The Catholic Church Is Committed to the Safety of Children

By | September 2, 2019

The Catholic Church is absolutely
committed to the safety of children by creating the Charter to Protect
Children and Young People the United States bishops have made a promise to
protect pledged to heal. We work to heal and
reconcile we guarantee effective responses to
allegations we ensure accountability of procedures.
We call for complete transparency. Over 4.5 million children and
ninety-eight percent of people who work with children have been trained to identify and
prevent abuse through safe environment policies we have administered over two million
background checks we are making the Catholic Church one of
the safest institutions in the country together we can make a promise to
protect and a pledge to heal Here’s five things you can do. Develop
loving and appropriate relationships with your children Teach your children safety. Know who
has access to your children. Learn the
warning signs of abuse. Trust your instincts. For more
information about our efforts against child abuse and to learn how you can help
speak with your local safe environment coordinator and visit our website

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