That Nerdy Catholic is Back

By | September 4, 2019

well it’s been four weeks since the end
of #vLent it’s been a good break but it’s time to get back to the channel thank
y’all for sticking with me. I can’t believe I just said y’all. I’m not even in
the South. I want to thank you for sticking with me so let’s look at the
future, what’s in store for That Nerdy Catholic coming up. if you hear a little
bit of wind today I’m sorry I didn’t put the little mousey windscreen guy on my
microphone I’m looking forward to doing some experiments on this channel,
both in content and in style so I’ll probably do some more experiments like
this walking around vlog maybe some dramas who knows but you know the sky’s
the limit the main thing I want this channel to be about that’s what I’ve
always wanted to be about finding common ground between Catholics and Protestants
and so my desire is to help some people see that Catholics or Christians really
that’s that sums up what I want to do on my channel. I want my fellow Protestant brothers
and sisters to realize the Catholics are Christians. I think we all need to take
part in this discussion about what it means to be a Christian what it means to
be a follower of Christ and even what it means to be a Catholic and what it means
to be a Protestant. What it means to be an evangelical what it means to be Orthodox
the church has never been static the church has grown I’ve heard this analogy
a lot that the church started off in the time of Christ as an acorn and now it’s
an oak tree it was always an oak but now it is is bigger it’s more complicated
and no matter how big and how complicated the church is God is always
going to be bigger still one thing that I want to say again is that I want this to
be a conversation I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below
about what you think unity means about what you think ecumenism means what it
could be what it should be and so how is this channel going to look going forward
I’m not going to be able to keep up the schedule that I did during #vLent of
having a new video every Monday through Saturday and so I’m going to be dialing
back a bit sorry I just heard a engine in the sky
and I wanted to see the airplane fly so what’s the schedule moving forward every
Monday morning I’m going to be putting up a new vlog every Wednesday at noon
Eastern Standard Time I’ll be doing a live stream probably
about 30 minutes maybe a little bit longer in these live streams I’ll focus
on the topic of the vlog of that week but you can come on
ask any questions that you want I’ll try and have a good conversation with each
other and every Friday morning I’ll be putting up a video that has something to
do with the coming home network the work that we’re doing the content that we’re
putting out maybe it will be something about the short video that we put out
that week the signposts or the insights video one of the deepen history videos
that we put up before but Friday morning will be a coming home Network related
video I really want to bridge the work that I’m doing on my youtube channel on
that nerdy Catholic with the coming home network especially the coming Network
YouTube channel I’m really excited about the content that we’re putting out at
the coming Network and I’m looking forward to talking more about the work
behind this content as well as the content itself new vlog every Monday
morning live stream every Wednesday at noon Eastern Standard Time
and Friday morning some sort of a coming home network related content video I’m
gonna i’m gonna change my start walking back and change my perspective again i’m
going to start walking back and change my perspective again i’m going to start
walking back and change my perspective again it’s really neat-looking
Methodist church here really cool old brick building some neat stained-glass windows
that was built in 1820 one more thing I am planning on putting up a patreon
campaign at some point in the next month or two I’ve been thinking about rewards
and incentives. Some fun things to do with content just for Patreon
supporters if you have any ideas any thoughts you would love to share I would
love to hear them this is all new to me I’m figuring this out as I go along and so
I’m looking forward to having you as my partners if you are you’ve never been to
the Midwest you won’t know that there’s so many trains that go through here one of the reward levels is definitely
going to be a private Facebook group where you can come and you can help me
think about the content and the direction of this channel I don’t want to do this
all by myself say it again I’ll keep on saying it I’m
not an expert but it’s just a passion of mine I want to share my faith I want to
share my journey I want to hear about your journeys as well I want to find the
common ground between Catholics and Protestants I’ve lived in both worlds
and I want to see those worlds come closer together and so I invite you
again on this adventure this adventure of unity this advent… this adventure of
ecumenism and let’s think together how can we find common ground so this is
the first of my vlogs come back Wednesday at noon for my first live
stream and Friday morning for my first coming home network video yeah let’s see
where we go I’m excited about this. You can watched another video up here If you
like what I’m doing on this channel hit that subscribe button hit that like
button if you liked this video and that church-bell to get a notification when I
put up a new video I’ll see you at the live stream on Wednesday god bless

6 thoughts on “That Nerdy Catholic is Back

  1. Paul Miller Post author

    Welcome back, Nerdy. Hopefully you're having a great Easter season! Unity is a big topic, and one presumably that you have thought about more than I. What I think see happening is movement a bit closer together between the Catholic Church and the 'older' Protestant denominations (Lutheran, Anglican) and movement further away from the Church for the younger ones. But who knows – God has this.

  2. Lu G Post author

    Welcome back! Woah…it sounds like you have a lofty schedule planned, but I am looking forward to it, especially the Wednesday live streams! I hope you and your family are doing well and I hope you have good news about your camera! What a beautiful day you had to film outside! The Methodist church you passed by looks oddly similar to the Methodist church I grew up in, here in the South! Also, I'm in a big city and we have a lot of trains, too; I have learned to use them as an opportunity to pray instead of getting upset while waiting for them to pass, lol. Have a great day!

  3. Luke the Catholic Guy Post author

    It's good to see you back, I can't wait for your vlogs and livestreams

  4. Dana B. Post author

    Unity means focusing on what we have in common, and not attacking one another. We're supposed to be known for our love. I'm an adult convert to Catholicism, and have had my fill of arguing over over theology. I think we are strengthened by our challenges though. Welcome back!


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