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Catholic Beliefs- Arabic-Session 1a

I’m Archbishop Daniel Polachek Archbishop Emeritus of Cincinnati and author of being Catholic how we believe practice and think the people who put this multimedia program together thought it might be interesting to have some input from me the author of the book at various times throughout the course of the program it’s not that… Read More »

Christian Life Is A Response To Love – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (12 Sep 2019)

The foundation of Christian faith is not laws. It is not about fulfilling laws because no matter how much we try, we will not be able to fulfill all the laws. Sometimes when we follow the laws, it is also motivated by pride because we are doing all these things as if others cannot do… Read More »

Social Media Policing – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (13 Sep 2019)

If we want to judge, what must we do? First, we need to examine ourselves. We need to judge ourselves. Because the judgement we render to others actually is a reflection of who we are. A good man and holy man will always react with compassion, with understanding, with forgiveness. So the first thing we… Read More »

Called To Be An Apostle Of Mercy – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (09 Sep 2019)

What this world needs most today is mercy and compassion. Unfortunately, this world is filled with wounded people, broken people, hurtful people. People are just retaliating against one another. You read the social media, full of angry words. It is not about helping you, it is not about encouraging you, it is not about uplifting… Read More »

Bootstrapping Like a Boss, Oussama Ammar, Partner at TheFamily

So, today we will talk about Bootstraping vs Fundraising. And I have a very simple question first, Everybody is familiar with the term Bootstrapping or not? Like who is aware of what Bootstrapping means? Ok. So for everyone else, I will just give a quick definition and then we will get deep into it. But,… Read More »

Going Back To The Heart Of The Gospel – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (02 Sep 2019)

The Gospel is essentially about transforming lives, healing lives, empowering people, give people hope, give people purpose, help people to find orientation in life, help people to understand how to live their life meaningfully. And so, there are many people that cannot connect with the Catholic Church today. We are not responding to their needs.… Read More »

Shaye and Sharita: Catholic Charities 2019 Annual Appeal (with subtitiles)

Shaye and Sharita are sisters with autism. They attend Catholic Charities Saturday School for young adults and adults with disabilities. The school provides friendships and some life skill classes. Our mission is including persons with disabilities into the community, into Church. So inclusion has always been important to us. This program is educational, as well… Read More »

The Pope is the common Father of Catholics / El Papa es el padre común de los cristianos

Because the Pope, whoever he is, is for us Christians the successor of Peter. That’s why the Pope, whoever he is, is always the vice-Christ or as the great Italian saint Catherine of Siena used to say, he is the “dolce Cristo in terra”, the sweet Christ on earth. He is the common father of… Read More »

Eliminating Evil Without Destroying Man – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (03 Sep 2019)

In our attempts to eradicate evil from society, very often we want to eradicate not just evil, but even the evil person we want to eradicate. You can see this very clearly even in social media, where when someone does something wrong, we just want to destroy the person. Don’t give the person any face… Read More »