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Seeds of Faith: Episode 6

First of all the essence of holiness, if it’s love, is being other centered, is focusing your life on the needs of others and the beautiful thing about marriage and family life is it’s built by design for love, in other words it only works well when you live like that towards your spouse and… Read More »

How to do the test – National Bowel Cancer Screening Program

(light music) Bowel cancer screening can save your life. When it’s detected early, nine out of ten cases can be treated successfully. The chance of getting bowel cancer increases from the age of 50. That’s why Australians aged between 50 and 74 will receive a free test kit in the mail every two years. People… Read More »

Project Proposal Writing: How To Write A Winning Project Proposal

[Music Intro]>>Hi. I’m Devon Dean, content director here at ProjectManager.com. Today I’m going to teach you how to help sell your project using a project proposal. A key thing to remember is that people buy from people. Don’t expect the project proposal document that you put together to be taken up by the decision makers… Read More »

Eight Nations: One Victor

Commanders, we need you! Battle with your fellow patriots from 21st to 30th October! Pledge your allegiance to our nation! Use any vehicle you own, no matter the nation! Just make sure we’re victorious! If we win, you’ll be duly rewarded! Our nation needs you!

Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video

(MUSIC)>>:Active shooter events can occur anywhere at any time and frequently involve individuals attempting to kill others indiscriminately. These events are unpredictable and can evolve quickly. For this reason, whenever you enter a building as an employee, guest or customer, you must be prepared and know what it is you will do if faced with… Read More »

How to Get Involved in Your Local Community

Hi! I’m Rachel Calderon Navarro and this is How to Adult. One of the coolest parts of being an adult is that you have agency. If you don’t like something, you can work to change it. And if you care about something, you can help make it even better. By getting involved in your community,… Read More »

VII. Liturgy of the Eucharist (Cont’d) – The New Roman Missal for Interpreters

At the Savior’s command and formed by divine teaching, we dare to say: Deliver us, Lord, we pray, from every evil, graciously grant peace in our days, that, by the help of your mercy, we may be always free from sin and safe from all distress, as we await the blessed hope and the coming… Read More »

I Will Celebrate – Liwanag’s Music Min. [Et Twenty-Thirteen]

I will celebrate Sing unto the Lord Sing to the Lord a new song I will celebrate Sing unto the Lord Sing to the Lord a new song With my heart rejoicing within With my mind focused on Him With my hands raised to the heavens All I am worshiping Him I will celebrate Sing… Read More »