The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 11: Origins of International Law

By | September 5, 2019

10 thoughts on “The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 11: Origins of International Law

  1. ExaltedSolution Post author

    The catholic church suppressed innovation directly. It was a limitation of European Civilization for many centuries until the slow upheaval against it with the Renaissance.

  2. AppliedPhilosophy Post author

    @ExaltedSolution go and watch previous episodes, you'll see how many ways you're wrong.

  3. ExaltedSolution Post author

    In countries dominated by the Catholic church, the rate of innovation was incredibly slow. Over a THOUSAND years passed and the pace of Europe technology practically stood still! Intolerance and Xenophobia were cultured by early Christians. It many revolutions and uprisings, Micheal Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, to form a counter culture that accepted new ideas. See wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Renaissance. This documentary is trying to justify the missionaries that poisoned foreign cultures.

  4. Timothy Maloney Post author

    The Popes have always voiced a strong opposition to Democracy, because the laws in a Democracy are made by the people for the people and not based on Christian or Catholic values. The Spanish prompted by the Church expelled the Jews and Muslims out of the Spain that they had lived in as their homeland for 700 years. This program is dishonest and unhistorical.

  5. WMsReligion Post author

    … very informative but the speaker was mistaken in attributing 2 things to the Catholic church:
    a) the Spanish theologians were actually being good Christians
    b) the teachings they expounded were from the Bible, not the church

  6. TenderTrap715 Post author

    It's interesting to see how the Catholic colonial powers dealt with natives, as opposed to the Protestant ones, mainly the English. French Canada, Spanish America and Brazil all have reasonably good histories with natives, and African slaves, than the English. Wherever the Protestant English, and eventually Americans, went, they destroyed native populations, almost entirely in N. America and the S. Pacific, and were responsible for disgusting racial codes like the Jim Crow laws and Apartheid.

  7. Holy Khan Post author

    It's a pity, but doesn't it just smack of the truth? No one listens to good scholarship so much as the popular opinion. And the popular opinion was not shared by the later Scholastics of the School of Salamance, so it seems. 🙁

  8. David S. Post author

    This guy pushes his propaganda well…..I will give him that. History is the better judge than him though.

  9. Puruan Langit Post author

    Catholic Church build the Western Civilization.


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