The Border Wall and the Catholic Church.

By | October 10, 2019

Is there a moral problem with a wall? Yes
I’m talking about the border between the u.s. and Mexico. I’m seeing a lot of
Catholics, specifically on social media who seem to have develop some concept
that walls are immoral and that Church teaching doesn’t say that we can ever
have walls. First of all, the Vatican has a wall. Secondly walls are not immoral, so
I don’t know what anyone really understands about nations or sovereignty
but certainly back in even the earliest parts of church history, the world has
always been made up of nations and rules and laws, you can’t be a Catholic if you
don’t follow the rules. There are walls whether you realize them or not physical
barriers aren’t always walls sometimes the wall is something like you have to
believe a certain thing, sometimes the wall is that you have to behave a
certain way, a wall is an expectation. It’s a delineation. It’s a boundary.
Boundaries are not immoral. They’re actually very good, we need them—all
humans need them. To say that a wall is unchristian, to say that telling someone
you need to follow a certain rule or protocol to enter my country, to say that
that’s unchristian is not true. It is simply wrong. The reality is that nations
owe it to the people who live inside of their walls, inside of their borders, to
protect them first. The concept that we need to throw everything out the window
for the sake of someone who is suffering is not an accurate one. It’s not correct.
There’s a reason why the church doesn’t sell all of the things it has to give
that money to the poor because in a moment all that money would be gone and
then there’d also be no Churches where we glorify God. The reality is that if
people from Mexico want to get into the U.S. it’s because they want to get here
because there’s amazing stuff here, that’s great. People who are already here
they’re the first people owed something by the nation they live in.
Walls are not immoral, having a wall is not unchristian. Telling someone you
can’t come in unless you go through the the right processes and procedures
is not immoral. Because they’re suffering in the
world does not mean that rules no longer exist. If that was the case we should
just have every other person in the world who lives in any kind of poverty
of any kind come to the U.S. right now. Oh you know what that would do? That would
wreck the U.S. and all the people who aren’t in poverty would now be in
poverty. It doesn’t help anyone it’s not
unchristian to tell people who are suffering that there are still rules
they need to follow, there are still procedures that need to be followed. This
is not unchristian to have standards otherwise there’s nothing but chaos and
anarchy, if you’re a Catholic who thinks that having a wall is immoral then why
do you lock your door at night? This is 100 percent accurate it’s the
same exact argument. If you think it’s immoral to tell someone in Mexico that
they can’t come in then why don’t you have homeless people eating dinner with
your family every single night? Why? because that’s what you should be doing
if you think walls are immoral why do you live in a house? why don’t you live
in a tent? Why don’t you live out in your backyard on the grass? Why don’t you find
as many people as you possibly can that you don’t know that have diseases that
could be threatening to you and your family why don’t you have them in your
home every single day? Why don’t you have your couches covered in homeless people?
And your entire floor space? This is the same argument as it’s immoral to build a
wall around our country. Exact same one. It’s not immoral, there’s nothing wrong
with it. We need rules we need to have guidelines
otherwise it’s pure anarchy and that is not a Christian thing to say it’s wrong
to keep people out of a country when the first duty is owed to the people who are
already in that country.

2 thoughts on “The Border Wall and the Catholic Church.

  1. I_Am A_Messenger Post author

    Jesus loves you so much!
    And said to not remove or add scripture to the Bible.
    You may not know it but the Catholic Church did do that.
    It's an old tradition.. but man's tradition isn't .. God's word. We must seek Jesus ourselves. It looks like you have Heart, dude. It's beautiful.
    But um.. Jesus is literally the only way to Heaven. Please get a copy of the King James Bible. I pray that you come to Jesus fully and are born again. And that you get baptized again. Yes, again.
    It's like a coming out party as a Christian 🙂 and Jesus said to do it. Truly.. religion isn't the same as relationship with Jesus.
    Jesus said it and John the Baptist said it. Repent. The kingdom of God is at hand.
    We all have room to repent if Job repented.


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