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Catholics Call Out Boehner – Con Job

and now for our college of the day house view john bears perjuring himself that you can be in a religious values but his actions speak a little out of that his words there near terry commencement address at a cab league university and told graduates to live according to the catholic church’s teachings all… Read More »

Bill Maher vs. Catholic League

bill maher is still a little tough on catholics from time to time but is also talk all moslems to stop all religious you know why ’cause he’s not religious he’s an atheist back to you made a whole movie called religion works now apparently buildup views the cavalry president didn’t get them all any… Read More »

Will GOP Support Catholics on Unemployment Benefits?

republicans now are talking about how upon my current catholics who cares so much about what cattle leadership satins no absolutely so that’s why we’re gets a scottish session for women because whatever the catholic leadership says that’s what we wanted to say we believe that what what is what are your are a great… Read More »

Church Tax: Vatican ‘Pay To Pray’ Angers Catholics In Germany

and that you can has approved a pain to pray order uh… that’s angering catholics in germany so in germany they actually have something known as a church tax if you do choose to be part of the catholic church and the church taxes between eighty nine percent of your income tax right so example… Read More »

Islam, The New Catholicism – TYT Nation Video Of The Week

on dave colour from the young turks here to present the t_ y_ t_ nation video and of the week last week the winner presented by jane was professor rich so this week when i looked at the four nominees as trite everything i could do to pick someone other then professor rich but i… Read More »

Catholic Church Stolen Babies Scandal

but remember nineteen days in nineteen seventy is the catholic church and in fact the government and staying allegedly trafficked at between thirty thousand to some say three hundred thousand children so what happened is at this time francisco franco was of the leader of the country he was the evil dictators and most of… Read More »

Hardcore Lent Rituals By Filipino Catholics

you know catholics are practicing religious headed foul one week prior to easter and what they do and this is not into general public it’s a small group of people is they walk through the streets with sixty six pound crosses on their backs in the sweltering heat while they are whipping one another on… Read More »

Anne Hathaway Quits Catholicism Over Gay Brother

and happily has decided to quit catholicism because abhe older brother michael it came out and said that he is gay so he she says that she doesn’t want me part of a religion that doesn’t accept her all dependent on sexuality but they do the catholics do except from a sexuality they’re very big… Read More »

Catholic League Leader OWNED On Gay Hypocrisy

bilbao use their head of the so-called capital e what is the catholic i’d believe that it’s three-and-a-half bialik who’s in the catholic lee uh… barely build on his family and we will build up your mind is made at israel going on television saying outrageous things well like you that he had been sick… Read More »

Chris Brown Fakes His Community Service

chris brown fixes community service and probation could be revoked this week chris now that the hundred eighty days of community service after pleading guilty to being on re on a or r_b_ artist three ana on and you know he’s full court equally although june eighty of those days come to find out chris… Read More »