The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 7: The Monks

By | August 31, 2019

5 thoughts on “The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 7: The Monks

  1. LumenGentium Post author

    @RaceHuman What do you think everyone else who is our age gets? a one sided account on how the church is evil.

    its time we fought back with some truth and evidence…and well, he has plenty. you my brainwashed friend, have none, but what a crowd of idiots says.

  2. Timo Arnaldo Post author

    I tried talking to a former catholic turned Protestant about catholic monks. I told her I'm actually influenced by catholic monks but she surprised me by saying there are no catholic monks. When I asked her why she said she's never seen them therefore they don't exist and that they're a different kind of christian (I know-sounds stupid on her end). How do I get her out of this mindset and actually understanding that there are catholic monks?

  3. George Arokia Savariar Post author

    God bless you for the effort that encourage us to bolster our love for the Church where the enemy is within. It is sad to see even bishops and cardinals are not appreciating the Catholic past but having dialogue with non Catholics which watering down our civilization. Yes, it is true there is no other civilization like the contribution of Catholic Church in building the refine civilization.


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