Tekashi 6ix9ine Sentenced to 2 Years In Prison Full Breakdown on Charges, Snitching & Court Hearing

By | December 27, 2019

Takashi’s judge feeling extra spicy this
morning he gave him two years two guys already served 13 months he’s gonna
serve about one more year before sentencing him he delivered riveting
remarks there were lots of jokes laugh out loud moments in the courtroom
Takashi’s biological father stood up he told him sit down now is not your time
to chance to talk you lost that opportunity many years ago he was
talking about social media he said he follows the memes he thinks they’re
funny also he was talking about whether releasing takashi would lead to more
gang violence he said I’m not worried about that I don’t think any gang is
ever gonna associate with the snitch like you breaking news read all about it
Takashi six nine he’s been sentenced to two years having served one already
he’ll be out for Christmas but not until next year we also get five years of
supervised release or probation and lawyer for workers well he’s given us
the inside scoop of everything that went on in the courtroom today
now we also got the full rundown on everything leading up to today’s
decision I’m your boy Michael mcreddin and this is something we haven’t done in
like about a year this is famous news here we go there the internet has been
going crazy and anticipation for today’s big announcement in fact that some
people were placing bets on it if Takashi 6-9 guys guys if Takashi 6-9
beats this case I’ll suck you know he’s gonna have to eat them words yeah yeah I
almost threw up on my mouth no TMZ has cited this as the deal of a century now
they say snitches they get stitches but six nine who was facing a potential 47
years of prison will they be seeing light by the end of next year he’ll also
be on supervised release for five years and left to complete 300 hours of
community service oh yeah and pay a fine of $35,000 now
the judge also noted that Takashi he cooperated in a tremendous fashion
meaning he sung like a canary that means them former gang affiliates
well they’re all getting locked up then we learned that he met with the feds a
total of 26 times now this led to the members of nine tre way getting put away
this include shoddy a que trae way that guy got 15 years but ultimately this was
not a laughing matter for the judge and the judge told two
she that he’s not acknowledging his role that the arguments he’s making do not
accept responsibility the way they should he is not some kid who was trying
to feed his daughter and he’s not some kid who didn’t have role models no he
had a record label he had tons of role models he chose to be part of this gang
he used this gang to get further in his career they weren’t involved in shooting
that he got them involved he put the money up that got them to shoot a chief
keef to shoot a trippy red to shoot a Casanova that’s on him and he needs to
think about it for one more year behind bars
no inside the court sources say that Takashi has once rainbow-colored hair
well it’s almost entirely grown out and it’s returned to his natural black well
it’s got tons of information from the inner city Free Press and they
transcribed everything that was said by the judge mr. Hernandez please rise it
is the judgment of the court you were to serve a term of twenty four months in
prison with five years of supervised release
I appreciate the memes whether at your expense or mine but I need to say 9:00
train was violent not to be glorified cooperation of criminal insiders is a
necessary tool imagine the members of nine tray free today
there was the slashing victim when you pled guilty you admitted to attempting
to commit murder on April 3rd 2018 with a record label in Texas rap a lot now
you drove to 40th Street and 8th Avenue kapha no Jordan take a shot e he robbed
musicians at gunpoint however I cannot agree with your counsel that time served
as appropriate in my judgment your conduct is too violent and selfish to
make 13 months reasonable you will not be going free today
hashtag breaking now the judge also made note that his cooperation was so much so
that no gang will ever want to work with him again I think we all know that now
we learned that there were a few others in attendance in the courtroom today
including his biological father who would walk down on him when he was a kid
that’s awkward now there was also an innocent
bystandard who had been shot in the foot during one of the gang crimes at six
nine will he offered to pay all of her medical bills now the judge he read out
this ruling and Takashi will he was said to have kept his composure he wasn’t
like ecstatic he wasn’t crying he just kept it cool there’s six thank
girlfriend oh so you Jade well she was expecting him to be home while in late
January I actually heard through the grapevine that it was gonna be well just
before Christmas unfortunately for him it’s gonna be another year no Jade she
also recently posted a photo of the two holding hands and another one where she
wrote everybody knows this whole 2019 been dead without you I find it funny
how every time somebody drops an album or a new song they say something about
6:9 they could never compare the numbers are their platinum toured around the
world and they could never women laugh men like numbers don’t know prior to all
these trials the only picture we had seen of 6-9 since well was a visit from
oh so you Jade and well I’m sad to say that well that wasn’t a conjugal visit
I actually looked it up no Takashi 6:9 and his feud with rapper Chief Keef and
Casanova well this was as close to the East Coast West Coast beef of Tupac and
Biggie from the mid-1990s it’s like that was a revolution for rap this was a
revolution of the internet it could have played out just as tragically it’s that
we got all these guys getting locked up or or put away and stitching I’m just
happy to see that in the end it’s a it’s a better resolve you know what I mean no
one’s dying alright let’s take a look back at all the events that led up to
today with a full rundown on the recent
arrests which happened well days after this interview happened it’s not reason
last year it was recently you know what I mean I’m hot I remember last year we
got all tested I remember last year do you think people would think I would
have made it this far hell no how know they like y’all get
back here six months he was worm he was how do that kiss six months I 15 minutes
of fame no six died he was locked up on November 18 2018 along with kapha no
shoddy Jordan and other associates from ninth ray gang
they all got locked away they threw away the key I open didn’t put them in the
same sow that wouldn’t have been good no previous than this sixth ninth he had
tried to abandon his crew he tried to say he was on his own the feds they were
already closing in it was too late I fired everybody in my team I got a
manager I got a booking agent no PR or public I don’t got nobody on my team
it’s just me I want everybody to know if you booking shows do not book shows
unless I say this show is gonna be booked with this person they will steal
your money they’re not me I’m not signing over contracts they don’t got
nothing to do with me no Daniel Hernandez he was charged with federal
racketeering and firearm charges including conspiracy to murder and armed
robbery he was facing life in prison now Hernandez his attorney Lance Lazaro he
advocated for bail for his client on the condition that Hernandez surrender his
passport hey a little under 2 million for bail and be placed under house
arrest but the judge they denied bail keeping Hernandez in custody that he may
still be a danger to the community even if those bail conditions were met now
him and his associates well they were all kept without bail he was held at the
Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn under general population before
being moved to another facility due to security reasons that was Hernandez had
multiple Arctic ations with other prisoners this included members of the
crip Street gang so despite what he had said when he was back on the streets
well it was no longer cool with the Crips or the plots definitely not the
Bloods definitely not the Crips nobody does because yeah I seen you mad
crippling cuz I mean I’m crip I’m saying well well I’m good in my hood Oh
November 26 16 he pled not guilty to the federal racketeering and firearm charges
and is once again tonight bail the Department of Justice they said
September 4 2009 teen has the date for his trial now in January he pled guilty
to nine charges including racketeering firearm offenses and drug trafficking we
also found out that he’s cooperating with authorities and transcript is
released on February 1st that reveals him stating in the fall of 2017 I met
and joined the ninth ray blood gang as a member of night ray the enterprise
engaged in such activities including shooting at people robbing people and at
times drug trafficking that he says specifically that he helped members of
night ray attempt to kill a rival gang member he admits to assisting with armed
robberies and says that on June 2nd 2018 he paid a person to shoot at a rival
member of night ray to scare him and that member while it’s widely assumed to
have been Chief Keef cha-da que trae way he was sentenced to 15 years for
possession during a crime when Houston based label raffle
kurz and CEO jay printz they were robbed at gunpoint in the lobby of their Times
Square offices then we also picked up a charge for the Barclay center
altercation where he was shooting at rapper Casanova now in the meantime the
world we were left to wonder the fate of 6-9 now the kid he did have some hope
though due to a plea deal document that revealed that the rapper could avoid
jail time in exchange for his willingness to testify against his
fellow gang members and in the concurrent investigations which we now
know he did and man did he sing like a bird because going from 47 years to –
that’s pretty good in my books now Hernandez he confess to being a
member of the ninth rate Bloods and he implicated Ellison and Alger Maia Mack
and those guys they got a sentencing as well they’re gone lock away the key
speaking out his relationship with the gang he revealed I just had to keep
making hits and giving financial support to the gang now he also out a trippy red
for having the same gang affiliation and he talked about an attack or an
altercation where they met up with trippy and punched him in the mouth so
now we know six nine is finally gonna see the light of day but not until 2020
now we’ve also learned from TMZ that he has plans to not go into witness
protection he wants to return to music now a lot of people that I’ve been
hanging out with they’re saying that what the stitching he’s done he’s gonna
have a target on his back for the rest of his life but he’s also signed some
kind of like ten million dollar deal so maybe that’s enough to hire some like
next-level security like ninjas or the fence maybe
it’s gonna cost him a lot but he’s free he’s also gonna be the most talked about
artist for another couple years I think so it’s gonna be interesting to see how
it all plays out so obviously this is a huge news story do you think it’s a fair
punishment do you think he should have got out do you think he’s gonna be safe
when he does I’d love to hear what you guys have to say in the comments down
below but inspire garden and we made this video in a bit of a rush so bear
with me because uh well it’s the end of the year we got a lot going on here and
well six nine oh my god it has been a little slow without him so we’re excited
he’ll be back yeah guys another video go

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