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Swimming in village | my village show | village comedy

Hey, nothing like that, bro. The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in ‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai is asking for them. He’s wondering why the uploads are not regular. Make some. Arggh! ‘Let’s swim!’ ……please…..… Read More »

Is this the MOST BEAUTIFUL village in England?! – Cotswolds Tour

good morning from Cirencester now we are going to somewhere. Now get on the bus good morning actually we are still on our tour Cotswolds if you haven’t checked the previous video, go and check it because we started our tour from London and we went to different places in England and now we are… Read More »

Rail Nation Tutorial – Fahrplanrechner / Timetable calculator

Hello and welcome to a new video on the Rail Nation channel. Today we’ll have a look at the timetable calculator. The timetable calculator is a PLUS-feature, so it’s part of the PLUS-account. You can find it in the planning office. At the last tab on the right. It’ll show you the most profitable goods… Read More »