Thanksgiving Community Service: Episode 13 (2015)

By | September 8, 2019

(car starts) – This Thanksgiving every position group has gone to a family less fortunate. We came out of our pockets
to get them a dinner, you know drinks, stuff like that. Something just to help brighten their day, ’cause you know a lot of people
aren’t blessed like we are. – The offensive line,
we’re just goin’ to Walmart gonna pick up some
things for Thanksgiving. – Bananas, corn of the cob, dinner rolls, pineapples, cherries, sweet potatoes, black pepper, cranberry
sauce, dish washing liquid, washing power, dial soap, that’s it. – Has your mouth been watering the whole time we’ve been
walking around the grocery store? – No. – Be honest. – No, I’m for real. – If they’re like we they’re
gonna put down some corn, so you gotta have plenty of it. – I’m straight. – Oh, I’ve been growlin’. You ain’t gonna hear nothin’ on the mic ’cause his stomach has been
growling the whole time. – That’s mesased up, man. – We are you know, we’re linemen so, I don’t know if they’re
used to eating like linemen. That’s the way we shop anyways. – Knowing just how much a
lot of people look up to us and love watching us play, knowing that we do things
outside just football, they see that we’re not just these big rough and tough guys. We’re all still kids at heart and we enjoy doing things like this. Hey, how y’all doin’? – Hi, how are you? How you doin’? – Happy Thanksgiving, A.J. Moore. – What’s up man? – What’s your name? – Tyler. – Tyler? – What’s up man? – How ya doin’? – A.J. Moore, she’s shy. No reason to be shy. – Y’all wanna take a picture with us? – That mean y’all gotta
leave the blanket with you. – [Voiceover] Y’all can take the blanket. – Get in there closer, Ben. Y’all get in there closer,
get in there closer. – One, two, three. I took like five. – Cool. – Send them to me.

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