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How To Be a Better Purr-son

Upon receiving their badges our students will graduate to honor Scouts for assisting the elderly Jake honest our graduation or even the homeless amen honor Scouts Congratulations Michael For participation award you’ll get it next time Ladies and gentlemen, and these are your 2019 and our steps You


Everybody feels lonely from time to time. When we have no one to sit next to at lunch, when we move to a new city, or when nobody has time for us at the weekend. But over the last few decades, this occasional feeling has become chronic for millions. In the UK, 60% of 18… Read More »

“Economy with a Truly Human Purpose” (Pope Francis): Is it Possible?

[CAROZZA] Good morning and welcome. My name is Paolo Carozza, I’m the Director of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame. It’s a great pleasure to be here. Thank you to the New York Encounter for hosting us. It’s also a privilege for me as Director of the Kellogg Institute… Read More »

Making the best of our youth – AFS/EVS Community Service

hello my name is Zoe I’m 18 years old and I’m from Germany hi my name is Jamie I’m from the UK hello I am Carrie I am from Egypt I am 20 years old hi everyone my name is rip see me I’m 23 years old I’m a Naviance volunteer from Armenia in Belgium… Read More »

INTERVIEW TIPS for New and Experienced NURSES

what’s up guys it’s nurse Blake here and I just wanted to take a few moments to share with you tips for a successful interview this is a critical part of your nursing journey and it’s always good to have some things in your back pocket whenever it comes to interviewing so I’ve been in… Read More »

The difference between psychology and social work

Psychology evolved from the disciplines of physiology and philosophy. It developed from a focus on understanding how the mind works and how sensations experienced become transported into conscious awareness. The Social Work profession was born out of church and charity work hundreds of years ago. The first social work school was established in New Zealand… Read More »

CHS Employment Services – we can support you

Are you Deaf? Hard of hearing? Want a job? CHS Employment Services can help! If you are culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, CHS Employment Services offers assistance to find a job, and works with employees and employers to put the right supports in place to help you both succeed. Our services… Read More »

What is community Service leave?

What is community service leave? There are two types of community service leave that employees in Australia can take. They can take time off from work for jury service or if they are a volunteer to help during an emergency or natural disaster. During an emergency all employees who are members of a recognised emergency… Read More »

Refugees Turn to Sex Work in Ecuador

Ecuador has the largest population of refugees in Latin America, a consequence of the ongoing war in Colombia. Each month hundreds of asylum seekers arrive, fleeing violence and seeking jobs. I traveled through the jungle in the oil-rich province of Sucumbios to Puerto Nuevo, a northern border town across the San Miguel river from one… Read More »

Economic Update: Morality and Economics

Welcome friends to another edition of Economic Update a weekly one-hour program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives, jobs, incomes, debts, those coming down the road those confronting our children, as well as those we have to deal with every day. I’m your host Richard Wolff. I’ve been a professor of economics all… Read More »