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Why Did Rachelle Become a Muslim? Part 3

Oh um my my cousin I brought her here so she can see what I do my one of my good friends I brought her here twice so they can see what it’s about they always ask me questions you know about the prayer they ask me about you know events like what does that… Read More »

Harbour Lights

in 1914 at the outbreak of World War one the Melbourne waterfront was a very different place warehouses, cold stores, fresh food markets, customs buildings and ferry stations spilled out into the streets and lane ways of Melbourne south and west. First time down here I think I would have been looked like chaos there… Read More »

BAEKHYUN(백현) – UN Village @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190714

Navigation Dokseodang Children’s Park Press start and step on the gas To the place I only knew, but now Everyone will try to come up here Anywhere everywhere anywhere I can see everything Girl we need to be romantic It’s time for that Even if you say you already know In a fresh new way… Read More »

Florida Travel: Welcome to HarborWalk Village in Destin

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] HarborWalk Village is located at the foot of the Destin Bridge, and as you ride over that bridge, coming in, you see picturesque views of the Destin Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico, it’s emerald waters, it’s the sunny sky, it’s waves and the beach, and also, just a ton of… Read More »

How to Be a Great Volunteer • Community Service, Work-Ethic, Professionalism, and Volunteerism

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to Episode 35 of the Fresh Perspective Podcast. Volunteering in your community is a great way to meet awesome people, gain some perspective from those who may be less fortunate, make a positive difference, and even help to further the frontier of science. It looks… Read More »

Project GreenHands – Ecology and The Fundamental Identity | Sadhguru

Participant: for every action to happen, there’s… there’s first needs to have a intellectual understanding and there is sense of urgency. So I’m addressing this question from a larger context, not just planting trees. How to have a persistent sense of urgency? Sadhguru: Now the planting trees thing came up essentially because we wanted to… Read More »

Village paddy farming | my village show sankranti special comedy

Subtitles by TEAM247 INFORMATICS Chandu, nowadays you’re reading English magazines, what’s up? Nothing much. To improve my English, my professor advised me to read English magazines. But it’s too difficult. Be smart, man. Install U-Dictionary app. You have camera scanning feature in this. Scan the word with the camera and you get the meaning in… Read More »