were, or where he was, for the last seventeen years of his life. My father was a very intelligent man and would have been horrified to know of the extreme measures taken that left him in that state. I had an in-law who suffered for three years in terrible pain from inoperable cancer. I want the right to opt out of treatment that ravages my body or destroys my mind, even if that treatment has a possibility of extending my life. It is my body, my mind and it should be my choice! I believe our provincial Health Cards should link up to a database where we can register these choices, as well as whether we want to be an organ donor. For those of you who think these are empty words, I recently had surgery and I asked the hospital if there was a release I could sign for DNR should something go wrong that would leave me severely brain damaged. The answer this time was no, but I continue to hope.

  58. FabianTheGreat Post author

    "I wanna die."
    "No! It's against God's will!"
    "But, what if his plan involves me dying early?"
    "That's impossible! You must live whilst in pain!"
    "Deal with it and suffer!"
    The man that wanted to die was then forcibly strapped to his bed until the day he died from natural causes….
    Wait, would that be legal? xD

  59. samay jain Post author

    That's what people would say when I say Facts.

  60. Miguel Aveiro Post author

    I would've thought those who believe in heaven would be the first to say yes to euthanasia. You end your pain and go to a blissful place with God and your loved ones. It doesn't mean everyone who's going through a hard time should end their lives, but in cases like that poor old man, it should be done. How are you helping someone like that by keeping them alive?

  61. Mary Kathryn Heffernan Post author

    This doesnt mean all Catholics are bad

  62. Voltaire Ladion Post author

    it's a person's choice to believe or not – the Bible
    it's a person's choice to believe or not, that earth life is temporary
    it's a person's choice to believe or not, that all things work together for those who love God, Jesus, a choice to believe that after all the good and the bad things in this life, it will surely be an eternal happy ending with God, Jesus, in Heaven
    it's a person's choice to believe or not – to God, Jesus
    it's a person's choice to believe or not, that if a person acknowledge God, Jesus In all his/her ways, God, Jesus will make straight the person's paths.

    ** it's a person's choice to say good, beautiful, etc, OR; unpleasant, negative, etc, commentaries about God, Jesus. **

    ** it is written a lot in the bible as to what will happen to a person if he goes with, or against God, Jesus. ** it's a person's choice to believe or not **

    ** it's a person's choice to believe or not to:
    Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart
    3 My son, do not forget my teaching,
    but let your heart keep my commandments,
    2 for length of days and years of life
    and peace they will add to you.
    3 Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you;
    bind them around your neck;
    write them on the tablet of your heart.
    4 So you will find favor and good success[a]
    in the sight of God and man.
    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
    6 In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.
    7 Be not wise in your own eyes;
    fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.
    8 It will be healing to your flesh[b]
    and refreshment[c] to your bones.
    9 Honor the Lord with your wealth
    and with the firstfruits of all your produce;
    10 then your barns will be filled with plenty,
    and your vats will be bursting with wine.
    11 My son, do not despise the Lord's discipline
    or be weary of his reproof,
    12 for the Lord reproves him whom he loves,
    as a father the son in whom he delights.

    ** All praises, honor, reverence, respect, glory, love, to God, Jesus, forever! **

  63. Sanctus Post author

    Wow, this is such a sad response to the cruelty of assisted suicide. As a society, we should be looking to support and encourage those who are terminally ill, not support and encourage them to end their life. It's barbaric to suggest that we should help people end their life! These hospitals do not "prolong suffering." Being a hospital with medical professionals, they treat the pain and make the people's lives as comfortable as possible. But it is absolutely inhumane to treat a person as though they were a lame dog and put them down. This video just underscores how little value is placed on life and how little this perspective understands that our lives are ultimately not our own.

  64. Mariogg30 Post author

    “Do not accept anything as love which lacks truth.” Edith Stein

  65. FRANK NOSKI Post author

    You said it best, "Atheist Voice", the Catholic Church has the right to set its own rules. If you want to die by assisted suicide, Catholics have no obligation to help you do that in a hospital they pay for and administer, and they have no obligation to bury you when its over. Go to one of your Atheist doctors and let them kill you, and then get one of your Atheist priests to bury you. Problem solved. Catholics see human life as having intrinsic value, apart from any subjective definitions or the application of some abstract "quality of life" dataset. This is a result of all of us being created by God in His image. Keep in mind, euthanasia may start out as "voluntary",  but once the government is paying for healthcare, and a euthanasia precedent is established, it is only a matter of time before a panel of "physicians", may decide that you no longer meet the quality of life definition they establish. Then the needle is a duty and your family may be required to help kill you. See link below.

  66. Matthew Arsenault Post author

    I'm an atheist and I support euthanasia but no doctor should be forced to do it even if he's not religious maybe he just doesn't feel comfortable that's something he has to live with

  67. rstevewarmorycom Post author

    You're not "stuck". Just use nitrogen and illegal opioids! Nitrogen in tanks, or helium, or use ammonium dichromate, which chemical's ONLY gaseous result is nitrogen! That's the orange stuff that people use for little volcanoes in school demos, it turns green after it reacts, you can light it with a match. Put it in a paint can with a tube fitting, run the tubing to a bubbler to keep chromate out of your lungs and fill a big garbage bag!

  68. Tony Powell Post author

    If I was diagnosed with cancer, I'd go to a pro-life rally and nuke myself.

    It's hard for cuntservatives to vote if they're no longer breathing.

  69. Samuel Evans Post author

    The purpose of a Catholic Funeral is to pray for the soul person who has died, A Catholic funeral is not about the feelings of those left behind. Catholics do not pray for those who are in hell because, according to their teaching, to do so is pointless. If you read the Catholic Church’s teaching around sucide, the logical conclusion of those teachings is that those who commit suicide are, with a reasonable degree of certainty, in hell. Frankly, you don’t seem to know what you are talking about, if you are going to comment about what so-called “Catholics” do, perhaps you should try reading their book of rules (the Catechism of the Catholic church) so you know why they do what they do.

  70. Jack Post author

    Screw the papists. If a catholic doctor tries to help a person who does not want help then I think that is very cruel.

  71. Denise Braganza Post author

    Hemant why don't you answer the questions posed to you.Russian dictator Joseph Stalin ran an atheistic regime that killed tens of millions of people. That was an enormous crime against humanity, but we can’t conclude from that fact that atheism is false, and that there must be a God. But if crimes by atheists don’t prove atheism is false, then crimes by believers don’t prove that their beliefs are false, either. Have atrocities been committed in the name of religion? Yes. Have atrocities been perpetuated in the name of atheism? Absolutely. Neither fact gets us closer to the truth of whether God exists.

  72. The Mysterious Cynthia X Post author

    assisted suicide swiftly goes down the slippery slope of euthanasia as can be seen by all the countries which started out by legalizing assisted suicide. That's what real cruelty is

  73. Advocate_Of_Reason Post author

    Catholic here, I like you more than most youtube atheists Hemant but this time you don't seem to well informed about what catholic dogma actually says about euthanasia and suicide.

    Also you don't seem to realize it, but you're contradicting yourself, at 1:11 you claim it is a good thing that catholic doctors are allowed to refuse to help suicidal patients, since nobody should be forced to do something they don't believe to be morally correct, however you spended half the rest of the video complaining about how a CATHOLIC hospital, with catholic staff, refused to do something THEY believed to be morally wrong. Now, when the man said he wanted to euthanise himself, did they force him to stay in their hospital? Did they trapped him there and refused to let him go? No, they allowed him to leave, probably sincerely wishing him the best from the bottom of their hearts.

    Second and foremost, Catholicism is one of the christian denominations that is among the most merciful about suicide and euthaniasia. In catholic dogma, in order to stop yourself from going to heaven, you need to die with an un-repented mortal sin, and in order for a sin to be mortal, such sin most be done out of free will, which is not the case of people that are either physically or mentally ill.

    Please read the following excerpts of the Catholic Cathecism:

    2282 “…Grave psychological disturbances, anguish, or grave fear of hardship, suffering, or torture can diminish the responsibility of the one committing suicide.”

    2283 “We should not despair of the eternal salvation of persons who have taken their own lives. By ways known to him alone, God can provide the opportunity for salutary repentance. The Church prays for persons who have taken their own lives.”

    Keep in mind, in catholicism suicide and euthanasia ARE grave sins, however the person who commited such act may not be held fully responsible of its actions, because in a way its mental/physicall illness might be "forcing" him/her to do it. It is up to God, not to us, to decide if the circumstances of that persons life can justify his actions.

    However, you're right about something, those people who refused to held funerals or that claimed that the victim was in hell for sure, are doing things wrong. But this is not to be blamed on catholicism, this to blamed on this people's lack of information about what our dogma actually says.

  74. MusicInspire Post author

    There it is….the undefined use of the word "love," as if the use of that term always has universal meaning and legitimacy. The claim that Christians seem to always take the "unloving" side of issues like homosexuality and euthanasia, the so-called "athiests" don't ever seem to define their use of the word "love". Whoever this guy is, he has painted himself into a corner, with no way out to think that he can indiscriminately cast around power-words without any thought to the illegitimacies behind his use of those words. How is it "loving" for chronic and terminal patients to end their own lives? When they are told about the possible outcomes of their condition, fear is a natural phenomenon for most. The easiest go-to is the quiet way out in order to avoid what may end up in some suffering. We are, by nature, escapists. We don't want to suffer. My disease can lead to suffering, and already is causing pain, and the thought of avoidance of the potential greater suffering does have an appeal. What I cannot escape are the absolutes behind the sanctity of life. Asking permission to end my life from a government bureaucracy is not freedom, is not loving, and is not consistent with the value most cultures place on life. Islam is the major violator for the sanctity of life, and yet enjoys unprecedented favor from the very groups islam openly hates and murders. This all should cause all who have the capacity to think rationally to pause and consider.

  75. MusicInspire Post author

    This guy also ignores the fact that atheists, throughout history, have perpetrated more wars, murder, genocide and outright killing than all of religion combined throughout the known history of the world, and there are people considering that may this guy knows what he's talking about when he throws around words like "love"? Really? Talk about a dichotomy.

  76. DnDro Kyskloño Post author

    I am a doctor.. And I don't hate anything more than seeing a life ends.. But under some circumstances it is the only way to end their uncurable pain..Don't torture your patient by waiting for a miracle to happen

  77. Marilyn Hoste Post author

    Do you have any idea of the Bible and what God said ? No one on the face of the earth has ever suffered the way Jesus Christ did .

  78. The Gay Atheist Post author

    So if you're suffering from an incurable disease with no chance of getting better, in extreme pain, and have to be in the hospital the entire time, but you're mentally disabled, you deserve to suffer? I find that fucking retarded!

  79. The Gay Atheist Post author


  80. castroy64 Post author

    You’re an atheist. What do you care about the Catholic Church? You’re a bit of a busy body. Aren’t you?

  81. Winston Jen Post author

    I **** 500 Christians last week. That should help this bill pass.


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