The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 2: The Church and Science

By | August 31, 2019

27 thoughts on “The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 2: The Church and Science

  1. LumenGentium Post author

    @qtutoringhelps The universe has order, as science has since shown, before the church the world was not though to be orders, spontaneous generation for example was not put to rest until Pasture (A firm Catholic by the way) gave us the Law of Bio-genesis.

  2. LumenGentium Post author

    @qtutoringhelps Your really have no idea of their religion do you? Read…lets say, the books by homer first, then talk to me, they can do fine for small things, but when you get to say, how was the sun light brought to them every day…they can't explain it without a god and a chariot.

    when you can blame a god for something all the time, then you really have not figured out the order to the full measure needed to prove things like Christians did.

  3. LumenGentium Post author

    @qtutoringhelps dude, read anything from their time, they babble about their gods all day long.

  4. LumenGentium Post author

    @qtutoringhelps I'm a historian, i'm not saying they were stupid, i am saying there is a limit to how much they can do unless they fully understand the world is ordered. They had a partial understanding, and that let them do many things, but they could not have been for example Heliocentric if they think a god pulls the sun threw the sky in a chariot. Or that gods fight with each other and make disorder. They even had a god of disorder, Eris.

    He is also a convert to the Catholic faith BTW.

  5. LumenGentium Post author

    @qtutoringhelps so a few exceptions to the made it so that no one though that?

    with us, everyone assumes this, with you, your speculating a few people did.

  6. doodsiepie Post author

    I would like to note that a civilization having the knowledge of the Ancient Greeks does not necessarily mean that that civilization will develop the theoretical sciences. Ancient Rome and Islamic civilization had it for centuries, but they never did go beyond the Greeks. Christian civilization, however, did.

  7. doodsiepie Post author

    Now what really cracks me up is that if Prof. Woods is right, then IF the Catholic Church had a Protestant mindset, science wouldn't have developed as it has now in the first place. Wisdom is an "Apocryphal" book, a book Protestants don't even consider as part of Scripture.

  8. w barquez Post author

    The so-called conflict between faith and science through the centuries could partly be blamed on some leaders of the Church who took the Bible literally and read it like a modern science handbook, so much so that people like Copernicus and Galileo were persecuted by some churchmen. They should have listened to men like Cardinal Baronius, a contemporary of Galileo, who said that "Scriptures tell us how to go to Heaven and not how the heavens go."

  9. Ross McDowell Post author

    Nothing like Boring John Hodgeman to spice up your propaganda programs. He really adds a new layer of drab to the boredom of cheap sets and a single endless talking head. Great stuff!

  10. acsabioni Post author

    How Can we measure the conscience, the love, the soul and so on?We have to distinguish the reality of the things and the material things that is the subject and the study of the modern science. The comprehension of the science in the Middle Ages is different of the modern science today, they understand the science as a comprehension of the reality, the comprehension of ourselves and of the God. This comprehension of the true science become possible to develop the technology.

  11. machias Houlton Post author

    00:10 Obviously he never checked with historians at say, Columbia, UCLA UCI, CORNELL and NYU

    5:00 St. Augustine doesn't realize that mathematics was considered satan's language in the middle ages. It is still associated with witchcraft.

    11:45 in its golden era Islam had advances in math. That ended later on. The real reason it went under is because its warlike and still is. They have had no mosque/state separation. No reformation

    BTW jesus said with God all things are possible so yeah…

  12. machias Houlton Post author

    13:00 that's Russian orthodox not Latin.

    15:44 the schools were mostly focused on teaching superstition and junk sciences like alchemy.

    17:40 yet everything was a miracle. Well it was the times they lived in…

    19:47 Issac Newton was branded a heretic. And his theory of gravity was condemned. LOL!

    The bible in its literal Greek form supports Newton's theory! Colossians 1:17 & Hebrews 1:3

    SEE: wwwanswersingenesisorg/articles/cm/v22/n3/gravity

  13. machias Houlton Post author


    @00:10 never mind those Universities are garbage so forget I brought it up.

    @11:45 Well The prof on the video argues that this idea that Islamic sciences fizzled due to Koranic views that the universe is set on ordered laws when Allah can discontinue laws at any time. Jesus said the same thing with God all things are possible. YES it is possible that at times they CAN be suspended but still you had brilliant mathmaticians in Islam. wwwfabpedigreeDOTcom/james/grmatm2DOThtm

  14. Catholic Truth Global Post author

    @Machias (@11:45), I don't think he is disputing there was great Islamic mathematicians at all, nor would/could he.

  15. TorianTammas Post author

    First of all you obviously don´t know much about rome or the antiquities otherwise you would not claim things like this. Christianiaty for most of its time was against education and against science. How many people could read in christian europe for at least 1000 years? Far less then in the roman empire. Wha are the middle ages called the dark age? So much in culture and civilizazion was lost and destroyed and christians worked on this as well.

  16. Skeezix Frauh Post author

    What makes us believe our Individual Opinions on this or any other Spiritual Matter from any other Spiritual Source of Heavenly Divine is both Welcome and Enlightened greater than the Source itself….we have found a Stick to Eat Ants with from another Anthill, but without the Stick we starve, for Measure, anything we think in opposition to Religion is in and of itself from a most recent enlightenment born in Rebellion to Religion itself…How can Science claim any Moral Objective, and why do not Scientists contest the Aversity of this Preparation, meaning Satanism, which exalts the Animal Inhibitions of Man, certainly creating one's own Morality is by far the greatest folly to all Civilization, as in each individual Will being Divine, without Recourse or ability to Empathize with them whom are Victimized, yet may have offered a solution to the Problem at their Hands…how can Opinionation be greater than the Recorded Benefit of Thousands of years of Collected Experience of Religion…the Greatest Perception of Atheism is it's need for Blood and Human Sacrifice, while Ignoring the Sacrifice in which it is Wrought, only the Ideal remains, the Wealth of the King is His People.

  17. MagnumBullets47 Post author

    Actually, it is Wisdom 11:20:"However, without these, one breath could have blown them over, pursued by Justice, whirled away by the breath of your power. You, however, ordered all things by measure, number and weight."

  18. Thiago Fernando Post author

    Does somebody know the name of these musics: 12:35 and 12:52 ?

  19. Puruan Langit Post author

    Halleluyah, I love Jesus and his church, Catholic church.

  20. Fredrik Larsson Post author

    This is pure GOLD. I have searched for something like it and here it was. Thank You so much!!

  21. Stuart Morrow Post author

    11:26 What makes optics (in the 11th century…) an applied science as opposed to a pure science?

  22. JamesMaster1997 Peverel Post author

    great show and the book is even greater 😉

  23. Paul Bartow Post author

    I liked the section on the Chartres School, of which I had never heard, but saying that the ancient Babylonians contributed nothing to science is absurd. They were among the pioneers of astronomical observation. The Catholic Church can be a great source of divine light without making a straw man of other civilizations.

  24. Minute Repeater Post author

    Woehahaha the catholic church a builder of civilasation, you mean the catholic church is the destroyer of civilasations. Although the protestant church and the two other Abrahamic religions aint much better. Both (especially organised) religion and science are political/totalitarian by nature, love censorship, are dogmatic, spilled oceans of blood, and above all; are as corrupt as it can be. They arent working for the greater good of mankind, they always have whored themselfs out to the commercial and political interest of the people (nobility, industrialist and bankers) who funded them.


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